#H50 episodes 8 from the past – #SteveMcGarrett treats

Just a quick look back at Steve´s development from the 8th episodes. Can´t really remember by heart, but 308 had the Madame toying with McG and 4.08 was the birth of beautiful McGrover ;). Let´s have a look if these gifs bring back more great McMemories.

We would like to wish our US friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your turkey and pumpkin pie taste great!




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6 responses to “#H50 episodes 8 from the past – #SteveMcGarrett treats

  1. gracenotpark

    Happy Thanksgiving, to all of us celebrating in the US, but also to our Alex-sisters abroad. Hoping all have a peaceful, lovely day wherever you are. And that we all learn the power of thankfulness….eventually. 😉

    Alex definitely helps with that! 😆


  2. cwtshjan

    Amen Sister. Have a lovely day.


  3. I think eps 08 are a good number for our Five 0 🙂
    Happy thanksgiving everybody!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I thought I could narrow down my favorite of these, but nope. 1.08 BadA** in all black; 3.08 The CFM look he gives the madame across the table when he really just wanted to choke her (He would have made an excellent Christian Grey 😛 ) and 5.08 in the tux all sprawled out on a leather sofa. MMMmmm I know one thing I am grateful for this Thanksgiving.


  5. Have a safe and a great Thanksgiving too!


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