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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 127

We continue our story from here.

Contrary to what I am about to write about this episode, I actually enjoyed it and found in entertaining. It was full of good ideas and for the most part, all of it was acted out pretty well. There were also great moments of small details that made the episode a pleasure to watch ….. For me as a whole, I have really enjoyed this season a whole lot more that Season 5.

Good news for those who are looking forward to some gorgeous Steve – as I have done something a bit different with this post and added more pictures as explanation, we will do a separate post with more of just Steve’s pretty! :yahoo:

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To start, follow up of the stories from previous episodes:

  • I guess the long con now became the lost con. All we went through last week was for nothing! Hank is dead and the con with him. I must say it feels like a lost opportunity for a great story to me. But maybe it was too much to ask of the writers to actually think about an intriguing plot and clever story, or do anything useful with it.
  • Adam will be prosecuted for self-defence? This man and his cop-wife was held hostage and tortured. After which he was shot and nearly lost his life. Two men of the Yakuza was executed right in front to their house. And when he was taken to be executed he defended himself …. Now he is given a deal for 2 years imprisonment? REALLY!? To me it feels like some more waste of this irritating story that they have been building.

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I was really struggling to comment on this episode, because although it was entertaining and I think it would most probably get lots of positive reviews, I felt a bit underwhelmed by it. The Koala Smartass decided  to step in for me by doing something different and to build the episodes timeline to show where the disappointment comes from ………

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Day 1:

  1. A half eaten body is found in a pig pen.

2. We see Nahele at his work place with Kamekona, in a heated discussion with somebody (who turns out to be his recently released from prison father). This is the Kammie that we came to love – being protective of his Ohana. :hug: (Great use of the character for me)


3. The full team (except Grover) examine the scene. They are not sure if he was eaten alive or dropped there after being killed.


4. Steve and Grover talks to the Dean of the University, at the dead professor’s car. It seems he was abducted from there and then murdered and dumped.


5. The team discuss the case around the clever table. They find the professor being an asshole and sucking as a teacher. As a result of this a Sicilian love letter with a finger print was delivered through the professor’s window the  previous week. These are their first clues.


6. Steve suggests  Danny as undercover professor to get prints of students, supported by somebody else that students can relate to – Eric


Day 2

  1. Eric still wearing yesterdays shirt and lab jacket, enters his office with which look like newly bought “campus” clothes and puts them on.

2. Kono, Eric and Danny prepare for the undercover job. (Question that hit me later, why are they in a surveillance truck if nobody is surveying the undercover operation from there?  Kono is not monitoring them from there for the day? Totally weird.  *dontknow*  Kono of course is still wearing yesterday’s clothes. Where was she all night?)

 3. Danny gives his first class and ask for a quiz to be filled in, in order to get the student finger prints (Note: This is where the episode actually started and moved back to the previous day) My question is:  Did the professor only teach this one class? That sounds like a great job to me.

4. We see Steve with Nahele – Steve still wearing yesterday’s clothes, but Nahele at least got changed.


5. Danny gets the tests back and there in clear open view, talks cosily to Eric and bags the “evidence” right there for anybody to see.  E-train congratulates him on his class. (What class? He only asked for tests to be filled in.)


6. Steve and Abby visit the morgue to get detail from Max (Abby, same as Steve, also still wearing the same clothes as yesterday)


7. Max informs them that he found an entrance wound and that the heart with the bullet was eaten. (Something that sounds weird if I think about anatomy, because the liver was supposedly still there the previous day. The liver is an organ which is much more accessible than the heart, that is protected by the ribcage. And if it was eaten through the ribcage, the wound would not be visible. Just a nitpicking thought – Guess we don’t know the minds of pigs. Confused smiley 83) They will now need to wait for the poop – because killing all the pigs for it, will be a bit much.

8. Chin and Abby drops Jerry off at the pigs (And surprise, surprise, Chin also still wearing yesterday’s clothes)


9. Kono helps lab to run fingerprints from all the test papers. The basketball star is fingers as suspect, because he throw the brick at professor’s house.


 10. In storms Steve and Grover (Grover also wearing yesterday’s clothes. 😀 )


11. Basketball star and coach are now suspects – Then both are cleared as suspects, because the Prof was about to be fired.


12. Danno teaches another class to the same students. Two in one day? Where I come from, students will rarely have 2 classes (unless it is a double period) with the same professor on the same day. (And if it was a different class, why did he not get their prints as well?)

13. Kono and Grover is back at the office and find evidence of the nail salon that professor purchased and they apparently go to investigate. (Question: Why did they not properly investigate the premises at this stage? To me it look like the dope growing room was easily found and accessible later that evening. )


14. Steve visits Nahele’s dad.


15. Jerry finds the slug in the pig poop!

16. Now it is suddenly night and Steve only arrives back from Nahele’s dad. Where was he the whole time? How do I know what time it is? He says  it …..


17. “It is 10 O’clock on a Friday night, I know where he’ll be” – He is talking about student Alfie Tucker, who they now found to be the professor’s business partner.

18. Danny who seems to be still at the University (doing what, I wonder?), phones Eric at a party. He confirms that Tucker is the dope dealer on campus.

19. Steve and Grover storms Tucker’s dorm room and start searching it for drugs, without wearing any gloves. (Seems to be a new thing this season – I know it is not an official crime scene, but still, they are looking for evidence.)

20. There they find the dope and a grow lamp and come to the conclusion that the professor and Tucker were not only dealing, but also growing weed somewhere.

21. Steve and Grover storm the obvious place, the nail salon.  How they got in without making a noise, I am not sure. There they find Tucker trying to burn his weed plants.


22. Steve and Danny interrogate Tucker in the blue room. He tells them that he wanted to burn the crop in fear of being targeted and killed by the competition, just like his partner Prof Thomas was. (Observation: It should be close to midnight by now.)


Day 3:

  1. They haul in the competitor dope dealers. How they found them rounded them up so quickly, remains a mystery. And how long did that take? We should be in the early hours of the Saturday morning by now. The drug dealer and his crew do not seem to be the murderers either.


2. Now they get the report back from Chin and the lab about the origin of the bullet – it is one from the ‘Honolulu firearms and range’. Steve and Danny pays them a visit. What time is it now?  (Just wondering, are there ballistics details of every gun in America on file? I would think that only the data of guns that were used in crimes, would be in a database? And another question – Are they open 24/7 or is it daytime already?)

3. Nope, because the next shot of headquarters shows it is still night and Steve and Danny interrogate Tucker again. He took the gun from the gun shop the previous night at the same time that the murder took place. (How he ‘borrowed’ the gun and replaced it without the shop owner knowing about it, remains a mystery) Evidence shows that he was the murder. He killed his partner. Murder solved – ‘Book’em Danno’.

4. Then it is morning and Danny calls Eric to tell him that he did a great job, but the fun is over now because they solved the murder. (What is the funniest of all is that it is supposed to be Saturday now, but the campus is full of students with backpacks. Do they have class on Saturdays? Not sure how things work in th USA, but were I am from, students don’t normally go to school over weekends, unless they are maybe writing tests.)

5. Then we see a shot of Headquarters again that could either be evening or early morning …. of which day this time?


6. We see Chin and Abby in the office, still wearing the same clothes of the past 2 or 3 days? Chin offers her an office …..  Her computer clearly shows it is 07:26, Friday 20 November – And I am at a loss of where we really are in time? crazyThey say goodnight to each other – so I guess it is the end of day 3 or is it day 2?  But Abby says, “You opened the door for me today”. It therefore sounds like day 2 (Which would also be correct according to her computer). So I guess this scene was edited into the totally wrong spot, because it is supposed to be end of day 2. But at the end of day 2 everybody was still working on the case…….


I guess what Koala Smartass is trying to say, is that it was a good story with great entertainment value, but just poorly stitched together. As many times before, I get the feeling that stories are written and shot more to accommodate the working schedules of the cast and also to forcefully create certain stories (Like in this case trying to create romance between Chin and Abby). And they use whoever is together at the same place, to do that scene (Switching partners multiple times during the day).  And on top of that the editing sucks.

I know they shoot scenes out of sequence and that they have limited time to get it all done for an episode according to schedules, but no real care is given to what day the scene is happening in and what time of day it is. We are in episode 127 of what is supposed to be a well oiled Hollywood machine! If they want to do it without caring about detail,  don’t give us times (like Friday night 10pm) and dates (yesterday) as clues, or as part of the dialogue!

I think something that also disappoints me, is when there is anticipation of a new character, especially a woman, and that opportunity seems wasted. Thus far I have seen nothing to suggest that Abby possess any special abilities to head up a special task force. She has been given awkward dialogue and forced romantic suggestions. After the second episode with her, I am even more scared that her character will end up being “Lori’d“. *cry*

Long rant over…. for now :wink2:

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Okay, now I need to actually say something about Steve’s story……..

Nahele and his custody is a good idea and I do not want to say too much to spoil the goodness of it. The whole setting of the scene with Steve and Nahele in John’s old car was really well done. Part of the show has always been to emphasise the stories of fathers and sons, and this is no exception. They regularly create the feels that go with it.

The whole custody case and the court clearly not taking the wishes of a 16-year-old into account, seems a bit forced. I am not sure how far they will expand this storyline and where they want to take it. Not to judge to early and wishing that they have something really really good lined up for it, but I feel they are rushing it. Maybe missing out on a good opportunity to solve an old cold case of murder? I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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Things that made me wonder. Confused smiley 83

  • Would a 8-year-old kid really remember the exact spot where his father drove them and murdered that guy?
  • Why would his father shoot a guy who willingly took a stroll with him? What were they supposed to do there, for this guy to go there willingly?
  • Who buried the guy, or are they really suggesting that the body would have sunk into the ground and appear buried in a shallow grave?
  • To prove his father as murderer now, Nahele will be the only witness. Without other evidence, would a jury really be able to say that his father is guilty? Where are they going with it? I guess time will tell …. or not.

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:09

Hana Keaka (Charade)

Written by: Carmen Pilar Golden

Directed by: Bobby Roth

To be continued …….



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