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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (15 – 20 November 2015)

Due to our real life schedules, we will be doing our weekly report today and our posts for the latest Hawaii Five-0 episode at a later stage.

There are plenty of pictures to enjoy, both from the set and from the fashion show in Honolulu last night. As always the set pictures might contain spoilers, but not anything plot related. Remember you can see the original unedited pictures on the original posts as linked. And thank you to everybody who posted pictures and for those finding some hidden ones – as credited (Just a shame that some of the pictures are so small – let’s hope the guys with the big cameras post some more pictures during the week.)

Life on the Set:

chiranuj #alexoloughlin #hi50 #hawaii50 #onset #hawaii

chiranuj #alexoloughlin #hawaii50 #hi50 Nicest actor ever! Come say goodbye


Click on Peter’s  name below to watch a short clip in Instagram

(This is from the Dailies for Epi 613)

plenkov Wow!! #H50 613

Francesca Baer

I’m gonna be on Hawaii Five-0!!! I play the “sultry manageress” of Victoria’s Secret who helps our hero detectives. Cast and crew were the nicest, chillest people around. Loved every second. ‪#‎H50‬

On set with Fransesca(Thank you Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin  for the find)

Fan Photos:

akane__xoxo OMG #hawaiifashionweek #alexoloughlin #h50 

Alex with Akane 20 Nov 2015


RT : my husband with actor…

From Jenny

Alex at Events:

honolulumag The “Live Aloha” fashion show is about to begin! Designer Malia Jones and hubby Alex O’Loughlin take a break in the @hawaiianairlines lounge. We’re looking forward to seeing talented local designer brands, including @maliajonesswim showcased on the runway. Come join us! : @rdhphoto #HonoluluFW #HawaiianAirlines #Hawaii #H50 #HawaiiFive0

Alex & Malia - Honolulu Fashion show - 20 Nov 2015

  • I can not read Korean,  but the message below seems to say something about “Hawaii fashion now ” and, “Enjoy the Honolulu Fashion Week!”
  • Again my Korean is non-existent, but it seems to say something of “Difficult to grasp” & “Lauren Honolulu Fashion Week” and something about “Alex’s hand”.

쉬 마려운데 잡아서 쒀리요.. 왕손 알렉스 오로린 짱짱맨 ✊ 호놀룰루 패션 위크로 오세용~ 😎 #honolulufw

Alex with Mihyun - 20 Nov 2015

It there are any of our readers who can translate it correctly for us – please do so.

fashion show

jillkuramoto Fabulous fashions and star sightings at tonight’s #honolulufw opening night! #hawaiianairlines

From Jill

alohastreetcom_hawaii Honolulu fashion weekのランウェイショー 道端ジェシカさん素敵だった〜。ハワイのファッションもいいですね〜〜〜 @honolulumag @hawaiianairlines #HonoluluFW #HwaiianAirlines (ヨリエ)

ayaaya78 Steve McGarrett♡♡♡♡♡
#honolulufashionweek #hawaii five-o

Fashion show 20 Nov 2015(Thank you  for the find)

 Something Pretty from other fans & The words of a fangirl:

Hello Just called to say I ❤ u 608

From Sabrinanthesand

News for the week:

  • Remember to catch the screencaps of Alex made by Silvia of last night’s episode here:

HQ screencaps of in 6.09 were added to my gallery. Click to access>>

Alex & Family:

My Pet Peeves: :drama:

  • People who tag Alex impersonator accounts in their IG posts and pictures! – Please people, they are not fans. They are just people who try to fool Alex’s fans.

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

Once again there were a number of searches that gave me a big chuckle……

  • grace park seducing woman
  • jack pearl naked
  • sex on h50
  • how did alex loughery break his arm
  • size alexander o’lachlan chest

5 s shirtless bw mcg

Next Week:

  • I guess  that they should still be filming Episode 614 for the rest of the week ……. Sad to say that there will be no new episode for this week and we will only see Episode 610 on 11 December if I understand the schedules correctly.

Steve McGarrett



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