Gif for the day – #H50 buddies´ surprise

And this is where Steve got the idea for the blueroom interrogations 😉
Can you remember what happened here? Hint: it is from a deleted scene in the pilot.



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13 responses to “Gif for the day – #H50 buddies´ surprise

  1. Noooo, I don’t know! But I want to know, don’t leave me hanging!!!


  2. Doesn´t anyone remember this bit? There was a 3rd person and someone else too 😉


  3. Nice tease Paula! But i never watched this scene before, so you have to post it later for us, please? TY


  4. oh wow that is a good question there, I think I know what happen but I can’t remember they name of the guy they were talking to, I have to check my dvd to see the deleted scene again.


  5. Andrea

    I didn’t see this before! Will you, please, just let us know what happend?


  6. I uploaded the Pilot deleted scenes to our FB this clip comes at 3 min mark 🙂


  7. Kath40

    Hee 😀 That was a funny scene I just didn’t recognize it in gif form.
    Thanks Paula.
    I do remember reading it as a scene from the script. To bad they filmed it and then dropped it from the finished pilot.


  8. alexnymph

    I remember the deleted scene–Chin berating a little kid for taking something from the gift shop (poor Chin, so bored with that “security” job). Hilarious!

    Good one, Paula!

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