#MickStJohn #Moonlight #vampire lure I

Since we haven´t really posted Mick gifs in a long time, I thought I better start re-doing those. I know there are many like me, that are always short of breath, when we get a glimpse of our most favorite vampire, Mick ♥…*sigh*








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12 responses to “#MickStJohn #Moonlight #vampire lure I

  1. cwtshjan

    Hubby was out a lot on the weekend so I gorged myself on Moonlight. Mick fills my senses. love him.


  2. joanie

    Thank you! I can never get enough Mick.


    • Sorry computer is acting up and the Y was the start of a word. You remember that photo of Alex walking along the beach when he was Mick. Promo pic, white shirt unbuttoned and jeans in the sand. Well I would love for him to do a shoot now, unbuttoned white shirt, love him in blue jeans and with a pair of cowboy boots on. He would look so good. Love him has Mick but also as McG. He’s still sexy, and could really rock it with the jeans and boots, cowboyish like, muscular… Yes, we do find vampires attractive when they are called Mick.


  3. Mick always gets my blood pumping and my juices flowing. 😈


  4. Leah

    Oh Yes … Yummy Mick. 🙂


  5. Kath40

    Oh Yes! My heart still races when we find time to admirer the sexiest Vamp EVAH Mick St John. ♥ *thud* ♥ I so wish we had gotten more then the one short lived season. *sigh*
    I’m so grateful we still have Alex on or screens as McG. He’s a treat for the senses every week. 😛


  6. MICK!!!!!
    Speechless, Mesmerized, or should that be MICKmerized?


  7. Karen

    Thank you for making my morning when I open this! It made it really hard to concentrate at work. He sure was one very sexy vampire. I am sad that I did not watch Moonlight when it was on tv but so glad it was available on DVD. The video is so addictive! This pass weekend I wanted to watch only one episode and I ended up watching seven.


    • Kath40

      Hi Karen, Moonlight episodes are addictive and like potato chips you just can’t stop at one. 😉 ;P

      I have to thank the noisy fans of Moonlight for begging CBS for a DVD or Moonlight may have been thrown aside without a second thought never to be heard from again. I think CBS only relented just to shut us up…not to mention I think when Amazon helped plead our case…we finally got the bear bones. If Moonlight had been a “hit” show we would have gotten a proper ‘extras’ package with BTS and Bloopers. We know they had lots Dailies they could have sifted through as many showed up on e-bay and were quickly snatched up.
      Only Shadow and Sandex10 who got their hands on some of these dailies were kind and thoughtful enough to share them with us fans which I am eternally grateful for. ♥ 😀


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