The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 126

We continue our story from here.

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This episode was action packed and entertaining and for most of the time great fun to watch. Lots of Man candy and nice light banter …….. and when that happens I tend to overlook a multiple of flaws. 🙂

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But there was nothing really happening with Steve’ s story  ……… so this will mostly be about some pretty pictures of Steve.

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The things that I liked about this episode:

  • Kristoffer Polaha was perfectly cast for the guest role of Hank. (Such a charmer, that we all (and Steve) somehow forget that he is a cold-blooded murderer who killed 4, (for the most part) innocent people)
  • We did not see any of the usual ‘lovebirds crying and kissing’ scenes from Kono & Adam.
  • The multiple stories, actually had a connection in the end. (I just hope that the team will at least talk to one another to see that it connects ….. )
  • Follow-up and actually mentioning Lynn.  But, were they really talking about Lynn though? Her name was not used at all. Is Steve binge dating and were they actually talking about a totally different girl?
  • Very good that Max was “in” the episode without being there. Well done by the writers for doing it very cleverly. How about doing it with other characters as well, when the actors are not available to shoot scenes.

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  • It actually looked like Scott Danno was having fun for a change.

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Things that made me wonder:

  • Why would the con-lady do a con without her partner’s knowledge? In other words, flags should have gone up for our Five-0 detectives back when they found her body with a dead man with his pants down. Okay, maybe they did not really think about how the con’s went down (as we saw them) and did not think about Hank’s involvement with the murder in that way.

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  • Abby’s SHOES. She is a seasoned inspector. How does she do her work and chase suspects on those shoes? I think there is some road to travel to motivate adding her character and to make her role as a badass cop more believable. (Thus far, I have only seen Barbie and Ken Chin )
  • Once again our superheroes work through a day and a night AND another day, without a change of clothing or sleep?  And most of all without looking tired because of lack of sleep. And what did they all do during the whole night? (Maybe playing poker and smoking cigars? Not sure what Chin and Abby did though 😛 )  ………. and Steve still want to go for coffee, showing no signs of rather going to rest or take a shower after working non-stop for 2 days? (Oops, I forgot, Steve did have his usual change of shirts for the kevlar scenes. So maybe he was “fresher” than I thought. 😉 )
  • Clearly Hank conned Steve bigtime. Why else would he leave him alone in the car without being cuffed – something he’s ALWAYS done in the past with other suspects.
  • Clearly Abby likes what she sees (Chin) ….. if she is only there for a few weeks, will this only be a fling with Chin? That will be a new one – creating an exit plan for the girl to disappear, at the moment when she  is introduced (Not like Leilani & Melissa who just disappeared? )
  • Why does Gabriel have to keep on announcing himself and chatting with Chin and telling Five-0 about his moves? Is he in love with his brother-in-law? Or does he create drama and then “solve” it again, to put Five-0 in some sort of imagined debt?

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 And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:08

 Piko Pau ‘iole (The Artful Dodger)

Story by: Peter M. Lenkov
Teleplay by: Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt

Directed by: Joel Surnow

To be continued …….


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11 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 126

  1. In my opinion is pretty obvious that Steve was talking about Lynn with Danny. Danny refered to her as the “girl from last week” I think that was intentional. I can’t imagine Steve being binge dating, it would be pretty out of character.


    • lilia

      Well sides from upcoming eps show that he flirts with and obtains a girls number and then goes for drinks with another… I think his actions are fairly OOC at the moment anyway but hey!


      • To my knowledge Steve gets the number from this lady when they are on a plane (when Danno is there too from a spoiler pic from Peter) but they have drinks right there on the plane, not with a different woman. At least that’s what I have heard.


        • Lilia

          yeah the lady on the plane is the one whose number he gets and apparently Danny is surprised he gets it because he didn’t see her giving it to him. But I’ve read that he has drinks with a different girl.. either way adding all that to that fact that Lynn is only in one more ep I think this season is just going to be odd flirting/rebound moments… I quite like SC so think it’s a real shame that she/Lynn has been kind of wasted as a rebound (clearly he can’t be serious about her if he’s getting other women’s numbers/having drinks with them) I think if they’d introduced her later in the season it could have worked better. Anyway I digress, at least we get to see a flirty and smiley Steve 🙂


  2. I think a lot of people found Hank charming. I didn’t. I found him annoying and a smarmy person. He didn’t show any kind of regret about the death of his ‘partner’. I was really happy that Steve figured it out at the end. But I agree, it was weird that Steve and Danny didn’t cuff him in the car. I get why the writers did it but it was simply stupid.
    Loved the mention of Lynn. Hope we get to see her a lot! 😉 And Steve was extra funny this epi! I love that.
    Your pics are great as always. The last one… wow!!!


  3. Vixhen

    While the storyline wasn’t original, (I knew it was Hank the moment he walked in and shot his partner and their mark), it was rather entertaining. And I totally agree about Abby’s shoes…seriously girl? Are you working or are you going out on a date? Your comment about Gabriel being in love with Chin….ha ha ha! I’m stumped as to why he is still hanging around the island. Can’t he run his criminal empire elsewhere? Isn’t he wanted fugitive? He did hold Kono/Adam not to mention killed a couple of guys…plus he beat Adam to a pulp. Wait…didn’t he also shoot him? Whatever the case, he really shouldn’t be all up in his brother-in-law’s face since he is 5-0. However, that doesn’t seem to make any difference because he’s still free as a bird. If the writers are trying to turn him into 5-0’s next villain, it’s not working for me. There’s no mystery about Gabriel. In other words he’s no Wo-Fat! Love, love, love all the pretty pics. You totally captured all of Steve’s sigh-worthy shots.


    • gracenotpark

      And Gabriel is a pathetically plebeian dresser. It is very hard to take seriously a dude in a tee shirt. Wo Fat had a far better honed sartorial sense.


  4. Gail Lessard

    Hank uncuffed in the car was not believable.


  5. Either Adam or Chin will take down Gabriel once and for all. But would love to see Chin do so. More than Adam. Lynn is so fun loving but still, Steve is for Catherine and vice versa. But we shall see.


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