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#H50 6.08 – #SteveMcGarrett met Hank

Ok, since I am short on time, I did´t even have time to watch full epi, skipped Chin and Adam stuff completely. But I still think Alex and Hank was the best part of this epi. Really nice they gave that actor so much screen time. Great voice and I actually even enjoyed his character, though he proved to be less likable in the end. Oy.

Worst failure in this epi was obviously Steve not petting the mass of adorable little ninjas at his feet and on desk (how easy would that have been?!!! Dammit!)


But what a gorgeous face we got again…mmm…


And back in kevlar. McHottie!

McSmurfing 😀

Thanks to Hank, we got some funny McG too 😀




Have a nice weekend!



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