Aussie Actor #AlexOLoughlin Interview on Sunrise in Hawaii – November 2010 (Transcript)

Alex being interview by Mark Beretta for ‘Sunrise‘ while they were visiting Hawaii and broadcasting from there to Australia in November 2010. The quote from yesterday’s post, was a tweet from Mark after this interview.

And as always – Thank you Paula for all the pretty pictures of Steve/Alex from Episode 113.

113 (16)

[Introduction by the Sunrise team]

[Clip from the Pilot of Hawaii Five-0]

Mark: What a gig! Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0, I mean….

Alex: It’s amazing…

Mark: … it’s probably every boy’s dream to be in Hawaii, being Steve McGarrett.

Alex: It’s fantastic. You know they….. they offered me the role and you know …. The funny thing is that at first I was like, “Oh I don’t know, you know, moving to an island and away from every one I love”

And now when I wake up every day and I’m like, “What were you thinking man?”.

It’s perfect, so you know. I love it. I’m learning how to surf since I’ve been here.

I love my career. I love the jobs I’ve done in this year. And the opportunities that has been afforded me.

113 (77)

[Showing a clip from The Back-Up Plan]

Alex: And it’s funny, like …. I think working with Jennifer was … was a big one.

When we were actually in New York shooting that film, and there was one scene ….. when we were in Central Park. You know I’ve just learned she was having twins. I’m not looking at her. And I couldn’t hear my cue because of all the flash bulbs.

Mark: Yeah, right.

Alex: The wall of paparazzi in front of us. I actually had to get up and approach them and say, “Guys could you please give me one second before you go?”

 All the shutters going …..

113 (84)

Mark: You were linked to James Bond there, recently. How close did that come to being a reality?

Alex: One of my favourite things in interviews is, is when people bring up the biggest audition that I ever gone for and the biggest audition that I didn’t get.

Mark: So sorry Alex, I’m sorry. I’ll move on

Alex: So thanks for that. No, it’s cool, let’s talk about it.

113 (94)

Mark: How’s the football?

Alex: Let’s talk about it. How about those Swanees?

Mark: [Laughs]

[Showing a clip from Casino Royale]

Alex: I was actually like a day on set as James Bond. I’m sure people love James Bond you know, and how would you be …. how would you play it ? And all the rest. And I got to live it out for a day.

And they took suits of me and put it in a box and gave it to Daniel Craig.

Think I was a bit young for Bond back anyway. But now I’m getting a bit salty on the sides.

[Show a clip from Hawaii Five-0]

Mark: We talked about classic lines with Bond, but boy you know, Book’em Danno, is murder 1

Alex: The Book’em Danno line like a totally know how I’ going to play it. And the next episode came and I was like, “Book’em Danno” and then the next episode and I was like “Book’em Danno”, and I was like, “I’m not going to do this every week”.

113 (70)

Alex: I’m on an Island here and there are statues of Jack Lord. Like you should see, statues of the guy. And people would like put fresh leis on it every morning and you know, pray to him and stuff.

And I was like, “Okay I’m either going to fail or I’m not”. And so did not look at his work at all. I just wanted to have a fresh take.

[Another clip from the pilot episode of Hawaii Five-0]

Mark: Do you have any tips for our guys on taking on the roles? As to, how do you get into character? I mean, I had your role which I ….. you’re not under any sort of threat.

Alex: I don’t know. Just frown a lot. And you just to do it off the cuff.

113 (72)

Mark: You go first.

Alex: Alright, “Book’em Danno” …….. That’s what I’m saying … it’s kind of like, you can’t explain it…

Mark: That’s good. That’s good. You’ve got it.

113 (63)

Alex: Mate it’s great to see you.

Mark: You to. You know what it’s like at home. We’re so proud of our Aussie actors that go overseas and do great. And you’re doing fantastic.

Alex: Thanks mate, I can’t wait to get back.

Mark: All the best. Keep it going.

113 (11)

Link to interview

The interview was done at Waikiki Beach in November 2010 on the set of H50 while filming Episode 1:13.

Here is our post about the pictures that were taking that day: 

#H50 Filming Epi 1:13 At Waikiki Beach – 22 November 2010



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3 responses to “Aussie Actor #AlexOLoughlin Interview on Sunrise in Hawaii – November 2010 (Transcript)

  1. This is TOTALLY juicy and the PICTURES !!!! Swoon.


  2. Rhonda romain

    Just love five 0 sorry it’s finished,but all good things have a use by date,the interaction between Steve and Danny is sometimes so funny don’t know how they keep a straight face, now I am watching the reruns again. Good luck for whatever they do in their future. 🦘🦘🦘


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