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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 125

We continue our story from here.

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I was thoroughly entertained and enjoyed the episode. I think it was the best for the season thus far – for obvious reasons of course.  And I will really not mind if any of you just look at all the pretty pictures and not even read what I wrote……..

Well half of the episode as good at least. (Steve just walking endlessly in the forest or actually seeing him cut open that coconut, would have been more entertaining, than watching all the footage from the football game itself – but that is just me). We could have done without the case of the week with the rest of the team. I think the team should have been drawn into Steve’s case on some level and could have been done quite easily (many easy scenarios come to mind). The team trying to play it tough just didn’t do it for me at all – it felt far too out of character and forced most of the time. (Like they were trying to play big shots while dad is not there) Only thing saving that part from total disaster was Grover dropping a few clever lines. But what happened to clever ways of getting information from suspects?

I am really not a big fan of the split cases, because it feels like they rush the unfolding of the story and some details get lost. It is as if the writers are too lazy to think of how the case will unfold cleverly. Or maybe the writers think we might get bored and they then add a second case that actually split the focus for me, and leaves me uninvested in the episode and the guest characters. Maybe it is part of our modern ‘ADD society’ – lots of stuff happening, without actually building a proper thought out story that can play out before us.

To entertain us, the Koala Smartass will hand out some ‘Tarzan awards’ for this ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ episode: https://i0.wp.com/smileys.emoticonsonly.com/emoticons/t/trophy-1302.gif


  • The crew member who decided to play “Where’s Waldo” on the boat – or maybe it was the missing Danno, who actually went on the date together with them without us all knowing about it. (see if you can spot him standing up)


  • Lynn’s hair for being the quickest drying long hair I have ever seen.
  • The pilot who landed that plane intact  without wings and without a runway more than 4 years ago, and then maneuvered it in among those trees.
  • The 2 refugees who must have been washing and cleaning and drying that plane every week for 4 years (actually nearly 5 years) to keep it that nice and pristine and the covers that clean and dust free. Not even the steps have dirt marks on them.
  • That award to what felt like one of the longest running High school football games ever. When we catch up to the game, it already seems to be going on for a while and then so much stuff happens while it is going on ……
  • The kid for chattering Chin’s records, but apparently not the new records that Steve set when he chattered Chin’s records. (Or maybe those were the records that Chin had and that Steve never got the chance to break them, because he left for the mainland? Help, now I’m starting to confuse myself)
  • Grover for having his cigar disappear and reappear with in seconds while eating popcorn.
  • Steve for taking a “wrong” shortcut on recommendation of a girl he hardly knows, twice.

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  • A highly trained Navy SEAL, following a girl, crossing a stream right on the edge of a waterfall. *dontknow* (Kind of sure just a few meters in from the edge would have been a lot saver. He really needs to get back on that horse because he is not thinking straight. crazy )
  • Dennis for worst shot ever. Most shots fired at Steve standing still out in the open, without ever hitting him or Lynn. Especially those first shots high above their heads, that hit the plane.
  • Dumbest question: “Are you going to fly us out of here? (Okay sure, she was just being funny (I hope), but it still sounded dumb)
  • The FBI, for appointing so many corrupt people, who are just prepared to fake their own deaths in a plane crash and disappear for money (They really need to rethink their employee screening. Wonder if there is a special resort where they all live). Rolleye smiley 11
  • Dennis for miraculously knowing who Steve is now (Okay, well maybe Lynn revealed their identity to him while he was pulling her hair).
  • Steve’s shirt, for all its many uses – least of all for covering Steve up the whole time. :wink2:
  • Dumbest crime boss ever, for not thinking or knowing that his girl tied up in a boat is an ambush.
  • Steve for knowing how to organise a welcoming party from his cellphone from somewhere out at sea …..

But let us get to Steve’s story…..

Me: Dear Steve, Grover will never sound like Danny Williams. No matter what he says, he will never achieve that whining nasty pitch – just saying.  Even him having a cargument with Chin sounded less irritating.

I find it rude that Steve did not introduce Lynn and Lou to each other (but I guess they were not even filming the Lynn and Lou’s scenes on the same day, they just edited it to look that way.)

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In this episode we see Steve testing the dating waters again, by taking a romantic prospect on an adventure. Even though Cath just left a month or 2 ago, he has effectively been without a girlfriend for more than a year already. In my opinion, he should have moved on a long time ago, at the time a year ago, when she told him to let her go. :sendlove:

What did we learn about Lynn:

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  • Ellie introduced her to Steve. And the two women maybe know each other, most probably from work.
  • Ellie and Lynn shared some information about Steve’s dad. (Some men might feel scared when they hear women talk about him and his family behind his back)
  • It appears that Steve is brave and going big on the first date, but it was actually a suggestion from Lynn that made him do it. (Most men would rather take a girl to a place they know themself)
  • See Danny, that is how it is done. Push Steve out of the way to get the wheel – just take it. (But she does have an unfair advantage and maybe possess the correct attributes (or assests) to make him weak in the knees and to surrender easily)
  • Lynn’s father was a commercial fisherman and by the sound of it, he is also not alive anymore (Something Steve & Ellie also have in common with her, although both their fathers were brutally shot while they had to listen to it. Wonder if Lynn’s history will be better?)
  • Lynn likes speed and she likes to take charge. (Btw, according to a tweet from the director, that was the fist time Sarah took the wheel of a boat)

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  • She likes physical adventurous and outdoor stuff, like snorkeling and hiking – but she is not a warrior or a cop. (Hopefully also not a potential spy)
  • It sounds like Lynn is a psychologist who is doing social work among young criminal offenders for the state. (Trying to ‘fix broken toys’ it seems. Pity she was not arround when Gabriel started out – she could have saved us from all his torture. Wonder if she worked with the man who helped them to catch Ellie’s father’s killer as well?)

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The potential is definitely there for a great friendship and maybe even a great romance to develop here. They are not a bad fit at all – and physically they match up. It is a fact of life that people grow apart and move on to somebody else. Questions is, will Steve be interested enough in Lynn to move on? Only time will tell whether the producers can utilise this high-octane first introduction to become a good female character.

Somebody that might have relevance in the progression of the show. One without invasion into the team as such, but with a connection in their cases. Something that makes sense and provide good stories. But please without the endless ‘nauseating lovebirds in distress’ feeling of the whole Adam saga. (Sorry, but I am not a fan of how the Kodam (kissing & crying & suffering) storyline is going on and on and on ….. WAAH  )

Evidence in the case against selfies – the comparison between the 2 pictures speaks for itself.

Just my opinion, but I think they could have created some more “romantic” feelings with the underwater diving scenes. There are some hints of it, but they could have been touching and communicating non-verbally a bit more about the beauty that they saw while they were down there. I have never done snorkeling but I think that the beautiful private world under the sea that the two people share, can be very romantic and “bonding”.

Although they were making plans for a second date, I missed a trembling feeling of excitement or titillation of sexual desire …….. PS. having Steve’s truck parked there somewhere in front of them, would have prevented me from feeling that they will have to walk home now. (Just saying)

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Just as a last thought: Was this “Art imitating life”?

  • Alex in People Magazine, 3 May 2010:

Question: What was your best date ever?

Alex: I took my girlfriend to Hayman in Australia, and we went diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Not bad!

  • Holly Valance about Alex in Hello! Magazine 2 September 2008:

“My friend Sarah Carter introduced us two years ago and we started dating  – he’s lovely, he’s just a really good man.

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:07

Na Kama Hele  (Day Trippers)

Written by: Ken Solarz

Directed By: Hanelle Culpepper

To be continued …….



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