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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (1 – 7 November 2015)


FANTASTIC! After our dry spell of 2 weeks, we got some great footage from the Hawaii Five-0 set during the week and of  Alex with fans at the HIFI Fashion seminar on Friday night. Please be aware that the pictures from the set may contain spoilers of who will be featured in upcoming episodes, but no specific plot give-aways.

Take your time to enjoy all the week’s goodness – sorry it got so long. #notsorry

Hope you enjoy all the pretty and a BIG thank you to everybody posting pictures and also those who manage to find some of the hidden ones!

Life on the Set:

  • You can watch this short video clip on IG:
on_my_plate Blue shirt. Alex. Hawaii 5 0 . That is all. 📽🎞😎 #imnotworthy 🏼 


hilifeathletics On set with the boss yesterday. #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 It’s Zoey’s second day of filming for the show. Fun day ahead again! #luckywelivehawaii #hawaii50 #cbs #Ohana On Set

sunriseshellhawaii Filming Hawaii 5-0 this morning in Waikiki. Steve McGarrett #hawaii50 #hawaii #waikiki #hawaiifive0 #oahu #stevemcgarrett

From JD on IG

danieldaekim Ballroom dancing or jiu-jitsu? You be the judge. #H50

 (Click on Daniel’s name to watch the short clip of Alex & Grace practising)

_lisajane1_ They were filming Hawaii Five-O today on the beach

on set 1
(Looks like almost everybody are in blue shirts on the set, not only Alex 🙂 )
  • Pictures from the set (taken in September) while filming Episode 607: Shared by  Jonathan Cretton:

Today was a blast! We had the chance to be guests on Hawaii Five-0 set in Waimea Valley. Everybody was so nice with us, cast and crew. We were treated like kings and queens.

(Click on Jonathan’s name to view the other pictures that he took on the day. And click on the pictures here to see them in bigger size. Thank you Jonathan for sharing your link with us. 🙂 )


Fan Photos & Alex at Events:

Alex supporting his wife Malia for Hawaii Fashion Month at the HIFI Connects Fashion Seminar Friday night (6 Nov)


coradorables #hawaiifashionmonth #hawaiifashion #supportlocal #smallbusiness #mompreneur #coradorables & @hawaiifive0cbs @hawaiifashion event @hawaiifashionmonth #luckywelivehawaii #alohafriday #aloha such a cool guy #alexoloughlin

This guy is not only talented but kind! Coradorables CEO with @alexoloughlin Hawaii Five-0 he said he’s seen Coradorables on the set! Wohoo! 🙌🏾👍🏾👌🏾

paulbrownsalon Met the down to earth Alex O’Loughin while supporting my buddies @issamay78 & @hawaiifashion of HIFI and their continued efforts to move fashion forward in Hawaii! #PAULBROWN#PaulBrownSalon#hawaiifashionmonth#hfm2015

Alex & Paul Brown - 6 Nov 2015

News for the week:

  • Promotional pictures for Episode 6:09: Link

Something Pretty from other fans:

  • Always a winner – shirtless Steve: Posted on The Five-0 Redux. As always, thank you Angie for all you hard work in creating pretty stuff for the pages you Admin & Co-Admin

Redux collage

Some fandom laughs of the week: :laugh:

  • On the IMDb thread for Hawaii Five-0, somebody asked the question of what happened to all the missing characters on the show – one of the comments caught my attention for a bit of a laugh:


I hope they have an episode where the detectives discover a dungeon that has all the missing characters being kept in cages by Steve’s mom.

The words of a fangirl:

Credit: tysonjoines on IG Love a guy who is not afraid to carry his wife’s purse.

At Seminar 6 Nov 2015

(Agree with you Carol. One can only love Alex even more for just being himself and showing such support fo his wife and her career)

krystalanncabo Ohh I’m just eating pupus and Alex O’ loughlin from Hawaii 5-0 is sitting a few feet from me. Haha. He attended a fashion panel event that I volunteered at tonight. This guy…… Hellaaaa fine in person !!! He had arm tattoo that was popping out of his black fitted T. ️😛 #h50 #thankyouhifi #sohungry #alexoloughlin

From Krystal


tlarue Hawaii Fashion Incubator session is underway. How sweet of Hawaii 5-0’s Alex O’Loughlin to support his beautiful designer wife, @maliajonesswim 🏽 #HIFI #livealoha #luckywelivehawaii #supportlocalartists #fashion
From Tracy

Past meets present:

Stoked playing on Ep. 607 Epic agency and SUPER MAHALO!


(Thank you Alex O’Loughlin’s Place  for the find)

The man in the picture played the kidnapped dad in Friday night’s episode. His picture with Alex & Scott was taken at the Surf 4 Hugs event in August 2012

Some Trivia for the week:

  • It looks like Alex’s stunt double for the 2nd part of Season 5, will be back in Hawaii, since his other project ‘The Player‘ got canceled.

Coming back to see you soon #808 !

Alex with Family or Friends:

Me and hiking in Ridge for

Alex & Taryn - 3 Nov 2015

A comment from Mara Lane on Taryn’s IG post of this picture:

My Pet Peeves: :drama:

I know I am maybe the last person to talk about this, because my spelling and grammar sucks, and my posts are always full of typos, but …….

  • People constantly using ‘Cat’, ‘Kath’ or ‘Katherine’ on social media when the want to discuss Cath or Catherine – Please if you are ‘her biggest fan‘ and want her back OR want to insult her, at least use the correct name to do it.
  • And people using ‘seal’ when the talk about Steve being part of the Navy SEALs – Please note that a seal is a sea animal and SEAL stands for SEa, Air and Land  Teams.

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • does alex o’loughlin look good naked?


607 bw dl 2(Not sure, but he kind of looks great half naked – so I guess we can assume …… )

Next Week:

  • They should have finished with Episode 6:12 last week and be busy filming 6:13 during this coming week. Can you believe that filming of Season 6 is halfway already?





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