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#H50 6.07 – #SteveMcGarrett got to know Lynn

This episode is so far my favorite from this season. Finally a bit more of Steve having fun, though of course he ended up in some trouble on his “get to know” date. At least it was just 2 baddies that pretty much gave themselves up  to sweaty McGarrett. I thought Sarah played her part very well, and she was fit for the part (actually super fit, nice muscle tone all over). Still irked over the shirt Steve wore on the island, couldn´t they just have put it in his backpack, for easy access to bandage material?  Anyway, don´t want to nitpick too much, there was plenty of juicy McG to enjoy 🙂

Off to a good start, with Lou´s blessing 🙂


Hello sailor!


Getting wet (most of us anyway 😉 )



Sweet McSweat and Gecko peek 😀


Nurse McG


Well, she survived it. That´s a good date with Steve 😉

See you next Saturday for coffee and malasadas!



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