Hawaii Five-0 tonight – can we dare to be excited?

Please be advised that this post might contain SPOILERS, as we are discussing tonight’s episode.We however do not really reveal any plot related information as such.


I thought to just post this pretty picture for today, but as you all know me by now, I always have something more to say …….. sigh.

Going to do something we rarely do, apart from this week a year ago, before the 100th episode – talk beforehand about tonight’s episode. Not since the 100th episode, have I really looked forward to an episode. I have learned over the years not to do that  with Hawaii Five-0, because to do that, is to set yourself up for BIG disappointment. But against my better judgement, I still have some high hopes for this one……. :popcorn:

First of all, I just want to mention that I really have sympathy for those fans who have invested a lot of their emotions in the Steve and Catherine relationship. Me looking forward to tonight, is in no way intended as gloating at your pain. For me it is really sad that circumstance, terrible writing and bad behaviour from many different people, caused the show to lose Catherine as a character last year, just to bring her back and lose her again for now. I really do not know if there are any genius storyline connected to the route they have taken with the character – I guess we will have to wait and see (and enjoy the ride 😀 ). In the words of Mick St John, “A joyride that never ends”

607 a

As we have said many times before, that because we are a site for Alex, our needs for the show are actually very simple ……… As much of Alex in each episode as possible, with great stories for him to display his talent as an actor (And of course him either wearing a suit, or pants and shirts as tight as possible, or preferably as little clothes as possible. ) :thumbsup:

607 b

Reasons why I am looking forward to tonight:


  •  It looks like we will have lots of Steve time.
  • Steve being high on life and the prospect of new love.
  • Playful, boyish, romantic Steve with the promise of a new beginning. love
  • Steve wearing shorts  and hopefully as little else as possible for a whole episode.
  • Steve wearing sunglasses. :sunglasses:
  • Steve getting dirty.  eek
  • Steve going all out Navy SEAL, to save him and his date.
  • Steve remembering the past possible aventures with his dad.
  • No Danny – therefore no insulting childish whining at Steve
  • A new to Hawaii Five-0 director and a woman at that. Woman always take a different view, and from the promos I have seen, it looks like she knows what type of shots we other women would enjoy.

607 c

Things I am not looking forward to:

  • That maybe everything interesting about tonight’s episode, has already been revealed in the promos. 😦
  • Focus being split during the episode, with Steve and his adventure and most probably the team being involved in their own case. *dontknow*
  • The show introducing a none work related character, with no real follow-through after tonight. (Like Melissa, Sabrina, Leilani etc.) I am with everybody who do not wish for Hawaii Five-0 to be a soap opera, but just hearing about these characters,  who are supposed to be in the personal lives of our regular characters, hardly qualifies as soap. It is kind of hard to identify with a character if you see them twice a season without ever hearing anything about them along the way….. https://i0.wp.com/www.myemoticons.com/emoticons/images/msn/moods/question.gif

607 d

Please be warned that you might just see everything worthwhile about the episode, if you look at it, but…..

Y0u can watch the promo & teaser clips  for tonight’s episode 1) here, 2) here, 3) here  and 4)  here on: Alex O’Loughlin’s Place

Thank you for posting it!


Steve & Lou - 607

PS – Earlier in the week I saw some fans thinking that they can see back tattoo peekage in a certain scene – not to spoil your fun, but I think you need to rather consider the possibility that the “peekage” might actually be a safety harness used in that specific scene. Hopefully there will be some other opportunity to see some forbidden treasure in other scenes.

PPS. I am sure Steve planted the bad guys there on that spot, just so that he could thoroughly impress the girl …..

Hope y’all have a good weekend!


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22 responses to “Hawaii Five-0 tonight – can we dare to be excited?

  1. Yes, yes and YES again! Yes to all you said. I do love Cath, but since she’s not here at the moment I for sure can enjoy Steve having some fun. He more than deserves it.
    I am excited for tonight’s episode. ☺


  2. gracenotpark

    Totally on your page, babe. Could be an awesome display of Alex’s VOEs…finally! 🙂 A McG centric ep has become a rare commodity. I hope this is one. But am a little ascared it isn’t…I got trust issues with Show these days… 🙄


  3. Hope they have fun not looking good for me


  4. I am really excited and soooo looking forward to tonights episode. I’ve not been that excited for a long time! For exactly those reasons you listed.
    And because I am weak *sigh* I’ve seen every spoiler and every sneak peek. I loved what I saw! BAMF, emo, SEAL, caring, adventurous and smiling Steve.
    And if this women will be his endgame, it is ok.
    And if Cath will be his endgame, it is ok too.
    I just want him happy! He so deserves it!


  5. buttercup4u

    I’m with all the reasons you have mentioned, and i am absolutely looking forward to see Mcg in a different outfit (as for outfit, am i the only one who is disturbed about her tiny cloths 😉 ?!? Ok, it’s Hawaii, ok, it’s for the male viewers 😉 , ok it’s leisure time!!) Maybe!
    I will give everything a chance tonight!
    Thanks for watering our already dripping mouthes!


  6. Thank you for this post. I’m one of those that emotionally invested in the relationship of Steve and Cath (for the first time in my life as tv viewer). And like you wrote, there are several facts that changed the course of this storyline. I’m very curious about this episode because finally we will have a Steve’s centric episode again and outside of his job is even better. I enjoy to watch character’s lives outside their job, especially if the main character has several “layers” and “intense” personality like Steve McGarrett. Yes, i blame Alex and his VOE.
    Like all here that love Alex’s work and Steve McGarrett’s character, i want him to be happy, but we also know that the executive producer of this show thinks that happy=boring, so i’m not expecting that everything is gonna be alright with the new lady. One thing is certain i’ll continue to watch and cheer for Steve/Alex.


    • karen

      Ummmm…so McRoll is your first couple you have been totally invested in. Still MickBeth for me. That will never change. I have enjoyed McRoll, but am opened minded as far as Steve is concerned. I hope I have a silly grin on my face all episode.


      • I watched Alex for the first time in H50. I love Steve McGarrett’s character. That made me start searching for all Alex’s work. I watched Vincent, Jack, Will, Andy, Stan, Marshall, Luke and Marcus before Mick (and the rest of characters). I don’t know if Moonlight ever passed on any tv channel in my country. But i understand your feelings about MickBeth.
        We all are looking forward to watch tonight’s episode. In my case only because of Steve.


  7. Vixhen

    I am so excited, too! I want Steve to have a personal life (and the rest of the crew as well). It’s totally unrealistic for them to hardly ever showcase any personal aspect of their lives. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Steve work his McG Magic with during his date. I’m totally over the “carguments” which now seem childish and forced. Plus, Scott has really been MIA for most of the episodes anyway. Alex and Chi have a real chemistry, which I just love. Anywho…I love this show. I hope they get story lines together, preferably by adding a nemesis (oh how I miss Wo Fat) that will kick it up a few notches.


  8. I have been looking forward to this episode for weeks 🙂
    I am glad so many people are keeping an open mind and just want to see a good Steve centric episode and our Mcg to have some fun and happiness.


  9. I’m with you Manu. SO excited for tonights episode!!!!


  10. Leah

    Oh yes, FOYeur, I think you are so right – it appears Ms Lady Director knows what angles we ladies wanna see! Love that S L I D E in clip #2! 😛 SO EXCITED for tonight’s episode!


  11. So excited can’t keep still in my seat!


  12. Love it when they are away from work. To show them to have a personal life.


  13. Jayjay

    having just watched the ep SPOILER ISH WARNING, Lynn didn’t seem to be anywhere near the person they hyped her up to be. This perfect match and awesome kick ass girl- she couldn’t walk in a straight line without tripping over and cutting her head open. I have nothing against Sarah Carter and I’m sure she is a lovely actress but the ep just seemed to be a complete mess, Lynn seemed to be completely hopeless and incapable of dealing with the situation. If they’d billed her as that then fine, sweet it would be McGarrett rescuing a damsel in distress something we all enjoy seeing. I just don’t get why they hyped her up to be “the female McGarrett” when she wasn’t. It’s a shame to me as I think Sarah Carter would have been awesome and if they’d actually done this character justice then it would have been awesome. Sadly she isn’t the match made in heaven they claimed she was and it’s just another female character down the drain 😥 I just wish they’d write some more good female characters on the show, one that could be Steve’s equal and they could kick awesome ass together and it would be beautiful… (that turned into a complete rant and I apologise profusely, at least we still have pretty Alex to look at!)


    • Rita

      I have to agree with you. I have only watched this once but Lynn seems more of a friend than LI. Don’t think it will last long but we will have to wait and see. I don’t think we will see her until the Valentine episode. I heard Sarah Carter signed for 2 episodes


  14. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Thanks Paula, always many sentences and great comments 💖 it’s very important for all Alex fans, we live with him his actions and his thoughts. You are the best friend, big kisses 💋


  15. vanduyn

    Loved the episode!!


  16. haven,t the chance to see it yet ,being from other country as this bad thing of not being able to see it at same time ,sadly the site were i used to see didn,t work last night ,almost lost my temper lol but for what i was able to see it seems was a great episode ,for me as fan of the show the most important is that Steve is happy 🙂 as usual Alex is brilliant in his acting as Steve Mcgarrett 🙂


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