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And the Most Anticipated New TV Show of the Fall (2010) Is…

by Kristin Dos Santos

TV Spoilers and Exclusives

From E!Online

14 June 2010

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Dun dun dun na na na….Dun dun dun na na.

Sorry, just singing a little ditty that just so happens to be the theme song of the most exciting new series coming out this fall. According to you. That’s right. Thousands of you have weighed in on the show you’re looking forward to the most for the coming 2010-11 season, and it is:

Hawaii Five-O!

Yes, the CBS remake, with Lost‘s awesome-sauce Daniel Dae Kim and Moonlight‘s awesome-sauce Alex O’Loughlin  (whom we just spoke with; see below) was chosen by you fans as the show most worth getting excited about.

For those who missed our Pick Your New Fave tournament, the fans were given sneak-peek video and info for all 34 new series, then asked to choose the most kick-ass-looking show from each individual network. Those top five series were pitted against each other to determine the Ultimate New Fave, for ultimate early buzz bragging rights.

213 bw buddies

Here are the top shows you’re looking forward to for 2010-11, and their final ranking:

  1. Hawaii Five-O, CBS (27% of the vote)
  2. Hellcats, CW (24%)
  3. The Event, NBC (20%)
  4. Mr. Sunshine, ABC (19%)
  5. Running Wilde, Fox (10%)

Yep,  Ashley Tisdale’s new cheerleading series Hellcats (produced by Tom Welling) ranked in at number two out of all the new series (!), followed by Jason Ritter’s new Lost-meets-24-ish series The Event, then Matthew Perry and Allison Janney’s new comedy Mr. Sunshine, with Keri Russell and Will Arnett’s Running Wilde coming in last (but first for all Fox shows).

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To celebrate Five-O‘s impressive, early-buzz coup, we checked in with Alex O’Loughlin at the Donate Life Hollywood Film Festival, where the star was honored with their Person of the Year award for his endless efforts in raising awareness about organ donation (Fun Fact: his involvement in Donate Life began after starring in Three Rivers), and got a little more info for you who are already shaping up to be Five-O fans…

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What can fans expect from the new Five-O?

Alex: It’s a modern reboot of a classic, an old favorite that was CBS’ number one show for 12 years. It was a huge show. What we are doing is bringing a whole new spin to it. I play Steve McGarrett, which is Jack Lord‘s character, and you will learn all about Steve’s background as opposed to in the old show, you didn’t really know much about him. We open up the pilot learning all about these characters, where they come from, how they come together and it’s about fighting crime in Hawaii.

Are you a fan of Lost and how great is it to be working with Daniel Dae Kim?

Alex: Yeah. Fantastic and yeah, he’s a great guy. He’s super nice. I’m very, very glad he’s on the cast. He’s a pro. He’s a terrific actor, but he’s a really great person as well. So it’s going to be fun.

416 bw buddies 2

Will you be doing any of your own stunts?

Alex: I’m very physical and I really enjoy that side of things and stuff. I’ll do whatever they let me!

You and Scott Caan, who plays your partner, have some strong chemistry in the pilot. Is he the comedic relief to your straight man?

Alex: There’s more to my character McGarrett than you saw in the pilot so he’s not as straight as you think. I mean he’s as straight as a [Navy] SEAL, but he’s got a bunch of stuff that’s gonna come out later on and we riff pretty well together. It’s fun. Naturally, in life, I’m more of a clown, it’s different.

Will you and Scott be the next great TV bromance?

Alex: Me and Scott, oh yeah, we will be the bromance of the decade!

My Thoughts

  • Hawaii Five-0 is now in its 6th season and the only show in the top 5 who made it passed Season 1, but did it really live up to the early hype it created as shown in this survey?
  • In my opinion the Steve/Lou-Bromance  has become a far more pleasant bromance to watch. Playful, funny, competitive, mature and supportive, with lots of mutual respect, admiration and fun. It has grown since the start of Season 4 into something joyful to watch. In contrast with that, Steve and Danny stagnated and has fallen victim to constant immature bickering and insults and the occasional queerbaiting. It kind of spoils the growth of character of two professional mature and heterosexual men, and makes it unpleasant to watch at times.

Steve & Lou



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