They say …… #AlexOLoughlin does some fine work

Dusty & Jorge
In an interview in November 2014, Jorge Garcia promises a ‘very special’ ‘Hawaii Five-0’ for its 100th episode. Garcia, who joined the “Five-0” cast full-time for Season 5 after guest-starring in three episodes last season, also says fans will see some fine work from O’Loughlin in the episode.
Cake cutting
“I went in on the day that we were doing the cake-cutting for the 100th episode, and he [Alex] was doing like the most intense scene of the whole episode,” Garcia says with a laugh. “Then we had a break and had some cake, and he went right back into it after. Alex definitely worked hard on that episode.”
Jorge Garcia
7 November 2014
507 collage frame


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11 responses to “They say …… #AlexOLoughlin does some fine work

  1. Regina Filange

    I love the 100 episode, even though it out an end to the wo fat story line. Alex did some great acting in that episode plus he looked really good too. Hands down my favorite episode.


  2. i loved the 100th episode i found it sad and moving especially when steve asks danno where his father is .loved the action between steve and wofat .was really sad to see marks departure and loving the way steve looks back and its danny whos more out there lol i laughed when i heard his ringtone love is in the air .all in all it was a fab episode i dont know how many times ive watched it now and the end was brilliant going back to the start and what they all have been through and the song with it just made the 100th episode perfect in every way .i hope h50 is on our screens for a long time to come xxxxx


  3. gracenotpark

    Honestly I find it a tough ep to watch. Alex killed it, but the shocking and ongoing violence of the episode disturbs me even now, so I tend not to rewatch it. The fact that he had to take a cake break during the filming is bizarre, and explains the vaguely unfocused look in his eyes in the pics of the ceremony. Also makes his performance even more laudatory.

    Did they ever rerun this episode?


  4. It was visible in the BTS pics of the cutting of the cake that Alex was still “in character”, didn’t seem like his usual cheery self. It must have been such a hard episode to film from both physical and psycological points of view and he achieved it so well. I was sad to see Woo-Fat dying as well since i love Mark as an actor and as a very nice man. Alex’s acting in that episode deserved much more recognition.


  5. It seems everyone who works with him thinks he’s talented and a real trooper. I hope one day he gets the general recognition he deserves. Until then we fangirls will be here to ensure his talents are not overlooked.


  6. Best H50 episode till now. And I doubt it will be topped. Gestures, cries, sobs, looks – rage, fight, pain, desertion, disbelief. Alex’ portrayal of Steve’s range of emotion and the athletic, tremendous fight scenes: Variations of Excellence.
    Just perfect! Watched it countless times!


  7. My fave eppy EVER!!! WoToTheFatness versus McWhumpedZappedandWhumpedAgain are awesome!!! 😀


  8. Karen

    OMG that episode was the 100th! I just LOVE that episode. Alex was amazing! It was so cool to see a different look of life of the characters.


  9. It is more of an ensemble show IMHO!


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