#H50 6.07 promo – #SteveMcGarrett got a date

This contains major spoilers, so keep off if you don’t want to see it or can´t take it. There is lots of yummy Steve/Alex!  😉


Alex: McGarrett is sort of going through a whole new revival. He’s dating again. Discovering who he is. What he wants.

Sarah: McGarrett needs a new love interest. He needs his broken heart mended.


Alex: The character is fun-loving, outgoing, outdoorsy. She sort of feels like a perfect match for McGarrett

Sarah: He’s pretty shut down when she comes onto the scene. And it is one of those moments when he sees her and …. we’ll see what happens down the road. But it looks pretty promising


Alex: And McGarrett he’s … he’s on his first date. He’s decided to take her, free diving.

Sarah: First of all it was always going to be a lively first date. But they decided to take a risk and go on this big adventure.


Alex: Of course they run into trouble. Terrible trouble.

Sarah: He gets to show off all of his Navy SEAL skills and she is impressed.


Sarah: It’s fantastic. And a lot of people love this show. I mean obviously. It’s a top show and I can see why. And now I can feel why.

Here´s the interview for ET



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16 responses to “#H50 6.07 promo – #SteveMcGarrett got a date

  1. I love what I’ve seen so far 🙂 I hope Lynn is a well written character with an interesting story and chemistry with Steve. I feel good about this possible couple. Hopefully she’ll bring some happiness and sexy back to Steve’s life.


  2. I don’t think these two have a future, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this.
    Looking forward to seeing Steve having some fun. I love to see some flirting going on.
    I’m convinced that Steve and Cath will get back together, but in the meantime I’m all for Steve to live a little.


  3. Oh that scene when he pushes behind her as she takes the wheel…to move over. Heart be still, just snuggle up there McG. I think this is going to be good for him to have a new love interest. Love this promo.


  4. Maria

    I like this promo too. I hope they work out together well as a couple and her character is well written. None of these things they are doing on this adventure together like sailing, going into the woods, he never did it on his free time with Catherine and they could have, maybe Catherine did not like that and probably Steve did. He seems to have a good time woth her and he flirts with her and viceversa naturally, he never flirted like this with Catherine and she was his gf.


    • Hi Maria – Welcome here with us. 🙂
      I also hope she will be a well written and acted a character – the show really needs some great women. And so does Steve.
      Please just remember that characters do what the writers write then to do. And as far as I can recall there used to be lots and lots of great flirting between Steve and Cath at times.
      When we met them, the actually knew each other for many many years. New possibilities and old love play out very differently.


      • gracenotpark

        Also I’d bet my life on Cath enjoying sailing and hiking and all manner of such sports. Chick was in the Navy…they tend to be outdoorsy types. She loved the beach and she runs. That much we saw. I’m sure she and McG shared many adventures in their years together. 😉

        I will shock all by agreeing they must write her well and treat her well. This show has GOT to start treating actresses, and the women characters they portray, decently and humanely. I am ashamed of how some fans have behaved…but those who write and produce the show have not set a high bar nor a good example. Let a new era begin now…with any and all women who come, go, and return.


  5. Shelley

    I am really looking forward to this episode. Just from the promo’s Steve looks like he is having such a good time


  6. I kind of liked Ellie the lawyer. At that final car repair scene thought there might be some magic but alas the writers wrote her out this year pretty much. She’s been in one scene hasn’t she in the first show?

    I think we should just fantasize that those things happened with Catherine and Steve, even though we didn’t see them happen. We know as adults other stuff happened with them.


  7. Great comments Ladies. Thanks for being nice I am really looking forward to this episode
    Special BIG thanks and hugs to Paula and FOYeur.


  8. Hope that she can treat Steve right. And that they can do things like this. Really missed this with Catherine and him.


  9. Looking forward to Steve having some fun, whoever it’s with. He’s had way too much angst. More fun more great Alex shots!!


  10. lindae5o

    I hope Lynn and Steve will have good chemistry together, and she becomes a regular, as only his girlfriend. HF-O will end this season, or next, and unless PL decides to disband the team with a big blow-up in the finale, I’d like our Steve to be in a committed and loving relationship.


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