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#H50 6.07 promo – #SteveMcGarrett got a date

This contains major spoilers, so keep off if you don’t want to see it or can´t take it. There is lots of yummy Steve/Alex!  😉


Alex: McGarrett is sort of going through a whole new revival. He’s dating again. Discovering who he is. What he wants.

Sarah: McGarrett needs a new love interest. He needs his broken heart mended.


Alex: The character is fun-loving, outgoing, outdoorsy. She sort of feels like a perfect match for McGarrett

Sarah: He’s pretty shut down when she comes onto the scene. And it is one of those moments when he sees her and …. we’ll see what happens down the road. But it looks pretty promising


Alex: And McGarrett he’s … he’s on his first date. He’s decided to take her, free diving.

Sarah: First of all it was always going to be a lively first date. But they decided to take a risk and go on this big adventure.


Alex: Of course they run into trouble. Terrible trouble.

Sarah: He gets to show off all of his Navy SEAL skills and she is impressed.


Sarah: It’s fantastic. And a lot of people love this show. I mean obviously. It’s a top show and I can see why. And now I can feel why.

Here´s the interview for ET



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 124

We continue our story from here

Just before we start with anything, I want to mention some important fact – I approve of Steve’s new shirt, for a few different reason ……


Although thoroughly entertaining as far as the farcical world of “horror” movies goes, the episode felt a bit fractured for me again. It felt as if some great ideas had to be written around work schedules of the cast again. Trying to fit  too many stories into one day, made them feel rushed and not explored properly. However they made  some good use of some horror movie clichés for the Halloween feeling and lots of hard work from the make-up department.

Just a few continuation observations:

  • About a month or maybe more ago the Yakuza told Chin they have a week to find Gabriel before Kono and Adam will be punished. Yet there seems to be no urgency from Chin or the team to find Gabriel……. ? 😕

606 (66)

  • If we take the timeline given to us, (13 October from last case to 30 October for this case) it was about a week or 2 ago that Danny injured his knee during the Tough Mudder race and walked on crutches in the end – I guess it was not very serious though, because he seems to be walking just fine again ……. ?

606 (78)

  • And can somebody please tell me what happened to Danny’s Amber/Melissa, Max’s Sabrina, Chin’s Leilani and weirdest disappearance of all, Dr Mindy? No mention of them or their whereabouts? Will they just disappear into nowhere (like Charlie Fong) or pop up one day again out of nowhere?

Never let it be said that Hawaii Five-0 is not educational.

Koala Smartass: The things I learned from Hawaii Five-0 in this episode:


  • Never vacation alone – especially in Hawaii.
  • Sometimes you are unlucky and get shot by a falling gun under water or mistaken for wildlife and catch a hunters arrow, other times you are lucky and get saved from suicide when police think you are a suspect. That’s life, I guess.  🙂

606 (77)

  • If you just saved somebody from suicide (actually brought him back from the dead so to speak), you can just go ahead and handcuff and interrogate him in the blue room. No medical care needed there, especially if you don’t know how long their brain was without oxygen.

606 (42)

  • Pet clinics have ambulances – I really did not know that.
  • To stitch up a guy’s seemingly small wound, takes many many many hours.
  • Hawaii is a great place and Halloween parties go on for the whole weekend, right through the day. But the greatest part of it, 13 year olds hang out with young adults and college kids that all drive very fancy cars, without seemingly having any other friends of her own age there. I am sure those college kids were just thrilled that there were such young jailbait hanging around their party.

606 (47)

  • In Hawaii a 13-year-old teenage girl can, without her parents help and money, get an amazing make-up job and costume for a party – one that will last and keep perfect right though a night of Halloween horror and the wrath of her father.
  • Apparently Oahu is a lot bigger than I though. It takes a lot longer than an hour to drive from Honolulu to the North Shore. And pick-up services take the whole night to get you and your broken down car back from there as well.
  • Modern day fairy wings can keep their shape through a whole night of sitting on them and you CAN actually sit on them in a car. Where were those, when I was a kid?
  • In Hawaii a startled cats running through a room, sounds just like one whose tail has been stepped on.


Kono has come a long way since Season 1. I can still remember her surprise and wondrous admiration for Steve, for silently killing the guy behind her with a knife, in his house in Epi 109. Now she shows her skills with the knife as well – not something we often see on the show.


But before we forget ….. this is actually about Steve’s story.

The most honest and real moment I have seen in a long time on the show – Steve taking time to thank Max for his efforts in the case and giving him some words of wisdom on reality about his mom. Perfectly done by Alex and Masi, with no overly dramatic artificial acting. A very real, respectful and honest connection between two colleagues and friends. Just beautiful!

Steve feeling weird at intruding on Max’s private moment, while looking through his mother’s file. Turning around and knocking first. So subtle, but superbly done ……

606 (81)

And while watching it, that whole scene was screaming at me that they need to put Steve and Doris together again and have them hash this out – not in a few minutes but over enough time and with a great script. You can see how Steve is carrying his love, but also heartache for her, with him, in those few words he said to Max. In my opinion Steve (and Alex) deserves for it to play out honestly, but spectacularly. If they can do that properly, for me the show will then excel beyond my greatest expectations ….

606 (10)

And that was Steve’s Halloween story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:06

Na Pilikua Nui (Monsters)

To be continued …….


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