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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (25 – 31 October2015)

Hope those of you who celebrate it, enjoyed a

These past two weeks have been worse than the 3 month H5-0 filming hiatus for me. During hiatus we know not to really expect any regular news or any new sightings of Alex. However during filming season, we at least get some glimpses of our man every now and then. But since the picture of Alex and Malia shopping in LA 2 weeks ago, we have had no fresh news of him or any new pictures at all. *cry*

With the lack of new pictures, we will try to entertain you with some old ones …….

Life on the Set:

  • Young Alex on the set of Oyster Farmer in 2003  – 12 years ago.
Jim, Anna & Alex

Jim Norton (Mumbles), Anna Reeves (Director) and Alex

Fan photos:

June 2012

Alex and some fangirls in June 2012

News for the week:

This is actually news for every week.

  • I often see people ask where they can get quality screencaps of the episodes. Of course we post a selected variety of edited screencaps every week in our post of Steve’s story, but you can also find some more caps here on Silvia’s flickr:

Click here>> to check ‘s screencaps from Halloween’s epi 606

Silvia screencaps

  • Of course we do a post of Steve’s story every week as a small summary with lots of pretty pictures of each week’s episode, but some other fans write their own full recaps or reviews of the episodes. Here are a few of the ones that you can read each week: (As I do not read it before I post my own story, I have no personal opinion of any of the latest reviews yet. It is always interesting to see the story through someone elses eyes and diverse views can sometimes be good. Although we do not always agree with all the views, it is interesting to read and see the comments on it as well 🙂 )
  1. Mr Mike: Here
  2. Wendie Burbridge on ‘Honolulu Pulse’: Here
  3. Linda Stein on ‘Hawaii Five-0 Kool-aid’: Here
  4. Manu on ‘Hawaii Escape‘: Here
  5. Sam’s on ‘Mostly Five-0‘: Here

Please let me know if you think there are any other weekly reviews that are worthwhile reading

Alex at Events:

Whiteout Premiere

Tom Skerritt, Gabriel Macht, Kate Beckinsale, Alex, Susan Downey & Joel Silver

Something Pretty from other fans:

  •  During this week I saw somebody else cut our signature and post this pretty creation, which Paula made a few weeks ago, so I thought to post it here as well. :wink2:

Steve 601


Some fandom laughs for the week:

Combine with: My Pet Peeve

  • People who post general pictures of Alex we all have seen and posted many many times before – but then label it with their own BIG signature right across the whole pictures. And then people think it is awesome. I do not understand the concept of it https://i0.wp.com/www.myemoticons.com/emoticons/images/msn/moods/question.gif

The words of a fangirl:


How is so HOT w/out even trying?! 605


Alex & Friends:

Alex & Grace on set


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

(How they landed with us, remains a mystery Confused smiley 83 )

  • cat themed aloha shirt

Aloha Kitty

  • alex o’loughlin porn star
  • mcgarrett williams married getting married gif


Next Week:

  • It looks like they took a lot longer than the normal 8 days to shoot Episode 611 and they only finished shooting it last  Monday. (Thank you to   for some initial info on the matter  – unfortunately I am not part if the group of fans who are apparently privy to something called  the “sides” of the episodes and I only go on concrete information that I can see on social media). That means they only started filming 612 on Tuesday and will therefore continue filming it during this next week as well.






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