The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 123

We continue our story from here

605 (39)

Before I start I just have to mention that I think the cast of Hawaii Five-0 must be the most beautiful ensemble cast on TV these days. Just saying ….


All I really have to say about Steve’ s story for today. He gets mysterious phone calls from a satellite phone somewhere in the world. It could be Cath, Doris, Joe or just about anybody or just me stalking calling him. Who knows? Will we get answers of who and why calls without speaking? And how long will it be before we do? Let’s just hope that this is building up to something really interesting and that it is not just much to do about nothing yet again ……

605 (41)

Serious warning – if you think having some fun with the flaws of this show or criticising the show in any way, is sacrilege or means that one is negative or hates the show – please don’t ruin you day by reading any further. As much as I love this show because Alex is in it and have been following it religiously for all these years, and have watch most episode more than any other TV show ever before, I realise we can’t really take it too seriously, can we? So, if you are prepared to have some fun with it, feel free to read on – it is number 123 after all.

Random thinking about past episodes after I watched this one ……

Episode 4:17, that was 35 episodes, of the 123 episodes, ago – A teenage girl got her boyfriend to kill her father because she wanted his life insurance money. After a car chase and Steve screaming at the HPD not to shoot is request was ignored and that young man got shot and killed by HPD without any repercussions. Now we are on Episode 6:05 and a teenage girl gets her boyfriend to kill her cheating father. After HPD once again do not adhere to Steve’s request, a car chase start and the young man is killed in an accident as a result of it. Just saying….. sounds somewhat familiar?

And in Episode 1:22 a young woman sets her photographer father’s caravan on fire with him inside to burn to death, just because she thought he did not want to acknowledge her existence. What would you say, 3 episodes of father-killing girls in 123 episode? Does that mean young women have serious daddy issues and are so easily driven to murder for not any good and real life threatening, abusing, ‘killable’ reason? Yikes. Just saying …..

Although I enjoyed this episode for the entertainment I got from it as usual and take it for what it is (a procedural, definitely ‘not real’ – cop show). And for all the great stunts and action and Ohana feelings, I did have some (okay, maybe a lot more than normal) nit-picking questions. Maybe it is just me and my PMS or old age? Luckily for me (and you) Koala Smartass is always around to make me feel better.


  • Just because the sun looked a bit high to me for 6:17 am, I just had to google it – “What time is sunrise in Honolulu  this time of year? (to be exact I asked for 13 October, because that is what we got according to the deposition record) And the answer from Google – 6:26 am. Oops – it seems a bit light for 10 minutes before sunrise then?

Early morning jog

Koala Smartass: But that is exactly why they had to give us the time on the screen, otherwise we would have guessed it totally wrong. We would have thought it might be a lunchtime jog or even an afternoon run for the team after work.

  • The motorbike stunt guy randomly shoots into a room where there are a number of “innocent” people. Would shooting somebody else other than the one (the father) they wanted to shoot, just have been collateral damage to these two young people, so bend on revenge? Did they even think or care about it? ANd he keeps aiming his gun downwards as well?

Koala Smartass: When you are so focused on who you want to kill, you will only hit them and none of the other stunt people. How can you ask such silly questions?

605 (45)

  • No sure about it, but do all highrises have bulletproof windows? None of the window at the back of the room got hit or show signs of damage?

Koala Smartass: The bullets from this gun must have been stopped in their tracks as soon as they hit the first glass and then dropped to the floor. Or maybe the glass are bullet proof and maybe all windows in highrises are bulletproof? Anybody knows?

  • The auditors find money missing – but they never found the alias guy or the money that was paid to him? How can it be missing then if they do not think he was fake and collected ($150000 x 4 years =) $600 000 of the $800 000 that went missing? And why is Five-0 better than auditors to pick that up? And why did he not just give himself as consultant a raise and not take the money in other ways that could be picked up by the auditors?

Koala Smartass: I guess even with money matters Five-0 is better than anybody else (even highly and specifically  trained and paid auditors 🙂 )

  • Did I understand correctly? Is Chin’s new bike an electrical one? Cool?

Koala Smartass: Not sure at all if it is cool or not. I think the debate is still out in the matter of, if electrical vehicles are really as green as it claims to be.

  • A young 21-year-old criminal, arrested for multiple armed robberies and assault, is walking around free in Hawaii – do they really just arrest people for that and let them go again, or keep them in jail for just a short while for such “petty” crimes?

605 (17)

Koala Smartass: Well either that, or he really started very young and has been in and our of jail a couple of time. Also maybe no proverbial 3rd strike for him I guess?

  • How is it that Five-0 these days get some trivial cases, while HPD is left struggling to hunt down some hijackers gangs on their own? 🙂

605 (19)

Koala Smartass: Well in the end they did take over the case and caught the guys. All’s well that ends well, right? 🙂

  • Why is Kono working alone while all the men are working together?

Koala Smartass: Don’t mess with the work schedules of the actors! That was who was available that day for filming in the blue room (maybe while all the guys were smoking their cigars)  :sun:

605 (20)

  • As much as I was in awe of the stunts in this episode, the fictitious one (the CGI motorbike jump, from building to building), was just too good to be true. If anybody can tell me how a motorbike, without any sort of ramp, can lift and jump over a 2 or maybe 3 ft wall and then across a gab between buildings of similar height and onto that another building, I would be really glad.

Koala Smartass: In the land of TV, anything is possible?

  • How can a women who saw her husband brutally shot and killed in front of her be so calm and collected and without any visible signs of mourning or shock the very next day after her husband’s death? Just hanging around her house as if nothing happened and no signs of crying even on her face?

Koala Smartass: She must have some great (calming) meds in her stash? (Or maybe she was also glad he got killed?  eek Oops)

  • Kono and Lou knocks on the door and we hear  this small baby cry and next thing we see a baby in a picture who sits on her mom’s shoulders without any support and  looks at least nearly 8 months to even a year old?

Koala Smartass: That is an easy one – the editing sound machine only have one cry. Babies all cry the same way at all ages, don’t they? (Wow, you are really taking this nitpicking a bit far ……. crazy )

605 (25)

  • So you want to protect your mother from finding the truth about a cheating husband and father, by killing your father in cold blood? In what universe is that ‘protecting’ your mother?

Koala Smartass: Don’t confuse us all now – Steve said it. It must be true.

  • Where I come from people usually check in for their flights around an hour before their plane leaves? They do not still run around somewhere far away on motorbikes, trying to get to the airport.

Koala Smartass: But surely in Hawaii, you just get on the plane – no need to check in on time ……. *dontknow*

  • Amazingly the team are all still dressed in the clothes they wore the previous day? I guess they never slept the whole night, or took a bath, or changed clothes? And they all look as fresh as daisies and not dirty or tired at all after 2 days non-stop on the job?

Koala Smartass: But we already covered this one before – they are superheroes!

605 (54)

  • These two kids meticulously planned the father’s assassination – but it looks like they never really thought beyond it. No real solid plans of what next after they kill him?

Koala Smartass: Reminds me a bit of a little doggie running after a car, but not knowing what to do once it caught up with it? Heh – Let’s rather look at pretty pictures of Steve.

  • The two kids on the bike crash and fly over and through the car in an amazing stunt (and it really was good) – We see someone there when he passes through the car, but from the other angle there is nobody really visible behind the wheel of the SUV anymore? And also not really showing any assistance to the injured young people as Steve and Danny arrive?

Koala Smartass: Don’t spoil the drama. I think I see a hand on the wheel – there must be a driver.

  • And this girl just flew though the air from a motor cycle – anybody ever hear of keeping her still and making sure her neck is not broken? (btw, lucky that there was nobody in the backseat of that SUV )

Koala Smartass: Nah, I doubt if either Steve or Danny ever got that type or emergency medical training as part of their careers. Sad smiley 141  #sarcasm

  • Before the accident it was bright daylight and suddenly when the Camaro and the police cars drives up to the accident scene, the light is failing and the street lights and everybody’s car lights are on? Did it take that long for Steve to drive there?

Koala Smartass: Indifferent smiley 23

  • This woman is talking about her dead husband and her murderer daughter (and it is broad daylight outside again), and she still does not seem to be mourning (or thinking to be with her injured daughter in hospital), but rather looks like she is about ready to jump Steve’s bones or at least seduce him (They are both single now after all 😛 ).

Steve & widow

Koala Smartass: Who can blame her? It is Steve after all and at least she is getting the fact that this man’s irresistibly gorgeousness – not like others who seems to be oblivious of his beauty.

  • And widow number 2 walks in – also with no signs of serious mourning or shock? Did they even tell her her husband is dead?

Koala Smartass: What can I say? The ‘Housewives of Hawaii’ really must be stocking some seriously great shit pills in their medicine cabinets.

  • How many more times will we hear Chin saying, “We will find Gabriel, trust me.“?

Koala Smartass: If the Wofat storyline was any indiction – about another 4 seasons or so

  • I have never really noticed any microphones or equipment that reminds me that this is not real and only a TV show – but this time around it was just too visible! And the camera angle did not really help.

Koala Smartass: Nit picking too much again are you? Sad smiley 141

  • I wish they will stop writing dialogue for Danny that lets him sound like an old man in need of a diaper change!

Koala Smartass: Confused smiley 83

  • WTF is up with this stupid dialogue with the carguments? Danny: ” Why ask me questions if I don’t know the answers?” Danny it is called working the case! I seems as if these two just met one another today and that they have not been working together on cases for 5 years – REALLY. And the same with the lame comments about hating Steve’s driving and hating his face while he is driving? Are they teenagers? Rolleye smiley 11 Who is writing this lame dialogue for Danny? Please, please can they stop. :please: And while you are at it, can someone from wardrobe please burn those training shorts of Danny as well.

Koala Smartass: :nowhy:

(I see nipple p0rn)

  • And I guess our SEAL’s secret weapon was the goggles he must have worn in the mud? 🙂


605 (11)

Koala Smartass: Have you seen this guys eyelashes – they are gorgeous and long and it must have been them making those nice round circles around his eyes when he closed his eyes in the mud.  :flirty:   And I guess, Kono must have a very long tongue as well. (Psst – Koala ships McKono)

605 (3)

Lastly, I want to address the matter of the ‘weakest link‘. I saw some chatter about it on twitter and from it I guessed that the real review writers must have had some opinions about it. Well, here is my 2 cents as well ……

Yes, of course Danny was the weakest link among the 4 of them, because:

  1. I am not sure how long ago, but in his own words it sounds like it was not too long ago that he donated the bone morrow.
  2. He is not a regular runner from what we can gather from last year when Steve took Grace for training.
  3. He got an ACL repair operation about 5 years ago (just as Kono also did, maybe hers a little longer ago – but I guess her regular surfing made her recovery better.)
  4. And his ideas about training and no warm-ups are most probably directly responsable for his knee injury again – as we see him get injured somewhere during the race. And people who do not take care, are at risk and can be seen as weak links. (I learned that lesson many years ago, when not warming up properly before a game and tearing the ligaments in my ankle and having to walk with a cast for a number weeks and struggling with it for many years after that)


That being said, Danny was 100% correct in saying he needs his head examined  for doing the Tough Mudder race. Why?

  1. Although donating  bone morrow is relatively harmless and without real danger, your body needs to recover. And your immune system is under pressure for a while depending on your own body’s recovering rate and your age and health. Exerting yourself and crawling around in unhygienic mud, might not be the wisest choice for anybody, much less with an immune system under pressure and especially somebody who does not train regularly.


My thoughts ….

  1. I think the Ohana team building exercise with this race can be a great idea (and you can see they had lots of fun) – just done at the wrong time for Danny.
  2. Steve is 100% irresponsible for risking Danny’s health and for playing on Danny’s feelings about charity and the good they are doing.
  3. Rather than bully Danny, the team could have shown a little but more gratitude and be supportive towards him for doing it and be  a lot less harsh and insulting with their comments (especially Kono)
  4. And kudos to Scott for being game enough to be the only one crawling through the mud during the training scene.



Some great things about the episode though – Steve’s training moves, Steve’s (shower)hair, Steve’s faces, Steve’s body, Steve’s bum body covered in mud … and I also got a good laugh at Max’s outfits, and warm fuzzy feelings from Lou’s speech (or maybe those feelings came from seeing Chin’ cute butt doing stretches during the speech). 😀

And that was Steve’s story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:05

Ka ‘alapahi nui (Big Lie)


To be continued …….




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12 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 123

  1. Adrienne

    Once again I agree with your pov about the episode. One of the H50 writers posted on twitter that the Danny line about asking questions and not having the answers was a Scott ad lib. I am always intrigued by ad libs and I wish we fans would know more often which lines were not on the written page. I have to say I found the goggle outline on Steve to be so distracting. Seriously it is far from important but it bothered me. I also guessed the double life/family way sooner than the 50 team and was hoping it was something other than that. I didn’t get killing all those innocent people but like you said it’s TV so it’s no big deal. I thought going through the SUV was the best stunt and thank you for pointing out about no driver. Sometimes I have to watch multiple times to pick up on what you’ve pointed out. I too hope the mysterious phone call adds up to a great story line and of course, being a McRoll fan, you know who I want it to be. Thanks again for another entertaining synopsis.


    • Thanks Adrienne
      Yes, let’s hope they are really working on a great story for McRoll, maybe even including Doris and even Joe.
      Just one fact – as far as I could hear the only victim of the shooting was that father – he did not kill anbody else as far as I could hear. That is my point – he shot randomly but missed everybody.


    • You were not the only one seriously bothered By that clean wiped mud, around Steve´s eye. It almost ruined the fun for me 😉 Even told Foyeur why wasn´t anyone else pointing it out.
      I don´t spot half the stuff Foyeur does…eagle eyed partner 😀


  2. Oh, Sistah, you NAILED it. Haven’t read a better review, sorry Steve’s story, so far. Loved it.


    • Thanks – but there must be some better reviews out there. Just read yours quickly and I once again saw many of the same issues there and so many new ones that I totally missed out on. Always good to see it through your eyes as well. 🙂


      • vanduyn

        I actually noticed also. How hard would it be to just add a bit of mud around his eyes? Just as filming him with his wedding ring on?? And this Danny stuff is really getting mean. If know Steve gives as good as he gets sometimes but I must admit Danno seems to really be sticking it to Steve at times 😦


  3. gracenotpark

    Heh! Both y’all and Mostly do great reviews/summations/pics extravaganzas of the episodes. 😆 And y’all all pay way more attention to detail than I do. But I gotta tell ya, Koala Smartass is running neck and neck with y’all humans. She may get offered her own spin-off blog if y’all ain’t careful! Watch your backs. 😉 😆


  4. I love Koala Smartass! I must admit I don’t pay as much attention to the details.


  5. Karen

    I just love reading Koala Smartass remarks to your question regarding parts of the show. They make me smile 🙂 . I also love your insights about each episode, they are quite entertaining. Thank you.


  6. Leah

    I, too, wondered why practically everyone else in that room wasn’t also dead after the shooter sprayed THAT many bullets? And also picked up on the similar daughter responsible for fathers’ murder plots. Hmm. BUT, most importantly, I also noticed that nipple porn! 😛
    Lastly, I just love how you ladies manage to coordinate the perfect stills of facial expressions from the epi along with the comments from FOYeur and Koala Smartass! 😀


  7. Know a lot of people are not Danny fans. I am one of the rare. Sure he is a whiner and sure he can really say nasty stuff to Steve. Even though that they both are like Ying and Yang.
    But still the Five 0 team could had been nicer about him and encouraging him rather than putting him down. He just came off a marrow transplant.
    Despite that, he would not had missed this for the world and would not had want to let his team down. He is a team player give him that. He went out of his way over that.
    Steve however at least he doesn’t or never has endangered the public. I will also give him that. But keep driving like that Steve, you will get yourself or Danny or anybody that rides with you killed.
    One thing is Steve despite being a great team leader. He is however at times, not a team player. There is a difference. As times he likes to give orders not take them way too much. Or likes to be challenged like Lou did at SWAT. Sure he is suppose to do that.
    But at the challenge, he gave way to Lou.
    If Danny wants to drive his car, then Danny man up and take your car back rather than just joking about it. Put your foot down and if you were serious, then at least Steve would know it.
    It is just Steve has control issues that I have the big beef with him.
    The stunts were great and Chin is taking a huge lead. Wished that there could be more him and Steve. Chin is cool, calm, and level headed of the five Five 0 leaders.
    Chin now is my all time favorite on the show.
    I put Lou whom I am giving to love each and every single day and minute, a close second.
    Story line was weak however! I give it 7/10!


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