#H50 6.05 – #SteveMcGarrett Showered

To start off, what a lame plot, we´ve already seen the same story before. I didn´t buy the daughter´s motivation at all. Anyway, my post is about the yummy McG and not silly COTW 😀
Work is getting in the way of this fun so had to skip a lot of stuff again, for this post. But I think there´s plenty to enjoy still 😀

The training



Squeaky clean



The COTW (did I miss something 😉 )

Adorable face





Could he be any more handsome, while being funny 🙂




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29 responses to “#H50 6.05 – #SteveMcGarrett Showered

  1. gracenotpark

    No, no he could not. How could anyone be more handsome or adorable than Alex was in that ep?

    And I didn’t mind the COTW cos it had all dem bikers and their super tricks, Also I actually know someone who had that double-family secret life. I helped bust him, the wanker! 😆


  2. Adrienne

    For me the towel scene made the episode. It doesn’t get any better than that. Being a McRoll fan, I found the phone call intriguing but am tempering any hope because I don’t want to get on the merry go round again. I loved the camaraderie of the team with the race and it was a plus that there wasn’t Jerry shtick to deal with. I thought the stunts were awesome and that car crash was scary to watch. As for the case of the week, I figured out that he was leading a double life as soon as Chin said there was money transferred to a guy that didn’t seem to exist. Maybe I watch too much TV but I’ve seen it so many times before that I just knew that was the twist. Like I’ve said before I prefer seeing Alex doing more character stuff that can show his superb acting skills. The case of the week just doesn’t give him the opportunity to do that. Although him leaning against the wall in the police station was very enjoyable. I will never tire of seeing him on my TV screen!!


  3. What’s wrong with me? I even liked the open black shirt showing his abs gif more than the shirtless pic? Do I need help? 😉 And the last one, dammit Lou, is hilarious!
    Wished we were ‘allowed’ to see Steve jumping on this wooden barrier thingie and pulling his whole team up…


    • Vixhen

      No you don’t need help at all! LOL. I love it even more when he turns around and goes back into the bathroom!


    • Kath40

      You are not wrong IeiCa My eyes and tongue fell out of my head even more when he put on the shirt. It framed those abs like a work of art. 😛

      Thank you for the gifs Paula ((HUGS)) and yes [collar up just added to his hotness level] and mine too. WHEW I need a cold drink.

      I agree with Gracenotpark about the COTW it was ok, but it was more fun to watch all the “Off the Chain” bike tricks. That front wheel wheelie slide with TWO riders was SICK! Kudos to the stunt team!!!


    • Leah

      TOTALLY AGREE! The towel alone was bad enough …. but when he put on that black shirt with that POPPED collar ! ! ! 😛 TOO BAD he had that towel wrapped so securely! DAMN IT! 😀


  4. Vixhen

    Yeah while the plot wasn’t original by any stretch of the imagination, those stunts where off the chain! For a weekly tv show…they were expertly done. Color me impressed. However, the pièce de résistance was McG in that towel. Holy hell’s bells the entire cast could have started reciting their ABC’s for the rest of the show, and wouldn’t have cared one bit. I was intrigued by the phone call, though. Was it Doris? Was it Cath? Maybe it was Wo Fat who isn’t really dead and just wanted to taunt Steve. Oh we should be so lucky. I still say getting rid of Steve’s arch nemesis was one of the BIGGEST mistakes ever. While the story lines thus far have been less than wow, all the McG hotness makes up for that.


  5. Not going into detail about some of the not so surprising parts of the ep, but I truly enjoyed it.
    Of course, might be because of McG. What a surprise. LOL

    L.O.V.E. your gifs. Thank you!


  6. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs!! Thanks Paula♥


  7. alexsluvjan

    Lets just say i wasnt impressed with plot either but OMFG when
    “SEXY Steve came out of that bathroom in nothin but a towel..well got me all tingly inside hehehehehe =P
    Thanks for all these scrumptious gifs ❤


  8. buttercup4u

    Those abs, omg, who cares about who’s on the other end of the phone 😉


  9. buttercup4u

    Btw what’s this with his wonderfully tanned body?
    Has he finally “arrived” in Hawaii and anjusted with the tan!
    Or is it the make-up dep using brown dust to make his tatts invisible? Where’s the cheetoh dust ;-)!


    • Kath40

      His wonderfully “Tan” body is for real Buttercup4u. Ya just got to check him out in person…the man is TAN and lovin’ the Hawaiian Life. ♥
      The “Cheetoh” dust is no longer a worry cause “Tan” a much easier pallet to match 😉


  10. Glad I was alone when watching him come out of the bathroom in that towel!! Who needs a story line when he looks like sex on legs the entire episode! I may be the first McPerv to mention how much I enjoyed the muddy pants and how they left little to the imagination. “Little” not being the descriptive word for what we were delighted with. 😈 Maybe you can get some close ups for us Paula? 👅 And those legs and those arms and those abs and the sweaty shirt and goofy smile and pink beast..*gasping for air*..I think I will lie down and watch it again.


  11. So much to look at in this eppy!! Yes, the COTW was not the most original, figured out the daughter was involved fairly early and the 2nd family too. The stunts were amazing!! That crash was so well done, it looked so real and the camera work was spectacular!! Kudos for those. But McG was in his glory in this one… the towel, the collar adjustment got me good! Lots of wetness to ogle. My fave McG moment was def the ‘lean’… OMFG!! I loved how they showed the Mudder, the stills interspersed with live shots was very, very well done!! Great editing job all around on this eppy. THX for these fabulous gifs.


    • joyfuljaj

      Shirt towel combo was the best indeed…. and oh, that lean. Why does McG propped against the wall so”squee” inspiring?


  12. A thousand thanks for the great Gif`s again. So I can always participate in the 6th season. We hang out here in Germany at the 5th Season ❤


  13. joanie

    Mm, mm, that towel scene! Who cares about the COTW? Thanks for the gifs, Paula! You memorialized the best parts and I can come back and contemplate whenever I want.


  14. Paula as usual you got the money shot 😉


  15. Paula, Paula Paula!!!Thank you . Thank you. Thank you!!!
    Your Gifs and pictures were as fabulous as the stunt work in this episode
    My re VIEW


  16. I miss Catherine. I am not going to life. Hate what she did to him. But still, he is human meaning Steve when both are together.
    Poor Danny as really he has to endure Steve driving like a maniac. Least Steve never has endangered the public. You have to give him credit.


  17. lindae5o

    Who even needs a COTW, when we have all that Steve hotness to gaze at. Just out of the shower, in only a towel, was mind-blowing. THAT MAN IS FIT !!! Ahem, I don’t need to say where my eyes were, when Steve, Danny and Chin were doing their five-legged race.
    I enjoyed the rest of the episode well enough too, and did not see the double-life detail coming.


  18. reginafilange2004

    And then she burst into flames. His hotness knows no bounds. I think my eyes popped out of my head and my mouth fell open. Who care about the cotw when you have hottie McG walking around in nothing but a towel. got to stop thinking about it because it’s getting to hot in here.😍😜😉💋🔥🔥

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  19. Well wonder how the audience is going to accept the Sarah Carter character? As please keep an open mind about her. We all want Steve to be happy. But hope she can treat him right. But still miss Catherine, one of the few.



    Aí que saudade dessa série. Meu sonho é conhecer toda a equipe!


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