Gif for the day – Happy Steve

Taking a break today. With Steve 🙂




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11 responses to “Gif for the day – Happy Steve

  1. ReginaFilange2004

    Thank you! He always looks so good in a tux…or anything for that matter. 😍😜😛


  2. Ah, Aunt Deb’s wedding. He was happy with a bit of sadness deep down inside. So well done (now and then 😉 ).
    Thanks Paula, his expressive face is mesmerizing!

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  3. Maxisilverhammer

    Love and Blessing, Sue

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  4. Colleen

    So beautiful! I could watch this all day

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  5. Thanks for the Gorgeousness Paula

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  6. Kath40

    Thank you Paula. ♥ Love happy Steve with a little bounce as he sits down. ♥ Hee. 😀

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  7. Karen

    Oh look at his smile there. Sexy!!

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  8. Leah

    OH MY! How can one man be so adorable?! LOVELY, Paula, simply lovely!!

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