They say ……. #AlexOLoughlin is Romantic

“He’s romantic, he has humor and he’s great with action.

His work comes from a very deep place.”

Ron Koslow,

Co-creator of “Moonlight”,

in Starlog Magazine,

November 2007

MICK profile dl wp



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8 responses to “They say ……. #AlexOLoughlin is Romantic

  1. That’s a great compliment from a peer. So well deserved.


  2. That’s one bite that wants you wanting more


  3. Manu

    I’m happier every time I read what his colleagues and people that meet him say about Alex 🙂


  4. gracenotpark

    Love the quote. I hope all the producers and directors and fellow actors he’s bewitched over the years remember him when Show ends and offer him some new awesome thing. Or I’ll have withdrawal pains.,, 😯


    • ReginaFilange2004

      Me too!


    • Kath40

      Your lips to Gods ears Grace. I don’t think I can go through much of a dry spell after H5-0 ends without feasting on some new Alex performances. He’s just so good at what he does it would be a sin if someone doesn’t scoop him up to launch their next new project. ♥


      • ReginaFilange2004

        I couldn’t agree more. I just started watching 5-0 this year. I Binge watched the first 4 seasons that were on Netflix just after season 5 finished. I was going through withdrawals and was desperate to find out what happened in season five, so I bought it on VUDU and watched it in 3 days. In all the first time I watched the series though it took me 18 days. After that was done I went o my merry way only to decide to rewatch it all again before season 6 started. I know I’m crazy but…What can I say the man is a god. He’s a great find. I don’t want to think about 5-0 ending because he looks so damn good in the thigh holsters, Kevlar, board shorts etc. so I’m just living week to week now. Was sad about Steve/Catholic, but kind of excited to see what the future holds for his character, and the show in general for that matter. Anyway I’m rambling now. Love the blog. Keep up the good work.


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