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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 122 (A man without a horse?)

We continue our story from here

I found the episode very entertaining and think it has been the best of Season 6 thus far. But today my thoughts are very random, fractured and short.

I hope you at least enjoy the feast of pretty that Steve and Paula provided us with …… :heart2:



First of all I am surprised that the show actually shows us that Steve feels sad about anything that happened to him previously …. He is human after all. :iminlove:

I guess contrary to what many have been speculating this week, Steve never found the SUV strange and he sees nothing sinister about the way Cath left? He is just sad to see that she is gone, and he believes that she left because she wants something else, more than she wants him.

On twitter I have seen a few comments about the 2 toothbrushes that were shown while we see Steve’s loneliness and his pain. Maybe Cath was just forgetful and left it there by mistake, but I kind of feel she most probably never thought he would say he can’t wait and she thought that she would be welcomed back.

But I think in his mind he closed that chapter and is ready to move on – If not so, he would not look so giddy at the thought of ‘getting back on the horse’ again, as he did give us a glimpse of that feeling with his actions ……. 😛

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In my opinion there are 4 reasons why people do not like Cath, or the Cath/Steve relationship.

  1. They don’t like the actress and they struggle to differentiate between a character and the person who plays it.
  2. They want Steve in another relationship with somebody on the team and they think Cath is in the way of that – mainly McDanno shippers and to a lesser extend McKono shippers.
  3. Some fans can’t handle it to see any character of Alex in a relationship with any woman.
  4. All of the above.

(And you just have to look at the #H50 tag on twitter again today, to see how rude, crude and disrespectful of the actual show and more so the actors (especially Alex and Scott), these so-called fans actually are. 😥 )

In my opinion the character of Cath was done in by circumstance, bad choices, gross mistakes and sadly, too much fan interference in the show. And I am sad to see how something that could have been great, has lost its value. But …….

It is also my opinion that the writers wanted to bring some closure to the character of Cath and for Steve in his own mind about him and Cath. All this in order for him to move on in his personal life without looking like an asshole. For that reason I want to support that, because I want to see the show as pleasurable for myself to watch as possible. And witnessing his body language I think Alex Steve, is also ready to move on. And I want to support that. If they can create a good new female character in Steve’s life, that allows him to grow on a personal level , I am all for it.

Why? Because it gives Alex something more and better to work with. I love playful, amorous Steve and can’t wait to see Alex do it! If there is one person who needs some strong female goodness (and less testosterone filled snarkiness) in his life, it is Steve……..

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I think Steve looks so intensely vulnerable in these last scenes at the bar. Even more so, than waking up alone in his bed. For once the “gathering” at the end of the episode showed some deeper meaning again. The team was there to support their hurting leader. He has been there for them on sooooo many occasions to pick up the pieces and to fix the “broken toys”, and now he needs their company.

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My opinion on the whole Kono/Adam/Gabriel/Yakuza storyline. – If you have to try so hard to make a story out of something, maybe it really is not that good a story to begin with …………. or run with for such a long time.


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My usual random questions ……


  • Okay, so it looks like everybody in Hawaii is getting killed by accident these days. Last week an accidental shooting and this week an accidental hunting accident?

Koala Smartass: All I can say is, make sure your estate is in order and your insurance is in place, if you ever travel to Hawaii. 🙂

  • Wonder what happened to Grover’s, “I don’t ride shotgun”?

Koala Smartass: Everybody can resist Steve for just that long, and then they all cave – even Grover. 😛

  • So a man with a black bag over his head and 4 suspicious guys escorting him, can just walk around in medical buildings in Hawaii, and it is normal?

Koala Smartass: As I said earlier – make sure your affairs are in order when you travel that way. 🙂

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I do not watch ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ and know nothing about US football, therefor Jerry Rice could have just as well be ‘the man on the moon’ for me and it would still not mean anything.

Do you think including sport stars in the show does anything for promoting it?

And that was Steve’s story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:04

Ka papahana holo pono
“Best Laid Plans”


To be continued …….



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