#H50 6.04 – #SteveMcGarrett back to business

I am sad for Steve 😦 but thankful they gave us a glimpse of his lonely morning, and grateful we didn´t see it get interrupted by his usual phone call…Poor McG…Wish we could be there to make him feel better. In the bed.

Lonely bed McG




Back to normal

Perfect face



Spoiler warning


Grumpy McG with almost oopsie



Feeling better already


He should have showed us his abs for better comparison


Danny will heel so much faster seeing what he is missing out on


I missed this “back on the horse” strut, and since I was requested to make the gif, here it is 🙂




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17 responses to “#H50 6.04 – #SteveMcGarrett back to business

  1. gracenotpark

    They should sell the caricatures in their “gift shop”.


  2. Karen

    Felt so sad for Steve at the beginning of the show. Just wanted to give a hug and tell him that everything would be OK. Enjoyed the show.


  3. Love the gifs. Thank you.
    That caricature of his doesn’t look like him at all. The others are great… his, not so much.


  4. Rita

    Not been here for a long time. Sad for Steve but he needs to move on. Enjoyed the episode. Kept me guessing.

    Must say Alex is looking great this season. Love pic 4 and especially 5


  5. It was an enjoyable episode, really liked Willie Garson in it.
    I’m glad we got to see the vulnerable side of Steve and the Ohana being there for him.


  6. I agree I was glad the writer’s touched on it even without words but it did show he was vulnerable and (later) he knows he’s able to move on. I also liked that they did “cover” Danny’s absence as his transplant. Hopefully they will carry through this season being consistent in the writing.

    I thought that it was nice of Grover to offer to get Steve drunk but at the end we see them altogether.


  7. Loved the episode and loving the season so far because of the stories. Finally after 5 seasons we get character stories that build each week. Glad to see the emotion of the break up and wow about Adam, this could get very interesting….


  8. Kath40

    MostlyFive0 and buttercup4u I feel ya on the McG “caricature” it dosent quite work. It’s hard enough to capture his perfection with a camera let alone try to draw a goffy representation without being over goffy. But it’s still fun not sure I’d guess who it was out on the street (Rambo?) 😆

    Love the gifs Paula I’m mesmerized by #5 ♥ Such a beautiful man ♥

    Glad they addressed Steve’s loneliness and didn’t gloss over it.
    [ grateful we didn´t see it get interrupted by his usual phone call ]
    Me too.


  9. Steve/Alex keeps getting sexier as the season goes on! I liked the episode. Sad, lonely Steve at the beginning, made me want to hug the stuffing out of him, or should I say, “hug the pants off him” 👅 Evidently he was so sad he slept in his shirt and pants. *boo*
    I liked that Lou invited him out for drinks in Danny’s absence. (get used to it Danno fans) *ducks*
    Visage13, I think it would have been nice to at least had Steve and Danny on a phone call together, but it is Scott’s choice to not be available for all the episodes, as FOYeur has mentioned so many times. I am a McDanno fan, but I am a McG fan first and as long as Steve is in most of the scenes, I will be happy.
    Love all the pretty you captured, Paula! Can I make a request? Can we get a gif or a cap of Steve’s grin after he mentions “getting back on the horse” ? Unf!! Saddle up baby!!
    “Hero Steve” gives the best hugs to damsels in distress. *sigh* Not that I want to get thrown in a hole and held for ransom in order to get one of his SuperSEAL hugs, but if he’d like to duct tape my hands…oh sorry…my fantasy got away with me. 😈

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    • Somehow I managed to skip the back on the horse scene while making gifs, will have a look at it again.


    • I understand about Scott taking time off but a pivotal part of his story is his new son and the transplant so having a scene without that is pretty ridiculous. However, after last season, I have given up on the character and could care less overall. I didn’t even care he wasn’t there last night but since the writers chose that for the “excuse” for him not being there it occurred to me that there should have been at least one scene. That’s all.

      It also occurred to me last night when Steve was running in and out of traffic to get the painting that he was being reckless and i hope they take him down a dark path. I think it would be interesting for the character and for Alex to play it. JMO


  10. Leah

    So glad they allowed Steve to be sad and uninterrupted, as well. Agree on the caricature also – the others were really good but his, not so much. Also glad to see Willie Garson guest starring – Mozzie from White Collar! 🙂 And loved his MOVES on the street while trying to save the painting – ALMOST as good as those hula hoop moves in the department store! 😀


  11. Love Willie Garson .Why doesn’t he have his own show. I love Lou/Steve more than I seem to do Danny/Steve.
    As Lou was nice at least to have Steve drive his truck. It was the least he could do for him.
    His and Steve friendship is not as mean spirited as like Danny and Steve can be. As it is all in good fun.


  12. I don’t know how you do it but you always enhance these pics to make me swoon. Oh my!


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