#H50 5 seasons driving with McGarrett

And Alex got bored 😉 Well, the dvd subtitles claim Alex says “Don´t worry…” but I don´t really hear it that way.


Season 1

111 mcg bw driving 2

Season 2

205 mcg driving bw

Season 3

306 mcg bw driver

Season 4

driving mcg hd

Season 5

514 mcg driving bw

Season 6

602 mcg driving bw dl

Yup. Pretty sure he is bored. Still 😉



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6 responses to “#H50 5 seasons driving with McGarrett

  1. I don’t care if he’s bored. If he looks like that everytime driving this fake car. Eyelashes, PoP and all…
    The S4 pic, his eyes are still blue and in S1 they are brown? Did you do that Paula, or is it just his eyes refusing the b/w? 😉


  2. LOL! He’s too through…heheheee


  3. Remember when in the season 4 opener he drove every car that was not his own including Danny’s Camaro and all of that. Yeah he does have control issues.


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