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They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is an actor’s actor!

Some more fun stuff we found on the old fansite, Alex O’Loughlin Rocks, posted January 2011

Epi 113

@MaryWunschGreer interviewed Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who guest starred as the unnerving Hiro Noshimuri in Episode 1.13.

Here’s an excerpt from her post at The Five-o’s:

On set 113

Question: As you must know, the fans want to hear what it was like to work with Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan and Mark Dacascos!  Got anything you can share with us about them?!

Episode 113


Alex and I really connected as actors.  Alex is like me, we love to bring intensity to the characters we play. 

Alex is a classically trained method actor and is totally focused and committed.

He is an actor’s actor! 

He is also an Aussie, did you know that? A real Aussie alpha male!

Epi 113

Scott is a real street smart guy, has great instincts as an actor – I’ve enjoyed his film work.  We’ve shared the same Venice Beach California experience. I found out we have friends in common!  We are also the sons of celebrities.

Episode 113 a

Mark is a Hawaii local and comes from a very gifted martial arts family. He brings such integrity to his acting! In fact, In fact, at one point we almost co-starred in a martial arts movie. I look forward to that opportunity! 

I can’t wait to have more scenes with him and see how he brings “Wo Fat” to life.

Epi 113 b

My thoughts

Of course we all know that eventually in Season 2,  poor Hiro got hacked up into small pieces by WoFat and then he mailed those pieces to poor Adam.



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