Me and My Ex-boyfriend McGarrett (Okay, Maybe Not!) – December 2010

Another old fan article we found on Alex O’Loughlin Rocks. The article is very entertaining and written by someone with a great sense of humour, and we just had to share it. Unfortunately we could no longer find a link to the original article or the original pictures.
Me and My Ex-boyfriend McGarrett (Okay, Maybe Not!)
3 December 2010
by Honoluu Girl Suz

111 c 1

It’s time, it’s time! For what you say, well let me explain on this eve (or um, day) of Eclipse DVD release.
It all started with a young girl who is on the same cheerleading squad as my daughter and goes to the same elementary school, landing the lead role as Danno’s daughter on Hawaii Five-O. Pretty cool, huh?
Well that got me wondering… To be honest, I didn’t even think about background acting till now, but hey, what the hell. Did I mention I have a severe phobia of “strange people“? Yes, keep that in mind. Most “strange people” become actors. No, really they do. I swear. But we can discuss that later.

111 c 11
In a nutshell, here’s my acting background: I wrote a play in Junior High about babies talking. The school liked my play and produced it. I took a smaller role as one of the mothers. This counts right?
Then in college, I got scammed took classes and found an agent. I did get called, but realized I hated driving. Being already in San Clemente (right above San Diego), Burbank, etc.. was just too damn far. Thus my career ended.
Oh for the love of God, I could care less! But, I did suddenly get the bug to want to act again, or just stand like a plant, whatever… and that’s how I sent in my info into Hawaii Five-O casting. Hey and guess what? They called me.

111 c 8

Now… let me tell you. Background acting sucks. We got called very early on to set only to be carted off in a van to fill out paperwork and have breakfast. “Oh, no time for breakfast, grab your paperwork and head off to wardrobe” (they were very specific about what colors were allowed on set-you couldn’t clash with the main actors). “Oh, now that you have been checked by wardrobe, we need you back on set.” Jesus! Those eggs looked good!! My stomach starts to rumble.
(This is when anxiety sets in because I do not like to mingle with people I don’t know. I’m super shy!! To the point, I might cry. Why do I do odd things by myself? I fucking do not know. But my stomach at this point was really knotted. There was at least 30-40 people there and it seemed like they all knew each other. All I could think at that moment, was fuck you and your stupid cliques. Suck my ass, I have a real job. See, my shyness becomes anger if I feel lonely.)
Thankfully at this point we got ushered into the Kahala Hotel, the location which is supposed to simulate Monday night’s scenes on a cruise ship.

111 c 4

(Interestingly, they shoot the same scenes, over and over again. They shoot from a right and left angle, and from a distant view and close up view. I will say the cool part of the experience was watching how much work and effort from the crews, goes into a few seconds of a shot. I do give them credit for that.)
Really, it was very awesome to work so close with these actors, but the rule on set is that you are not allowed to bring in a camera. But since I’m playing a tourist, I have my purse with me. Guess what’s in my purse? My iPhone!!

111 c 13

Back to my story. I did several scenes where I walked in behind McGarrett, but the most memorable scene that morning was when I sat in a chair in the lobby and Danno runs by me. On one take, his pant leg got caught on the glass on top of the table, and down it spilled, breaking large shards everywhere. Shit, I got nervous that I tripped him. But, the production assistant assured me it was okay and to go back and sit down. I did as she told me to, but this time they creatively used the broken glass as a prop. (If I were a tourist on a cruise ship, why would I be sitting in front of broken glass? Huh? Don’t you think my fat ass would have gotten up and called an attendant?)

111 c 14

Then I did several scenes where I walk down a stair case and McGarrett sprints down after. We did this take several times, but it was here I got to talk to my cutie, Alex O’Loughlin (which many of you love him from his vampire days on Moonlight). Standing already at the top, we were shielded, so the crew couldn’t really see us. As Alex was coming up the stairs, I asked him if I could take his picture. He smiled, and said yes. Ah, that smile… He won me with his smile.

111 c 3
Then Alex laughed and said I was weird for wanting to take a picture of only him. He said most people like to be in the picture and then he pretended that I was standing next to him and held his arm in the air like he was hugging someone. I got really shy at that moment but the lady next to me offered to take the picture and with everything in me, I ran over to Alex.

111 c 12

I have to say, I think Alex loves me and had his eye on me all day. I’m just saying… I think we have something and well, since I’m married, this affair will have to end. Actually it did that day at 4pm when I clocked out, but whatever…
Soooo, after my skin turned back to a normal color, and my temperature stabilized, I took a moment to sit. Dammit, that moment didn’t last because the next thing I know and mind you, it’s lunch by now, they are ready to release all but 10 actors. So the assistant asks, “Who thinks they are a serious actor, raise your hand.” Fuck it, I raised my hand. This one lady looked at me because I had talked to her in the morning and told her about my day job. What? I am a serious actor. At that moment!

111 c 10

Well, I get picked.
Great, now they let everyone go and it takes them a good hour to check and sign timesheets. Argh, still no lunch!! Then the ones that are left, are huddled next to me like I am some beacon of light. A guy comes walking over to me and two of the young girls sitting next to me. “Hey beautiful people, what are the beautiful people doing over here?” In my head I respond, Shut the Fuck Up! Then some other OLD guy comes up and is all, “Hey gals,” (to the two young college girls next to me), “I’ll email you.. blah, blah.” Remember how I said actors are strange and they all know each other… I was stuck in a room with 10 very odd people and without being fed, I was very likely to stab someone in the eye.

111 c 7

Well, needless to say I did some additional scenes where I am running down a hallway just before McGarrett and Danno bust into a room (there is a serial killer loose on the cruise ship) and I probably look retarded, and I’m sure I will be edited out of the entire episode. But if you want to look for me, like I will be doing; check it out this Monday night on CBS.
In the end, I made a whole $90.00, worked nine hours without lunch, and met some very annoying people

111 c 9

But, I also got to see first hand how much work goes into an episode, hang out with a really cool production assistant (by the way, it take them about eight 15 hour days to make one episode), and meet the ever so gorgeous, Alex O’Loughlin. Can I say, he is extremely handsome in person and very nice? He totally talked to the background actors and just has a very laid back demeanor about him. Scott Caan, not so much. He’s very short in real life and does not so much even look at you. Maybe he was staying in character, maybe he’s just a short dick. Dunno, just my observations. But, Alex did win a new fan that day!

111 c 2



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23 responses to “Me and My Ex-boyfriend McGarrett (Okay, Maybe Not!) – December 2010

  1. Brooklyngirl

    That’s the Alex we all know and love! Sweet story – never read this one! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Karen

    Oh what a wonderful story. Thanks for finding it and sharing.


  3. New one to me too. Love it. Alex is just soooo nice to people. He’s a real sweetie…..and so hot. You very rarely find perfection in this world but he comes mighty close.


  4. I do remember this, AOLRocks was my main Alex info source for a long time. (Still miss the site! & Mizz!) Another on-line friend had been an extra on this same episode too, so it was interesting to get 2 different experiences from them both. As is the usual case, knowing a little more about Alex makes you love him even more!!


    • Yes, I really wish we had the connections and resources Mizz used to have for her site.
      Did the friend post her experience on a public site? If so, is there maybe a link to it?
      So much of the good stuff are hidden on private forums and groups 😦


  5. Colleen

    I had never seen this before. Really funny. I swear we fall more in love with him every day.


  6. karen

    Scott is Hollywood royalty…so no, not gonna mingle. He was very pleasant at SOTB 2014, so gotta give him a star or two. Alex? He’s just a bloke from Down Under and acting is how he makes a living. He does seem to love what he does though.


  7. Sandra

    I also remember this interview. I enjoyed it a lot but I need to say that Scott does not deserve what she said. He takes his work very seriously and anyone who lives in LA knows that the extras are not supposed to talk with the stars. Alex did it when no one was looking.
    If you have ever met Scott away from the set and in a relaxed setting, he is the kindest, sweetest man. Insulting someone by mentioning their size and using profanity took the fun out of this fan blog for me,
    Some of you may remember what one fan/extra said about Scott a few years ago.
    Her friend was with someone and they were eating in a restaurant in Honolulu and Scott was nearby eating also. Her friend did NOT know who Scott was but his table and hers began to talk together. After a short time, Scott said he had to go and said goodbye and left.
    A few minutes later, her friend got up and went to pay for their meal and found out that the gentleman they were talking to had paid their tab as well when he left. She didn’t even get the chance to thank him!
    When she got home, she called up the fan/extra and told her that this really nice guy they met at the restaurant had paid their bill. Upon investigating further, she figured out that her friend’s bill was paid by Scott.
    Now here is the thing. If this lady’s friend had not known who Scott was, she would never have known what sweet thing Scott had done. He would have been anonymous to her and Scott was OK with that., He didn’t need the fanfare or the glory from fans. He did it because it was a good thing to do.
    And then I ask you. How many other times as Scott quietly done something kind without making sure it was out there for his fans to see?
    That is how Scott is. When you see him with friends in LA he is a happy, friendly, outgoing guy and his list of friends, male and female, is endless.
    OK. I just wanted to clear Scott’s name. Otherwise, her blog was fun.


    • I hardly think Scott’s name had to be cleared here – she just said how she experienced him. Eash one of us experience things how we do and that is it – that was her account and feelings and she said it.
      Everybody knows Scott acts very differently to Alex, and it does not make him a bad person at all.
      And I think Karen gave a very good comment about the reason why and how he and Alex differs. Each one of them are who they are in certain situation – and that is it.


      • Sandra

        Calling Scott a possible short dick is NOT something I find funny and it required a response, IMO. She does not know him and at the minimum, she could have said that she didn’t interact with him, If anyone would dare call Alex a dick because maybe they had a bad experience with him, I sincerely doubt any Alex fan would have said everyone has their own experience, and let it go it like that.
        Scott acts nothing like Hollywood royalty as that implies he is full of himself.
        What did I say that upset you? Defending Scott was not necessary? I think it was more than appropriate,
        I guess you could say MY pet peeve is seeing good people get slandered while others stand by and say nothing,
        Just an opinion. Take it for what it is worth,


        • I really didn´t think Scott needed defending, just because of that silly little mention in her post. First of all, the way she wrote the whole story is tongue in cheek, and she is clearly able to laugh at herself too. I honestly don´t think her prescription of Scott should be taken so seriously. Peace.


  8. Sandra

    Agree to disagree. 🙂


  9. Vixhen

    OMG….that was epically funny! Thanks so much for sharing!


  10. karen

    Being Hollywood royalty doesn’t imply that someone is a jerk. It does mean that your life has always come with privileges not afforded to typical struggling wanna be actors. That doesn’t mean this is wrong or right. It just is how the system works in tinsel town. Alex always says he and Scott are fast friends. They are so different in every way possible as far as their childhood is concerned. It’s nice that they get along so well.


  11. Sandra

    I agree Karen, 100%. But it says even more about Scott that he is still humble and cares about people in general. He isn’t the spoiled son of a Hollywood star.
    Just imagine what HE has gone through trying to prove he isn’t a protected child.
    The man works very hard. He does H50, He does photography and displays his work and is able to sell what he does. He writes plays and acts in them during his hiatus.He has his charities which he has done for many years; long before H50. The surfing with autistic kids and the golf tournament with his dad, to name a couple. He has done movies during his hiatus also.
    He has a young daughter. He has chosen to cut his salary so he can be in LA with Josie, his little girl.
    He doesn’t sit around during hiatus and take a break.
    How many people do you know that do that during their vacation time? He doesn’t live off of his dad nor does he live off of what H50 pays him. He works very hard.
    He deserves respect. TBH, the writer of this blog did what many Alex fans used to do and bash Scott in favor of Alex. I know because i watched it all happen in real time,
    i have no qualms with Alex. In fact, i know he would agree with me.
    Scott is one awesome guy all around, One in a million.


    • Thank you Sandra for all you have said. I am a huge fan of Scott’s but find it it not worth commenting on this blog anymore in favour of him because it is an Alex blog and the Alex fans will ALWAYS see it from that viewpoint. I have so much other stress in my life that getting riled up over rabid fan comments was not productive. I am secure in my love for both actors and I don’t need this blog or any other to make me feel bad about them. I am also a big Alex fan but and used to comment regularly here but just don’t anymore. Just because I love Scott to the moon and back doesn’t mean I love Alex any less either. It’s really hard to explain but it’s just not worth the stress.
      I 100% agree with you regarding your comments but on this blog you will never convince anyone otherwise as Alex is the only thing that matters and that’s fine because it is an Alex fan blog.
      Thank you for reinforcing to me that my love and adoration for Scott is so well deserved. He is the best! 🙂


  12. Sandra

    Forgot to mention. He also taught acting classes during his hiatus and I had the privilege of watching his “final exam’ where he let his students act for a grade. He did an amazing job with them,


  13. Kath40

    [Can I say, he is extremely handsome in person and very nice]
    I’ve always read about how handsome Alex is in person and couldn’t quite grasp how this was possible. That is until I met Alex for the first time at SOTB 2015 and found out for myself just how extraordinarily handsome he truly is in person. WOW! ♥ I’ll never wash my eyes again as he is more beautiful in person then even the best cameras can capture. ♥ He was very kind to everyone who stood with me at the railings. When My friend Karen (yes our Karen here) wasn’t sure she got my fan pic (understandable as she was using my camera) Alex was so kind as to pull me closer and tell her to “take it again” so I not only got my first fan pic, but I got TWO 😀 I also had my hand around his waist and patted him on the back telling him “thank you so much you’ve made this women’s long time dream come true” and he sweetly said “you’re most welcome” with a smile *THUD*
    I can still feel how “fit” he was under my hand even a full month later 😀 Heee!
    He also signed my Moonlight Tour Photo Album I brought with me. Before I got my photo with him Alex was moving along happily signing H5-0 pic after H5-0 pic. I was a little nervous to be the only one with something so far back as Moonlight that I wasn’t sure he would sign it. When he got to me and saw what I was holding he ‘gasped’ and said “Oh wow” with a smile and a little laugh and I knew right then and there he knew how long I had been a fan. ♥ It was nice to know Moonlight is still as close to his heart as it is to mine…Mick is still in there 😉 ♥
    I will support Alex for as long as he wishes entertain us with his God given talent for story telling and bringing characters to life as only he can do. ♥

    OK I’ve gushed long enough and will return you to our lovely blog hostesses 😀


    • Lovely lovely Post Kath 40.
      I know how happy you were with your fantastic moments with Alex I know all of his fans who have met him. Talked to him and had a sweet kiss on the cheek love hearing about all the other fans Happy moments. We are all “OHANA” and it is nice to share Alex’s beauty and goodness with each other.
      BTW I love what you said to him


  14. Oh Kath40 you have had the one experience that most of us Alex fans will never have. Thanks for your story, you’ve given me my daydream for today.


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