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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 121 (The Abandoned & Betrayed One?) #H50 – 6:03

We continue our story from here

First of all, thank you for all the well wishes yesterday. My head still feels a bit big and wobbly from the flu, but Paula told me that Gabriel will come and pull my teeth and torture me, if I don’t finish this.  I know by now you have read all the wonderful thoughts from everybody on the episode (especially the ones written by the professionals, which I saw on twitter, are apparently the only one(s) worth reading :pineapple: ) and I actually should not even bother with this …. but I have to get some stuff off my chest, and here we go. Hope I can at least amused and entertain a few of you a little bit. :popcorn:

Before I start with today’s story, I just want to mention something about last week’s episode that I saw, but in the end, completely forgot to mention when I wrote my story. And of course, it is very important 😀

602 (1)

I always complain about Steve changing shirts to t-shirts when he wears kevlar (and that we never see the undressing and dressing for it) As far as I can recall, last week was the first time ever, that Steve wore the kevlar over the normal shirt (as you can see above) and did not change to a t-shirt for it. But I am still waiting to see that shirt change every week.


But let’s move on to this week’s story …..

603 (84)

Is this the face of a man that not even a spy-mother could love and every other woman on the planet wants to run away from? 😕

I gather most of you would think that I am in heaven, because at long last something is happening with Steve’s story and at long last, I have something worthwhile to write about.


And in a sense I probably am. But it is on days like these, that I long for the good old days when I watched TV shows whenever they get to my TV – mostly a year after it was first released in the USA. I long for the days when I had no clue of what was happening behind the scenes of making a show like this. The days before I ever thought of social media or even sharing any thoughts about such a show. The days before fandom ……


Then I could watch and enjoy what I see, with just my own thoughts and without the knowledge of unpleasantness from other fans, surrounding actors and characters, as I experience with Hawaii Five-0 now. The days before I watched a show for one specific person. The days when I could just stop watching when the story no longer interested me……..

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But here I am, having fun with Alex, an actor who I adore and who I think is worth the while. (And the company of fangirl friends from all over the world of course.)  And as you will see with the incoherent rambling that follows, I struggle to know how to feel about what I saw  this episode (or maybe it is just the meds I am taking, causing it Happy smiley 121 )

Okay (focus FOYeur) …. back to Steve’s story now.

First of all, we see Steve and Cath in the afterglow of their morning lovemaking. Even though the scene looked extremely hot, I have to ask myself,  is the spark of their playful intimacy, that was there in that first glimpse we ever had of them (in Epi 105) five years ago, gone now?


She kisses him on the chin and he does not even bother to move and return a mouth to mouth kiss? Sad smiley 141

603 (133)

Is this intentional, after many years as lovers and after a year apart, or is it my imagination, or just the way the actors played it and the director wanted it? And what is up with the dialogue? “Go back to sleep, cause I’m going to make us some eggsss.” – It makes no sense to me?  https://i0.wp.com/www.myemoticons.com/emoticons/images/msn/moods/question.gif  How about Cath saying, “While you take a shower and get ready, I will whip us up a nice breakfast.” ?

I know languages and the tone they have, differ a lot, and I have no clue what Catherine was saying on the phone, but to me, it sounded like she was telling someone a bedtime story and trying to get them to sleep. It sounded very monotone and as if she was having a one-way conversation.

Steve later says that there was something in her voice that made him feel she was leaving, but for me, nothing sounded as if she was speaking to somebody that needed her. To me, it sounded more like her reciting a prayer.

603 (102)

And BTW Steve was not “listening in on her phone call” as he says to Danny – he was overhearing her speaking on the phone to somebody. In my understanding, ‘listening in’ would mean that he was on a second phone eavesdropping and hearing both sides of the conversation, and not just hearing her speak.

For me, conversations about important stuff like this, needs to make sense and this just does not sound correct at all? Are the writers just slapping words together?

I know I am one of the “lucky” fans who are not really bothered if Catherine stays of leaves, because I am here for Alex and his Steve and are not gunning for any specific relationship. Steve definitely needs some romantic fun and the company of a loving female, to make his life more interesting (in my opinion there is more than enough snarky testosterone around him already). Whatever the writers feel to create with the actors available, is okay with me.

I do however like good characters and development and portrayal of something with good motivation for a story. I felt that that was very well achieved with Steve and his Cath from the beginning – up until the end of the first quarter of Season 4.

For me, Cath being part of Steve’s life makes for some personal and background story and something for me to talk about. But in my heart, I felt that their story was done at the end of Season 4 and that we (and Steve) will take some time to get over it and move on ……. now the writers brought her back for 4 episodes, just for her to leave again? Was it much to do about nothing?

Back to this week’s story …..

It seems that I was right, and obviously, Steve and Cath never had ‘the talk’. Because if they had the talk, he would have known what was on her mind and that she was planning on leaving again (or would he?). Although I have not read any other reviews, I did catch some of the tweets and comments here these past 3 days.

Interesting that so many people say Cath lied to Steve and Danny. But all she said to Danny was that there is no place else that she would rather be and to Steve, she said she was going to Nepal. How do you know that those were lies? Most probably not, but maybe just half-truths. Imagine if Steve was going on a secret mission and he did not want anybody to worry about him – would he have told the full truth to everybody around him?

603 (22)

And Steve was not honest with her either. He did not tell her that he heard her telephone conversation. And he never told her how he really felt. AND he never asked her to marry him (as Danny told him to do).

For many women, a marriage proposal would be a different ball game than just to be strung along for years as a lover and a girlfriend. She might have felt more purpose in life and being needed if he actually asked her to marry him and maybe with the thought of starting a family together? Her biological clock is ticking after all. So who is at fault here? Cath for leaving to have a purpose in her life, or Steve for letting her go without being honest about how he feels and about what he really wants …… “Cause if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on itsmiley_wedding

603 (60)

Before I write my final thoughts about this week’s story, just some trivial questions that popped up in my head while watching the episode ……. and some answers from the (also sick) Koala Smartass.


  • As far as I can recall that British guy during last year’s Halloween episode, took all of Jerry’s “research” when he was kidnapped. Now he is hauling inboxes full of files? The same thing happened with the stuff in the Champbox – one minute it is stolen and gone and then suddenly it is there again?

Koala Smartass: He’s been busy compiling new stuff since then and storing it in Chin’s house. Don’t rain on his conspiracy parade.

603 (58)

  • Very cute that Nahele is helping Steve to acquire the ring …. but really why Nahele? To be honest, it felt a bit forced to me that he was involved with acquiring a ring. What makes him the go-to person for this gig?

Koala Smartass: To give him something to do – he is soooooo cute and they are desperate to make him part of the story. So shut your mouth!

603 (59)

  • So this guy has been dead for 6 weeks and his counterfeit printer is still busy printing? And there are still paper in it and not lots of bills lying on the floor?

Koala Smartass: Schuss! You do not know anything about the counterfeiting business and printers? (And Steve most probably pressed the start button again 🙂 )

603 (62)

  • So they replaced the hot-wired ignition on the boat with a new one, but they never cleaned the blood from the ignition casing?

Koala Smartass: But how else would Steve have a clue about the whole thing, if they did not leave the blood there? And the writers could not come up with a better plan 🙂

603 (63)

  • Did we see a little bit too much of Danny’s nephew for one episode (especially his first day on the job running solo) – it feels to me like smaller doses of him would be more tolerable?

Koala Smartass: Oh, but he’s so cute and soooooo funny and they are testing the waters for our reaction to his superior wit? (and he is a man)  😀

603 (50)

  • And what was up with the story of the surfer’s video? Should they maybe shorten the episode lengths, because it looks like they are really trying hard to make up time with stuff the viewers have no vested interest in? I really could care less about the grieving widow and the boy …..

Koala Smartass: Yup – I got nothing …..

603 (57)

  • I really wish I could travel as light as Cath ….. She is travelling to a country hit by a disaster and that might be in short supply of lots of stuff, but she barely takes any luggage with her.

Koala Smartass: Some girls are just lucky that way. 😕

603 (56)

  • And so a black SUV picks Cath up. Is that the ride she got? For me it looks very “secret service”, but Steve raises no eyebrow about that and about who it might be? Or did he just not react to it?

Koala Smartass: He was too pissed off, disappointed and sad to see clearly. Just think about it – although the Governor employed and betrayed him …. although his mother faked her death for 20 years and after returning abandoned him again and lied about her relationship with Wo Fat …. although Jenna Kaye lied to him and offered him up to Wo Fat in exchange for her fiance …. although aunt Deb lied to him about her fiance …… he must still feel that women can be trusted and that not all women are evil lying bitches or spies ……. Felix_the_Cat_animated1196434318

I did not think it was possible that  Alex could get more gorgeous, but this season proved me wrong. And the storytellers/wardrobe department is dressing him in more and more casual clothes. Shorts and swim trunks etc

– I am a happy fangirl, because he is definitely the sexiest man of TV at the moment.


But let’s get back to this week’s story of Steve…….

And Cath says she will be gone for a short while, but she really does not know how long ……. and Steve says I can’t wait for you if you leave now …… and Steve looks pissed off ….. and we see a montage of McRoll over the last 5 seasons …… and we say goodbye to good old times and this looks like the end of Steve and Cath …….. 😥

603 (12)

But lo and behold the backdoor is still open. Cath calls somebody ….. and it looks like Lt. Rollins is CIA and going on a secret mission…… and this looks like a start of something different  ……

In my opinion, the writers think they achieved multiple things –

1) The McRoll/Cath/ MichelleBorth-haters believe she is gone for good, because Steve said I will not wait (AND they played the montage). The story also gave them enough ammunition to say how awful and bad this character (and by implication Michelle) is.

603 (8)

2) The McRoll/Cath/MichelleBoth-lovers can still hope that she will be brought back one day, because maybe just maybe she is doing something great that Steve could forgive her for? Maybe she is even protecting him and his Ohana, who knows? (Maybe she is a vampire now? crazy )

603 (135)

So now Steve is either pissed off enough to start binge dating everything that wears a skirt (Oops – I mean skinny jeans and boots), or he will suffer from PTSD, or life will just go on as normal in the life of Steve McGarrett? (as usual) 😕

The last time we saw Steve moving from playfulness to utter defeat in one day, was with the Governor’s betrayal in the season finale of Season 1.

603 (10)

The question remains, did the writers very cruelly bring Cath back to end her story AGAIN and finally, or did they bring her back to set up an interesting storyline for Steve (and her) that they can use in the future (maybe before the end of this season, or maybe in future seasons when needed, or maybe already planned)?

How much of a story is really here? Did she come home innocently and was asked to do a job again and to go away, or was she there on a mission when she arrived already? Was she lying from the start as she arrived for the wedding, and was she just stringing Steve along with talk of staying as long as he wanted her to? I doubt if we will ever get an answer to that ……

603 (11)



And now the Michelle Both/Cath haters and those who feel they were wronged (got their ego’s bruised) by her in some obscure manner, will go on insulting Michelle and Cath and the McRoll lovers.  And the McRoll lovers will go on hoping and begging for her return   ……. and nothing changed since mid-season 3, when this ridiculous fandom war started.


And the producers smile, because the fans talk (fight) about their show …… and they remain relevant and talked about, because this is the cutthroat make-believe world of Television….. Confused smiley 83

603 (9)

And that was Steve’s story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:03

Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna
“The Chilling Storm is on the Mountains”

Story by : Peter M. Lenkov
Teleplay by : Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt

Directed by:  Joe Dante

Broadcast on: 9 October 2015


To be continued …….



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