They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin loves acting.

“There’s a cheekiness he turns on with great charm. And he’s not in it for fame or money; he’s in it because he loves acting.”

— Alan Poul, Director, “The Back-up Plan”,

in Sunday Magazine,

2 May 2010

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 My partner in crime, Foyeur, has gotten ill. We will be posting 6.03 Steve with caps tomorrow. Hopefully my friend will feel better with more rest. Sending good thoughts your way. Get better! It´s an order!



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17 responses to “They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin loves acting.

  1. gracenotpark

    Oh dear! Yes, get well soon, eat chicken soup and drink lots of water. And don’t overextend yourself… Get lotsa rest! We’re not going anywhere, nor is Alex.

    Now if only we weren’t going anywhere in the same place that Alex isn’t going anywhere…that would be a more fun place to not go anywhere from. 😆


  2. Brooklyngirl

    Feel better!


  3. Ulrike Schwarz

    Get well soon. Take good care of you. Greetings from Germany


  4. Thank you for this awesome quote as usual 🙂
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to FOYeur!


  5. dcjank

    Watch lots of Alex, he’ll make you feel better FOYeur! ;>)


  6. Leah

    Hope you feel better very soon FOYeur! ❤


  7. I hope you get well soon. Fangirling about Alex without you it’s not that fun. Hugs


  8. Dear FOYeur
    Feel better soon. This is a heartfelt wish from POMMIENANA and an ORDER from COMMANDER MC’GARRETT


  9. vanduyn

    Alex is definitely the cure for whatever ails you FO Yeur! Feel better soon♥


  10. Karen

    Foyeur hope you feel better.


  11. alexsluvjan

    A Nice dose of Alex is what u need ❤ Feel better soon ❤


  12. Janet

    Sending you get well wishes. I hope you will be feeling better soon.


  13. Feel better buddy!! And rest and relax 🙂


  14. I’ll call for Dr Andy to make you better. Take care of yourself.


  15. Lee Ann

    Please take care of yourself and get lots of rest. You always do great work. Thank you.


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