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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (4 – 10 October 2015)

Interesting week …..

Please remember to click on the names to take you to the original posts. And click on the pictures to view in full size. I have played around with most of the pictures, to hopefully enhance them a bit. That means they are altered from the originals. 🙂

Life on the Set:

Masi Oka@MasiOka   Hawaii 5-0 as a sitcom. Full house!Fullhouse
danieldaekim Ooo look – FISH!
Fish - DDK

mayac211 Yea no big deal just met the stars of Hawaii 5-0. Sadly no acting debut but it was crazy being on a set for the first time. Work was fun today #screaminginside #omg #ilookawkward #alexoloughlin #scottcaan 


mayac211@jacksterthegreat I’m a gym attendant at Kalakaua rec center. We just had to watch and make sure the public never came in lol

lydihawaii It’s been quite a jam packed entertaining and productive day. Morning consisted of business, bikinis & planning Palm Beach Swim Week while the afternoon consisted of organizing my friend’s house with Alex O’ Loughlin and the Hawaii Five O crew filming in the backyard without an invite. Life is full circle for me here that’s for sure. http://www.palmbeachswimweek.com/apply.html. #palmbeachswimweek #luxuryswimwear #alexyourmusclesandaccentarebeauriful #hawaiifiveo #makeyourselvesathome

SetOh yeah, it looks like we will at least get some more shirtless Alex/Steve scenes in 610


Scott and Alex


taken by Trish Kovarik

Picture by Sarah

Fan photos:

anitafriesen Oh yes, this just happened! My amazing husband arranged for us to be on set at a taping of Hawaii 5-0 & I got to meet Alex O’Loughlin!! #happyday #hawaii5-0 #turning50inhawaii
Anita Friesen on set

daveruges Nekminnut… Just #chilling on #set with a coupla’ #bros from the Five-O 🏼️😎 | @hawaiifive0cbs#hawaiifiveo | #breakfastcigar | #setlife | #shaka | #hawaii |

DaveSadly he tagged one of the fake Alex O’loughlin IG pages – was told about it and said ‘thank you’, but did not bother to correct it by untagging the fake. 😦

lynnieono Shoutout to Meg for driving me that day. I met them when they were filming tonight’s episode. #hawaiifive0 #hawaii50 
Lynn on set

 Alex at Events:

chants808 At the art reception for Betty Martin at 87zero! O hai, Alex O’Loughlin 🙂

87 Zero

Thank you Hawaii Five-0 Australia  for the find 🙂

lumn8r Hanging out with my buds.

 Thank you to    for the find.


Something Pretty from other fans:

Check The Gate – trained studio animals:

One last shot of Lili with Hawaii Five-0 actor Alex O’Loughlin before we move on…

Alex & Lili

Thank you Hawaii Five-0 Australia  for the find

Some fandom laughs for the week:laugh:

  • When I see, by what people say, that they forget that Hawaii Five-0 is a TV series with make-believe imaginary characters, created by writers and played by actors, in fake places & fake venues. It all seems like real places and people – but it is not. The famous line from  Jessica Rabbit comes to mind, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”


Some Trivia for the week:


6.03 – and McBedBeast

TrendingYeah, we are famous lol!

My Pet Peeves:

  • The unforgiving Hollywood culture, that causes  young and gorgeously beautiful women to feel inadequate and inspires them to feel that they need to turn themselves into silly caricatures…….



Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • steve mcgarrett’s real wife

I guess we will wait forever for McGarrett to get a real wife. 😀 😥


Next Week:

  • I guess they are still busy with episode 610, but I think they will move on to 611 during this week. Hope to get some clear indication soon of where they actually are with filming of the episodes.

Season 1 Steve







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