#H50 6.03 – #SteveMcG got a bit frustrated

What an episode. Wow. I guess Steve wasn´t the only one getting frustrated (to say the least).

On an other note, Alex looked fabulous. Apart from those ugly pants. They need to be tossed into an active volcano ASAP!

I didn´t capture any of the bed scene for this post, cause I covered most (99,99%) of it yesterday. These are the bits I stopped at today, hope you enjoy them 🙂







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26 responses to “#H50 6.03 – #SteveMcG got a bit frustrated

  1. vanduyn

    Amazing gifs!! Thanks 😀


  2. Good, emotional gifs 🙂


  3. Lesley

    Great pics look forward to seeing this episode, new season in the UK


  4. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Fantastics shots ! Great artist 😍 thanks


  5. Was it just me or was anyone else surprised with the ending (as far as Catherine was concerned)? I felt they went a little too far but I guess that is the writing team for you. I like the episode overall and was very glad to see McG finally say his peace.


  6. I am glad he said what he said and just let her walk away, every time the camera panned to Steve as Cath was walking away I kept yelling at the TV let her go do not say a word. And I am glad that is exactly what happened. Catherine isn’t worthy of Steve.
    I said it before and I will say it again, kill her off already. 🙂
    I know they won’t but I wish they take Steve down a dark path, I mean who wouldn’t go off after all the women in his life leave and the trauma of Wofat.


    • Visage I agree Catherine isn’t worthy of Steve especially since she lied to him. I wonder if she was in Afghanistan the whole time or was she off “training”; therefore lying to him. I’m curious as to who she is working for and if Doris played a part in it.

      Can you imagine what would happen if he found out her little secret? I can picture the scenario if she were to return…not only did she leave again (breaking his heart again) but also lying about why she left. Same thing his mother did….look how that worked out. He doesn’t like being lied to.

      I don’t think they will take him down a dark path. I think he said what he needed to say and part of me thinks (after hearing her on the phone) that he knew she was going to leave again; it was just a matter of how long. When he saw her on his porch I think he knew…he needed answers but I think he knew. You could see it on his face when she was on the phone.

      I think he will move on (he started to when she left before) and see what is out there for him. He started to he was open to the possibility when Ellie approached him about her friend. Heck he even hung out with Ellie (something a “true” committed man wouldn’t do). It might take a while for him to get completely over her (a part of him will still love her) but it is over….done…kaput.



      • I was thinking the same thing, this has Doris written all over it. I don’t think they will lead him down a dark path either but i wish they would, it would give Alex something really good to play and I think it would be more realistic. He looked broken as she was walking away and I think they should do something with that but I am sure they won’t . The continuity has been good this season but i have a bad feeling next week will be the crime of the week and not a whole about what Catherine just did. I hope they do but I have low expectations for the writers.


    • “Kill her Off” really???? With what’s going on in the world and with Adam . Kono and Gabriel on the show~~~~~~ That;s SICK Visage and remember the shows not over til its over Catherine may very well be leaving to help Steve in ways we don’t know yet !!! Remember Jenna???Everybody jumped to the wrong conclusion when she drove away with Wo Fat but she saved Steve’s life later on. Let’s all wait til the Fat ////////Lady ///Man {Jerry does it so well:] sing shell we.


      • Yes, I wanted her killed off form the very beginning when she left the 1st time so Steve can get closure and move on. I am not a Cath hater, I love them together but clearly it is not going to work out and that is fine with me.


  7. Really Catherine broke Steve’s heart. Really big time. Know it will be very hard to move on.
    But still Catherine is for Steve and Steve is for Catherine. No matter how many love interests you put in there. Just hope Visage Steve will not go into a dark path.
    But really Steve went out of his way for an engagement ring. Really how sad is that.


  8. karen

    The final scene tore me up. The look on Steve’s face when Cath hugged him was hard to watch. A lot is happening in her life no one knows about. Superb dialog throughout the episode.


    • Leah

      Totally agree, Karen! The acting in the final scene was excellent on both their parts, which is exactly why it was difficult for me to watch as well – too realistic. They did their job well!


    • Karen don’t you think he had an idea it was coming after hearing her on the phone? I saw the look as he watched her and something on his face…he also showed it while he and Danny were on the boat.

      OMG!!! If they ever bring her back Danny will go ballistic…yes she lied to Steve (about her plans) but she also lied to Danny. He will care less about being lied to but she hurt Steve and when Steve is hurting Danny gets protective.

      Who do you think she works for and why not tell him. He knew it was over and he even said he wasn’t waiting…why lie to him. I think he would be proud that she found something…I just think it will hurt even more not only her walking away but by adding a HUGE lie on top of it all.


  9. Leah

    I know this is just a tv show and not reality, but DAMN I’m just heartbroken for Steve. I understand Catherine’s need for being needed, but I sure couldn’t walk away from HIM like that. I pretty much knew this was coming, but I still can’t help but feel so sad for him. 😦 Oh well, at least we all know WE WILL still be here (fangirling) for him! 🙂


  10. Karen M

    I would like to see Steve in a happy relationship with someone who is not like him, who will bring out a different,fun side of him. I did cry while watching their breakup, although I was thinking “how could you intentionally walk away from HIM!!” But, most importantly, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, get rid of the baggy cargo pants! I want to see his beautiful butt in some FITTED PANTS!! Is that too much to ask? #saynotocargopants #nomorebaggypants


  11. Vixhen

    Poor Steve. He wasted all that energy and emotion on a woman who loves him but just not enough. I don’t know what the writers were thinking with that clandestine phone call, which just smells so “Doris-like.” I hope they will finally give Steve a female who is worthy of him. I really didn’t buy that “I need to be needed” crap that the writers gave us. Seriously? Oh well…I thought the acting was great. It was raw and emotional on both sides. I hope they don’t intend on bringing Catherine back just to mess with Steve’s head. Now on to the most important stuff….AOL is getting hotter with each episode. OMG…the blue shirt, that face, those sideburns…even his hands are sigh-worthy! That is one gorgeous man!


    • Sandra B.

      I think that Catherine will get into some trouble down the line and
      Steve will come to her rescue once again, at least I hope that is
      what they have in mind, and yes it is just a tv show, but his sadness
      breaks my heart.
      P.S. until I know for sure that Catherine isn’t coming back, I for one,
      will hold out hope for a happy ending.


      • Sandra and Vixhen I agree I think that it smells of CIA (Doris) and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have to come to her rescue but I don’t see them reconciling as the writers did a pretty good job of “ending” it relationship wise. I especially like it when he said to her look me in the eyes and tell me its over….he knew and so did she. I think she was a bit more calculated then anyone thought. Yes, I know she gave up love for something more but she could have had it all but she was selfish and in the end (my opinion) she choose her “career” over love.

        Ironically it took Steve that long to finally propose and she leaves….Vixhen I agree they need to find someone worthy of him. I hope her “CIA” adventure is worth it.

        Another note I think we knew it was coming (besides the new character notification we heard about earlier) especially when she visited his office and kissed him on the forehead. The next time we see them “together” they just had sex…wonder if in her mind it was “goodbye sex.” She had to have known that Steve would hear her on the phone.

        Catherine lied to Danny…she obviously couldn’t tell Danny she was leaving but she lied to him too…as we know he is protective of his ohana…I would hate to see him confront her.

        As far as next week, I think there will be some mention of the incident but I doubt they will dwell on it. I guess we will find out next week.


    • joyfuljaj

      The “i need to be needed” was Catherine’s cover for having to leave (is she really leaving the island?). She started out just saying she had to leave for a while. Then she went into her rehearsed story. Clearly she doesn’t seem to have control of the situation. I just wish after their many years together they had a “distress” word or something.
      The person on the phone referred to her as “lieutenant”, so is she back in the Navy? Why would she need a cover story; is she after Wo Fat’s father? They seemed to understand the cover story would be focused on Steve and the question about whether she was sure she could handle this adds more to the suspicion her “mission” is directly related to Steve. I hope the writers don’t leave us hanging on this one too long, but surely the continued storyline will be affected by whether there is another season of H50. I think most of us are looking for doris under a rock somewhere; we know she has been working behind the scenes, but we need to see her soon.
      Whether Steve would take her back would have to do with what the mission really is. It could go either way.

      I loved Steve’s silence at the end. His face while hugging Catherine was stone. I know when I am trying to not burst into tears, keeping my mouth shut is about the only way to do it.
      If he would have had the normal tight cargoes, the ring box would have been kind of obvious.

      Yes, the blue shirts and sideburns do keep getting better. I believe they let his gray come out for that final scene, or it may have been that it shows better in the sunlight than in other lighting. His hair looked a little more groomed in that final scene too. It would make sense to give a little more vulnerable look with the gray and to enhance the close-ups.

      Too bad that Danny does not appear to be in the next episode. When is he going to do that bone marrow procedure? There is a fear the writers will ignore follow up to this story if Danny is not around in the immediate aftermath. That, or the scene will end up on the editing room floor.


      • In a way I disagree she had complete control over the situation. She knew she was leaving way before that moment. If you see the look on her face when she speaks to Danny you know. I think she even knew (the previous episode) when she kissed his forehead…separating himself.

        As far as the Lieutenant could be she rejoined the Navy and is now on one of their “covert” missions, However it could be the “name” they refer to her as instead of Catherine. She used the word Zulu and if you remember when Doris called in to report the microfiche incident I believe she had a “Zulu” in her code name too.

        I don’t know if Steve would take her back especially if she lied to him. This wasn’t a “I was protecting you,” secret as she did with Steve earlier when Doris asked her to lie. This is a HUGE lie and I think Steve will be quite angry at the fact that she not only lied but broke his heart too. As I stated before I think she was in “Afghanistan” for so long because she wasn’t she was probably being trained and being gone so long was a solid cover.

        I think Doris will be back but be as elusive as usual. She may or may not know anything (or care) about Catherine; and I don’t know if Steve would ask or share that info with her. Could it be that Doris is Catherine’s handler, I wouldn’t be surprised.

        As far as the fallout I think we will see snippets of it…if Danny isn’t in this episode they might “speak” by phone as they have done in previous episodes and we would hear his side of it. Could be that when Steve starts to “date” again that Danny expresses his opinion then…we will have to wait and see. As far as the transplant maybe this will be the episode they address it as an explanation as to why he isn’t there.

        Lastly, Steve’s expression was very stoic as he had a lot to process. I think he was disappointed, angry, hurt and I think he was sort of prepared for it. Remember he was in the boat and had concerns. I think deep in his gut he knew.


  12. Karen

    Really love the gifs that you posted. Enjoyed the episode but really felt sorry for Steve at the end there.


  13. buttercup4u

    Like pommienana I now think there is a bigger reason for Cath to leave, she looked heartbroken, as if somebody is putting some pressure on her!
    Steve looked phenomenal, loved the scenes with Catherine!
    Thanks for the beautiful gifs!


  14. BrendaV

    I. Glad they broke up. She was only good for breaking his heart. I never liked her character and her acting was pretty weak. Imo, there was no chemistry between Alex & Michelle. Hope they bring someone worthy of McGarrett.


  15. brandiialize7777

    I just know I am tired of Cath hurting Steve. Let him go find someone that does want to stay with him for an eternity. But before that ending it was a good episode.


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