The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 120

We continue our story from here

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I have been very tempted to read what others had to say about this episode. Mainly because everybody’s reviews are already out and real life prevented me from watching the episode earlier this weekend. And secondly because I am a bit lost at what to say about this episode after I eventually found the time to actually see it.

As a whole I found the episode entertaining to watch, with once again a good and interesting story concept, and acting, and wonderful stunts and special effects. And of course there was enough of pretty, badass Steve to make a shallow fangirl like me happy ….. :yahoo:


But as far as Steve’s story goes – it seems that it is once again on hold and not really going anywhere…… it feels like we are treading water 😕

Although the episode was good enough as far as the show goes, some silly questions did pop up in my head on first watch. Luckily the Koala Smartass was good enough to help me out with some creative answers ……..


  • Why do they need to take up so much time to show us this robot crawling to the building, picking up a case, moving it to a mat and blowing it up, pieces flying around everywhere …. twice? Indifferent smiley 23

Koala Smartass: I agree, they could have shown us Steve reading the telephone directory and that would have been more entertaining. 😀

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  • So where was Adam shot, in order for him to struggle to walk again? Thought it was a stomach wound and even a spinal injury that low down would not affect walking? Confused smiley 83

Koala SmartassShhhh, don’t confuse medical possibilities with the facts of creating effect to pull at our heartstrings. 

  • Why is Steve handling the little yellow box, with the flash drive in, with only one hand in a glove? Why even bother with one glove then?


Koala Smartass: Maybe his one hand doesn’t have fingerprints or anything that can interfere with evidence? [giggle] Maybe he is mutating into a super crimefighting superhero, one hand at a time?

  • I know the whole issue about the messages at the back of the postage stamps are a bit confusing and smart for my thinking, but if Duclair already read  the stamps – why are they pasted back on the envelopes and how were they readable again after all that? 😕

Koala Smartass: So that they could be found by the smart crimefighting guys, duh??

  • Oh dear, oh dear – Adam’s homecoming….. If you can’t show how it happens, maybe it just is too impossible to actually happen. Anybody that has ever handled a wheelchair will know that it is hard enough for anybody to push a chair like that with somebody in it, up a steep narrow ramp like that. To wheel yourself up there will be even harder – maybe only be accomplished with great skill after some time of experience and good practise. Now add tiny Kono on Adam’s lap and it becomes impossible (For me, small practical everyday things like that, are far worse than the impossibility ‘claw’ escapes for WoFat) …… And in any case, I would think he might have already carried her over the threshold on their wedding night?

Adam homecoming

Koala Smartass: You are so unromantic, why spoil the fun. Stupid, stupid fan you are FOYeur.

  • And the wounded Duclair vanishes into thing air, right in front of Steve and Danny’s eyes?

Koala Smartass: It is a known fact, men can only concentrate on one thing at a time. They watched Trout running away – no way could they see what Duclair was up to, right next to them.

  • It must be a few days or even weeks after the wedding and the shooting, because it does not look like Adam is struggling with a wound anymore? But why did Steve and Cath not have time to talk to each other yet?

Koala Smartass: Pardon my words, but maybe they have been humping like rabbits the whole time to make up for  lost time? Only explanation I could think of for them not finding the time for a normal conversation about  ‘what happened while Cath was gone and now that she is back, where do they stand with each other’ kind of thing….. (And I have a feeling that will make some stuff that will go down next week even more far-fetched – hope I am wrong)

Me: Koala, you are supposed to be the ‘quirky’ one – not the one thinking about stupidity that might come the next week. That is my job! 😀

  • How does a guy wounded like Duclair is, with dripping blood all over the place, walk into a fancy restaurant and get a table?

Koala Smartass: That must be the Aloha spirit in full force – allowing everybody everywhere, wounded or not?

Okay, now after some silly nit-picking about trivial stuff,  I can go and read all the nice things everybody else had to say about the episode …… or maybe just sit back and enjoy all the pretty pictures of Steve, Paula dished up for us here.

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And that was Steve’s (non) story for:

Hawaii Five-0: Episode 6:02

Lehu a Lehu
“Ashes to Ashes”


To be continued …….


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21 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 120

  1. Ulrike Schwarz

    I do love this little Koala Smart ass!!!! I really do…..


  2. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    I agreed what’s up with the way Adam was able to go up stairs with kono on his lap


  3. What’s was that Adam must be strong has a ox to carried kono on his lap up those steps without any help lol


  4. Colleen

    The koala smartass is back!!! I love that little thing. Great job Foyeur. You pointed out a few things I noticed but ignored. Oh the things we will put up with to watch Steve. 🙂


  5. At the risk of banishment from the land of AOL…why did we see Catherine involved in the case once again….she left for a year and then bam she’s back in Five-O walking through a crime scene. I do understand the volunteering part (where she asked) but to me seeing her walk through a crime scene was a bit off putting. To me that was forced.

    Also was anyone else confused about the Yakuza? I am confused…


    • gracenotpark

      Well, way less off-putting than Jerry, who is a civilian with no training, and kookie besides, to suddenly be their go-to on complex cases and to be getting an office. Cath, after all is trained in Naval Intel and once even worked as an official 5-0. Moreover Uncle Joe White has on many occasions done similar work with the team on a case. Just cos he’s a guy and she’s a not-guy doesn’t make their scenarios any less parallel. And McG has the freedom, immunity, and means to run his joint his way…well-established in every possible way over the last 5 years. This is hardly the most outta the box decision he’s ever made. Also, as if Show isn’t written and produced by majority males. Actresses on Show do what MEN give em to do.

      What’s good for the gander is good for the goose. Way too many fans want to hold females on Show to more rigorous standards, realities, and moral judgements…wanting the chicks to have to abide by actual real-life standards, while willing to celebrate, giggle with, and wink at the males for any rogue, outside the box, or unrealistic behaviors and decisions.

      That’s not cool.


      • Grace…you said,”What’s good for the gander is good for the goose. Way too many fans want to hold females on Show to more rigorous standards, realities, and moral judgements…wanting the chicks to have to abide by actual real-life standards, while willing to celebrate, giggle with, and wink at the males for any rogue, outside the box, or unrealistic behaviors and decisions. That’s not cool.”

        You are placing us women in that category and that is an insult to all of us. We all have our opinions, that we agree on. However; just because we (some of us who have voiced our opinions) have stated before that we didn’t like the story lines with Catherine, Lori, Jenna, etc. we are blasted for it. I personally think that Joe White, and Jerry are also irrelevant at times, As far as the men with unrealistic behaviors I was appalled at the Christmas episode where Steve forced Danny into stealing a Christmas tree…that was unrealistic yet we all ignored it. There have been other things that Steve, Danny and Chin have all done (Chin killed Delano for killing Malia, Danny killing the man that killed his brother) and no one balked….hypocritical, of course.

        There have been a few women on here, Brooklyn Girl and Debras57, who agree with me…this isn’t a pissing match but it does show there is some merit to what we have been saying. Are we women hater’s no…I think that we are tougher on the women because they are written in awkwardly and that affects the show…we see that more because they aren’t the “norm”. It isn’t their fault it is the writer’s and the plot lines that we are upset at. They need to have better writing if they are going to place ANY new character into the situation; man or woman. For example, Catherine and Steve kissed at the wedding but then we she saw him in the office it was a kiss on the forehead…what mixed signals is that sending…are they hot and heavy or is the relationship on the back burner….just like having her at a crime scene, what was up with that…I think the writer’s aren’t sure and that causes confusion for all of us that follow along.


        • gracenotpark

          Darlin I totally agree with you that the writers are far less skilled, or perhaps far less motivated, at writing good women characters. But frankly they write absurd stuff for every character. And that was my point. When the women are given less than stellar scripting, many fans pounce…while often enjoying the same level of absurdism written for the boys. Such as couples therapy for McG and Danno. As if.

          In the particular issue that you and I disagree on here, you note your disbelief that McG would let his intelligent ex-Navy, ex-employee girlfriend, who he loves and trusts, go w/him to a to a crime scene. He lets Jerry go to crime scenes. And he’s giving Jerry an office. An untrained civilian. Cath is trained, and it is doubtful she’s forgotten her training just cos she’s been “teaching” for a year. But both can happen in this TV universe cos McG has discretion to run 5-0 however he wants, thus the absurdism that he hired his girlfriend in the first place. There is absurdity in every episode…and YES that Xmas ep! But Cath’s recent script was less absurd than Jerry’s. It really was.


      • Gail Lessard

        I’m hearing more and more of this feminist stuff lately. This may not be the best fit tv wise for a hardcore feminist. Just my opinion.


  6. Brooklyngirl

    Barb2167 I agree, don’t know why/how Catherine’s allowed to be involved in a crime scene. Her being there is very off putting. Other than that I thought this episode was pretty good. I’ve learned to overlook a lot of the discrepancies that happen because of the writing. Like Colleen says, oh the things we put with to watch Steve!


    • gracenotpark

      Did all the times that Joe White worked on and even often led on some cases similarly bother you? I haven’t seen a lotta griping about Joe White, other than his relationship with McMama now makes him suspect. But I’ve never seen complaints about him using his abilities and experience in taking on whole elements of some of 5-0’s cases.


      • Brooklyngirl

        No it doesn’t. Joe worked with them when he was active after his “discharge” he basically disappeared. At least with Joe it was made to believe he still had his connections, etc. but not with Catherine. She ups and leaves, finds a life and begins teaching there, then shows up a year later with the same level of security clearance she had, Hard to swallow. Sorry, but it’s just my humble opinion.


        • gracenotpark

          Actually Joe was integral to the bee case. Last year. Three years after he was discharged. Although not always present in the flesh on Show, several references to his supplying Intel have been made in recent seasons as well. Cath also used her Navy connections while working for 5-0. It is hardly surprising then, that Cath would also still have contacts and trusted sources in the Navy. In fact, I would imagine, as a teacher on the ground in Afghanistan, she both made use of and supplied Intel over the past year. Tho the way more ridiculous part of Cath’s story is that the Taliban allowed a white American former Naval Intel officer to live and breathe and influence Afghan families.

          And I don’t remember any 5-0 undergoing a “security clearance”. McG was given full immunity and means to do it his way, and his way has been unconventional (and also utterly unrealistic) since S1. He hired Chin and gave a badge to a man who had been tried and found guilty and stripped of his badge. McG don’t care. He has leaned on, depended on, and accepted into the fold any of his friends, including ex-con Kamekona, who might help him solve a case. He’s made clear it’s what they can do, not what they are, that counts for him. Thus the ridic of Jerry, who also was never seen undergoing security clearance either btw, being front and center on a couple recent cases and now getting an office. So having his ex-Navy, ex-5-0, highly trained girlfriend help out with a case seems hardly out of the ordinary for McG. I grant you, in a normal cop universe maybe or maybe not so much. In McG’s odd little universe, it’s anybody’s opportunity.


  7. I had to agree with the findings above. You don’t let a guy bleeding into a restaurant like that. Catherine is not a 5-0 operative nor is she Naval anymore so her being there was not called for. She has not got security clearance. She’s a nothing – unemployed. I did love the cargument on the OP.. secure the ring, recon the site, then execute the plan. That was pure McGarrett. But the relationship is warm, she kissed him on the forehead and not the lips that would be loving. After all he kissed her on the mouth at the wedding. It was some kiss. The other think is the wheelchair, there is no way Kono and Adam could roll up that. In TV they heal overnight it seems. The bullet hit in the liver area, not straight on and into the spine. That was a bit far fetched. The house made me realize they had to move into Kono’s as Adam lost his assets including his fancy house to Gabriel.
    And as for Jerry, he too has not got clearance. Steve may be able to do what he wants, but there is no rhyme or reason to things. Waiting for show 3 to see what happens.


  8. I have to say, I hope we get the proposal over and done with in next episode. Getting tiresome to read the same battle about Cath. I found no problem getting her back on the island. Thanks to her we got our fabulous Steve in 5.25. I would welcome her back on the show, mostly as Steve´s GF/lover. Those scenes always gave us nicest Steve moments 🙂 but if that can´t happen, better to just move on.


  9. Leah

    Hello little Koala Smartass! So good to see you again! 😀


  10. First of all, I kind of think that the Five 0 getting immunity and means is way over the top. Doing what they do and facing no consequences for their actions at all. And it has to make H.P.D. a bit jealous sans for Duke who has no qualms with them at all.

    That is part of the reason for the dislike of Steve at times for getting away with anything and everything. At least he has never endangered the public as will give him credit over it. And that is why Lou at the H.P.D. at the time, got fired over his actions with rescuing his daughter. But at least Five 0 gave him a job. He is a trained Seal and with Naval Intelligence. But didn’t walk a beat like Chin, Lou, or Danny as they are trained cops throughout.

    However am keeping an open mind with Catherine and hope she says yes but fear the opposite. As really am getting tired of the love interests or so called. She is for him and he is for her.

    Jerry doesn’t have police experience. As he is too lovable and beyond mild mannered to being a cop or even a PI.

    Adam hope he is still not involved with his former crime partners. As that would really hurt his and Kono’s marriage. As he is putting his and Kono’s lives at risk as now they have to look over their shoulders until Gabriel is put in the ground but that could take while.

    Love the Koala Smartass part BTW! LOL!


  11. gail

    I think what we are seeing on season 6 is that the actor’s and maybe writers getting tired of the hard work, long days and the toll the 1st 5 season’s took on them. Love Alex! But don’t see another season oh H50 in the future. Maybe they will ramp it up on the next 23 episodes.


  12. joyfuljaj

    i had the same thoughts about Adam pushing his own wheelchair up the ramp – ain’t gonna happen. I thought maybe he had also been stabbed or something to create those injuries.
    I also wondered how bad guy got into that restaurant dripping blood.
    One thing you did not mention was Steve opening that mailbox with no protection from explosives.
    For some reason, Catherine inserting herself into the team did not bother me. Well before 6.03 i was pretty sure Steve would not get to propose.
    There were some incredible views in this one!


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