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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 120

We continue our story from here

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I have been very tempted to read what others had to say about this episode. Mainly because everybody’s reviews are already out and real life prevented me from watching the episode earlier this weekend. And secondly because I am a bit lost at what to say about this episode after I eventually found the time to actually see it.

As a whole I found the episode entertaining to watch, with once again a good and interesting story concept, and acting, and wonderful stunts and special effects. And of course there was enough of pretty, badass Steve to make a shallow fangirl like me happy ….. :yahoo:


But as far as Steve’s story goes – it seems that it is once again on hold and not really going anywhere…… it feels like we are treading water 😕

Although the episode was good enough as far as the show goes, some silly questions did pop up in my head on first watch. Luckily the Koala Smartass was good enough to help me out with some creative answers ……..


  • Why do they need to take up so much time to show us this robot crawling to the building, picking up a case, moving it to a mat and blowing it up, pieces flying around everywhere …. twice? Indifferent smiley 23

Koala Smartass: I agree, they could have shown us Steve reading the telephone directory and that would have been more entertaining. 😀

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  • So where was Adam shot, in order for him to struggle to walk again? Thought it was a stomach wound and even a spinal injury that low down would not affect walking? Confused smiley 83

Koala SmartassShhhh, don’t confuse medical possibilities with the facts of creating effect to pull at our heartstrings. 

  • Why is Steve handling the little yellow box, with the flash drive in, with only one hand in a glove? Why even bother with one glove then?


Koala Smartass: Maybe his one hand doesn’t have fingerprints or anything that can interfere with evidence? [giggle] Maybe he is mutating into a super crimefighting superhero, one hand at a time?

  • I know the whole issue about the messages at the back of the postage stamps are a bit confusing and smart for my thinking, but if Duclair already read  the stamps – why are they pasted back on the envelopes and how were they readable again after all that? 😕

Koala Smartass: So that they could be found by the smart crimefighting guys, duh??

  • Oh dear, oh dear – Adam’s homecoming….. If you can’t show how it happens, maybe it just is too impossible to actually happen. Anybody that has ever handled a wheelchair will know that it is hard enough for anybody to push a chair like that with somebody in it, up a steep narrow ramp like that. To wheel yourself up there will be even harder – maybe only be accomplished with great skill after some time of experience and good practise. Now add tiny Kono on Adam’s lap and it becomes impossible (For me, small practical everyday things like that, are far worse than the impossibility ‘claw’ escapes for WoFat) …… And in any case, I would think he might have already carried her over the threshold on their wedding night?

Adam homecoming

Koala Smartass: You are so unromantic, why spoil the fun. Stupid, stupid fan you are FOYeur.

  • And the wounded Duclair vanishes into thing air, right in front of Steve and Danny’s eyes?

Koala Smartass: It is a known fact, men can only concentrate on one thing at a time. They watched Trout running away – no way could they see what Duclair was up to, right next to them.

  • It must be a few days or even weeks after the wedding and the shooting, because it does not look like Adam is struggling with a wound anymore? But why did Steve and Cath not have time to talk to each other yet?

Koala Smartass: Pardon my words, but maybe they have been humping like rabbits the whole time to make up for  lost time? Only explanation I could think of for them not finding the time for a normal conversation about  ‘what happened while Cath was gone and now that she is back, where do they stand with each other’ kind of thing….. (And I have a feeling that will make some stuff that will go down next week even more far-fetched – hope I am wrong)

Me: Koala, you are supposed to be the ‘quirky’ one – not the one thinking about stupidity that might come the next week. That is my job! 😀

  • How does a guy wounded like Duclair is, with dripping blood all over the place, walk into a fancy restaurant and get a table?

Koala Smartass: That must be the Aloha spirit in full force – allowing everybody everywhere, wounded or not?

Okay, now after some silly nit-picking about trivial stuff,  I can go and read all the nice things everybody else had to say about the episode …… or maybe just sit back and enjoy all the pretty pictures of Steve, Paula dished up for us here.

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And that was Steve’s (non) story for:

Hawaii Five-0: Episode 6:02

Lehu a Lehu
“Ashes to Ashes”


To be continued …….


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