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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (28 Sept – 3 Oct 2015)

Wow, what a quiet week it has been ….. or maybe I was just too busy with RL and missed everything that happened? 😕

Life on the Set:

tjaythompson The @aloha_twinners got to hang out on set yesterday and watch their cousin @m_grindatti do her first stunt! Oh, they got to meet this guy too.

On set

Taping at UH

aivlysweetie  Don’t mind me I’m just creeping from the window at #oahustateuniversity. #hawaii50 took over the front lawn at #uhmanoa today. All the extras were staged outside our window at work. Not distracting at all. 😬. #filmcrew #hi50 #mcgarrett #manoa #h50 #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0

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Fan photos:

  Maddux&AlexFriends@MadduxYoshi   Aloha to Alex O’ Loughlin #H50Friday


 News for the week:

Real Hawaii band opens for ‘Hawaii Five-0’By: Carol Banks Weber, AXS Contributor, Sep 30, 2015

Article - AXS

Local Hawaii musician Robert Shinoda shows “Hawaii Five-0” star Alex O’Loughlin a few tricks of the trade. John Kolivas

Robert Shinoda: Alex came over and started talking like we knew each other. Just started talking guitar. He asked a lot of questions about my guitars, the neck set-up, etc., and told me about some guitars he has. Plays some pretty nice blues-rock licks. He can play. Funny thing was both he and Daniel Dae Kim seemed more interested in guitar and bass than the filming. I guess acting is old hat — but Alex kind of lit up a bit talking music. Rather than a star, to me, Alex was just a fellow guitar enthusiast. Nice guy.

Alex & Friends:

danieldaekim #H50 – Protectin’ n’ Servin’ 24/7 since 2010.” –Alex O’Loughlin & Chi McBride

DDK's picture

Some Trivia for the week:

  •  Thank you for all the support from so many of you from all over the world. All the RT’s and shares and  “likes” and “fav’s” and comments are seen and highly appreciated. We managed to pass the 1000 follower mark on IG last week , in just 6 months time of opening our account. And we passed the 6000 follower mark  on FB. Paula work hard in creating beautiful fanart and also to keep supplying y’all with some of the best quality pictures of Alex. It makes me happy to see that it is appreciated.

My Pet Peeves: :drama:

  • CBS posting press releases that can’t be opened ….. by anyone it seems??

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • moonlight vanpire is he real in real life or just muvie acting


Next Week:

  • Not sure where they are with filming the episodes now.

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