#H50 6.02 – #SteveMcGarrett gave us a McFeast meal

I admit I didn´t really concentrate watching this episode (ran out of time), but it looked quite nice. Wanted to capture pretty Steve before work. I did notice Alex was looking extra hot 🙂

As usual, my posts rarely are spoilerish, just lots of pretty McG to enjoy 😀













I know I left out so many goodies, will spread them around when I get more time.



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10 responses to “#H50 6.02 – #SteveMcGarrett gave us a McFeast meal

  1. Karen

    Thank you oh so much for the photo review of last night episode! I will agree with you he was looking really hot!


  2. Leah

    GREAT gifs Paula! The close up of his face almost looking straight at the camera (3rd from the bottom) . . . ooh la la! And I can’t believe I missed the pink beast in gif #9 – but YOU sure didn’t! 😀


  3. Thanks for sharing my friend. As always!


  4. buttercup4u

    Steve in overdose is always a winner, thanks for the beautiful pics and gifs!
    The blue polo at the end reminded me of s1 McG!
    The doing the work and handcuffing the guy made my heart jump, i love when he moves on the floor 😉 !


  5. Kath40

    I too was distracted the whole time by the McG Hotness. I always have to re-watch for the plot ya know 😉
    Thanks for the delicious gifs Paula ((HUGS))
    No one walks and puts on gloves as sexy as Steve *thud* ♥


  6. Brooklyngirl

    Oh MY! You did a great job capturing his royal hotness’s hotness! Did. It. Just. Get. Hot. In. Here? 🔥🔥


  7. vanduyn

    Alex was extremely sexy in this episode. I’ve watched it twice and and still catching on to the plot. He distracts me 😉
    Thanks for the awesome gifs♥

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I fear for Alex, if he gets any hotter he might spontaneously combust!!


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