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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 119

We continue our story from here

I have decided that even though these posts are not proper reviews of the episodes, that I will write these recaps of Steve’s story, before I read any other reviews from anybody about the episodes. I want  these to cover my own perception, rather than to be influenced by stuff others say –  Not that it was a big problem in the past, because I have  always written my own feelings. But I have sometimes written things also in reaction to others, rather that just my own impressions on the episode…..

601 11

I totally enjoyed the comeback the writers made in the writing of Steve’s story during the last two episode of last season. And maybe that gave me, against my better judgement, a very high expectations for this season opener. As far as episodes go, it was not one of the worst by far, but as far as season openers go, not the best for me by far. Fact is, I was not wow’d by it, as I have been with the start of other seasons.

It felt like I saw nothing new – Maybe because the best parts of the episode were already shown in promos or written about in spoilers? 😦

But let’s get to Steve’s story ……

Just to put things into perspective, a recap of where we are in the story. The day before the wedding, Cath pitches up, back from nowhere after a year, and during which time she told  Steve to move on (which he did not do btw.). Now since her return the day before, the team hunted down guys with a nuclear bomb. They had an epic day of solving the case and saving the Island very dramatically. From there they went straight to the wedding where Chin was threatened by Gabriel. Regardless of all the major drama that day, they still managed to party the night away, just to wake up to another day having to solve a random case of murder ….. (poor Honolulu police department have no more detectives left to handle these random ordinary homicide cases it seems? Confused smiley 83 )

I am tired on their behalf, just writing all that down. But our team are superhero’s and even all the exposure to the nuclear weapon and narrowly escaping the nuclear blast the previous day, they just keep going. 🙂 I still think Hawaiian days are much longer than anywhere else on earth (because of the amount of stuff they manage to fit into a day)

With all that action, no wonder then that they just fell asleep in their clothes.

And by the way …. I think Steve & Cath need to make time for more than just talk!

And the reason I am saying that, is that our hero’s mind seems to be a bit muddled. He is planning wedding tux’s already and there has been no ‘talk’ yet. I think he needs to get laid first, just to clear his mind up and open up his rational thinking (A year without a girlfriend to help scratch the itches, can be a longggg time). Or maybe his confusion was just caused by the nuclear blast? 😀

It is not that I don’t want him to propose and he is quite correct in saying that it is long overdue – I also think he should have done it a long time ago. But I think he is putting the cart in front of the horses this time. First fill in the gaps of the past year, before popping the question and proposing to spend a lifetime together ……

  • Random trivia: Steve practicing to wear a wedding ring? :rotfl:

601 2

(Yes, we caught one teeny tiny screenshot of Alex still wearing his wedding ring. And some others were the tan line and indent it makes are very prominent – hiatus was long)


Well I don’t think Danny knows women very well. Not if he thinks a guy (Steve) is already getting married, even before asking the girl or getting an answer from her. And he really was a bit of an asshole about it. REALLY?? 😕

We will have to wait to see how the proposal pans out (and not jump to to many conclusions before we see what happens)…. because there are clearly a number of issues that still needs to be addressed around it. (I am just glad to see that there is some sort of personal story line for Steve again :popcorn: )

As far as the case of the week goes, nothing season premiere-worthy around it for me. Just another procedural executed in normal Hawaii Five-0 efficiency with Steve at the helm. 🙂 As can be expected, good all around acting, make-up and stunts.

The excitement about pirates vanished for me with the realization that the cast did not have some fun to dress up and play the roles of the pirates. And in the end the pirate story was actually much to do about nothing and fiction made up by and old man. Maybe if Gabriel was also hunting for the treasure and if there were a connection with the 2 stories there, it might have been more exciting?

And even with all the high drama always surrounding Adam and Kono’s relationship, their story still remain a bit boring to me (…. oops, sorry … see me run and hide  ). But really, they even spend their honeymoon at home?

But luckily, at the end of it all, Steve still left me weak at the knees……

 What more can a fangirl ask for?



And that was Steve’s story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:01

Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie

(Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil)

To be continued …….



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