#H50 6.01 – #SteveMcGarrett showing off his moves

Well we finally got here, after 6 month hiatus! As a season opener, this lacked a bit of excitement, for me anyway. Kono and Adam sure got a bumby start and more action than the rest. We have gotten such great season openers, this felt more like a regular episode. But it did have cute and yummy McGarrett. I only wished they had shown more of Alex dancing, the bits we got looked so good and hilarious 😀

As usual, I try to capture the best scenes in gifs.

Hopefully you enjoy the post 🙂










I think making this post made me realize, this episode had more nice moments than I first noticed. Yey!


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22 responses to “#H50 6.01 – #SteveMcGarrett showing off his moves

  1. Karen

    Oh I really enjoyed the Season Opener. He looked REALLY hot in that tux and then seeing him waking up and that grin! 😉


  2. Helma Gerth

    Liked this opening episode !!!


  3. It was a little slow but remember chin is the topic this season


  4. One more thing ESS you should be proud of me nothing to about cat lol


  5. Leah

    GREAT gifs Paula! Like you, once viewing the gifs I realized the episode did have some pretty good moments! 🙂 And I’m with Catherine – I would DEFINITELY be weak in the knees after he kissed me! Someone would probably have to scrape me up off the floor because I’d be a melted puddle. LOL


  6. gracenotpark

    Nice shots! ❤

    I enjoyed this ep. Tho I admit with my second viewing, I ff'd thru the Kono/Adam parts. 😈


    • I had to ff Kono drama too, takes up way too much time to watch everything when making gifs. I think my expectations were just too high for the premier. I think they should have had Alex as head pirate, with bare chest. Also other regular cast members in pirate gear. How much more fun had that been 😀


  7. Very nice GIFs. You captured some really good scenes.
    Not all was great in this first episode, but it was good enough. 🙂


  8. That naked trigger finger and thumb will be the end of me …. sigh … 😛


  9. Definitely the trigger finger action ,never had an interest in guns before!


  10. Colleen

    I wished the episode could have been better but I did enjoy it. We got to see Steve in a tux, waking up in bed, smiling, and dancing so I’d say we got a few things we can all agree were wonderful. Thanks Paula!


  11. I guess I liked it more than most of you, I thought it was a fantastic season opener! As always I would always love more McG, but what we got was spectacular! The tux, the kiss, the dance moves (oh for sure more of this would have been nice!), the bed-head look… and OMG! Yes, that bare trigger finger! While I understand the thought of the regular cast as the pirates, I think it would have been on the corny side, just my opinion, of course. I loved the pirates as the theme… isn’t Gabriel a modern day version? The music was very much a salute to the Pirates of the Caribbean, but very well done also, kudos for that. As someone on Twitter said after Adam was shot, ‘Marriages don’t work out too well on H5-0,’ but that is what you get with a drama!


    • Forgot to say thank you for these terrific gifs!!!


      • I don´t mind corny, as long as it makes me laugh 🙂 It´s just a wish of mine to have an alternate universe for those guys. Like they did with 507, the roles were almost reversed, and I loved it. For me season 4 had an amazing start, this just lacked wow factors (well, apart of Alex´s gorgeous face).


  12. alexsluvjan

    Thx for all the EXCELLENT gifs Paula..<3
    My thoughts are..I t wasnt as explosive as I thought ..I did enjoy the McG parts..but yes it did seem like an episode and not the Season Premiere..As Always , I do enjoy watching our Steve ❤ =P

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  13. Just want to mention that even though our opinions may differ, I don´t mind hearing different thoughts than mine. I think it is great there were fans loving this opening 🙂


  14. I liked it! Not over the top exciting,but I love the treasure hunt feel and the humor that Jerry provides. Highlights for me were Alex in a tux, dancing, kissing, smiling. Then waking with the sexiest bed head and swollen sleepy eyes. Then off to work with sexy scruff face, add some kevlar, and gloves with naked trigger finger and thumb…umf!! Loved watching him in SEAL action! The show may have fallen a little flat for some, but Alex never let us down for a moment. I don’t know how he does it, but he continues to get sexier every season. *sigh*
    Thank you Paula for the incredible gifs! I would love to have a man smile at me like he did at Cath. ((THUD))


    • gracenotpark

      Whew! After reading your descriptions, I need to go watch it yet again! 😆 And I agree Alex, and his superb characterization of our beloved McG, MADE this episode.


  15. You all know my love-hate relationship with Steve but love Alex regardless. But really love him in a tuxedo. Glad that Danny and Steve have their bromance back and no longer mean spirited like it has been. Really want Cath and Steve together, happy, and forever.


  16. alexnymph

    I thought the show was good–don’t really need to have a spectacular opening–having the gang together at the wedding was good enough for me (much better than a CGI claw!). And Masi killed it with the dance moves!

    Did Alex do something different with his sideburns? So many times he looked more like Mick than Steve 🙂


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