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Hawaii Five-O dogs experience Micro Bubbles ZEN Spa – Dec 2010

Please read the article to the end and make sure to understand that there was no news about the whereabouts of Reggie after this article and none of us are sure about what happened to her. What we do know is that Dusty is Alex’s only dog since hiatus 2011 and up to present time. 

Most of you will know that the Hawaii Five-0 set is very dog friendly….


6 December 2010

The cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 just love getting their HAWAII FIDO’s micro bubble and zen spa treatment at a private Hawaiian zen oasis that takes a dog to a relaxing world.  Alex O’Loughlin who portrays Steve McGarrett on Hawaii 5-0 just adopted an Australian Border Collie mix which he found at a junk yard during a shooting for an upcoming episode for Hawaii 5-0.  As destiny had it Alex who had been looking for a dog since coming to the island couldn’t find one. By faith “dogs that  need to come into our lives will find us” and that is exactly what happen. This beautiful 6 month old puppy which Alex named  “Reggie” after his grandfather is shown in the photo.

Cocojor was right there to make sure that Miss Reggie got the full make-over by giving her a micro bubble treatment. The poor dog had ringworm, a fungi that lives on the surface of the skin and in the skin follicles, feeding on dead skin tissue and hair and a lot of fleas. After lifting off all those negative elements from the skin she used the Cocojor Zen shampoo that helps exfoliate the skin. They finished the treatment off with a deep conditioner.  Miss Reggie got her “fangs” nails  done and the finishing touches for her make-over was the Cocojor Moana Tea Dress to go see her dad.


Nicole Burke who is the first assistant director for the Hawaii 5-0  said Bauer enjoyed his spa experience so much!! You’re going to have all the Hfive-0 pets as clients. We love Cocojor


Diana Jackson, Office of Alex O’Loughlin, Hawaii Five-0

Bauer bath

Bauer getting a bath

N0t 100% sure, but I guess this is Nicole’s dog, Bauer, with the cast on set.

My thoughts

  • Reggie and Bauer looks very similar to me, but of course Reggie was just a puppy and Bauer bigger.  😀
  • We have never heard anything about Reggie again and have no knowledge of what happened to her. I would guess that it might be a sad story of her past, as a junk yard doggie, that caught up with her. 😦
  • I am posting this story because I have seen many comments where people still get confused about Alex’s dog.
  • Alex got his present doggie-girl Dusty during hiatus 2011 and they seem to have a wonderful bond. Dusty is often seen on the set and is clearly loved by many of the cast and crew (just like her Daddy 🙂 )
  • And of course Dusty-girl still enjoy her spaw-days at Cocojor and is well love there as well. 🙂 )


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