Alex O’Loughlin up against J. Lo in romantic comedy – April 2010

Alex O’Loughlin has become a regular presence on TV screens with work on The Shield, Moonlight and Three Rivers and he just finished filming the pilot for a remake of Hawaii 5-0.

But the hardworking Australian actor is no stranger to movie screens either. In his latest, the romantic comedy The Back-Up Plan, he goes toe-to-toe with none other than Jennifer Lopez.

Metro World News

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By Ned Ehrbar


O’Loughlin sat down with Metro to talk about working with J.Lo, film versus television and his undying love for vampires.

What was it like going up against J.Lo?

Alex: It was fantastic. It’s funny when you word it like that, going up against her. It’s like, yeah I guess I sort of was in a way. But it never felt like that. She’s a pro, she’s completely approachable. I mean, we met and became buds before we did the thing, so by the time it was first day on set, cameras rolling, we were like old mates, which is great. I think it’s really important. If you go back and watch romantic comedies where people haven’t been friends, it doesn’t really work.

How exactly did you bond before filming?

Alex: I flew up and met her and Mark and the kids at their house in Long Island and just hung out. You know, you meet people in life and you either have chemistry or you don’t. I think as an Aussie and just who I am as a person, humour is a really important part of my life. My mates and I are always giving each other a hard time and breaking balls. When I get to know someone, if I’m interested in them as a person, I sort of do a bit of that. I just test the waters a bit. And she’s a Bronx girl from the block, and she was like, “Oh, really?” So there was a bit of that, which was nice.

Do you have a preference between playing heroes and villains?

Alex: I really like playing villains. It feels to me like  – and this isn’t to say that I’ve ever done anything clever or talented in my career yet – but I feel like when I’m playing a villain, I can get away with a lot more. You go like, “Hey, listen, what if this guy had a tattoo on his face?” And the director’s like, “Yeah! That’s f—ing evil!” But as the hero, you’re like, “Hey, can we…?” “No! You’re the hero. Just look and smile.” And that’s a ridiculous sort of stereotypical response, but I just feel freer when I’m a villain.

How about a preference between working in film and television?

Alex: Well, film. I don’t know who would prefer television over film. The only good thing about TV is it’s a steady pay cheque. That’s not true, it’s not the only good thing about TV. But look at me, dude. I just finished a pilot. I’m beat. You do 15, 16-hour days every day. You’ve got to churn the work out. I think film is the most comfortable medium because of the time and the money that’s usually there.

And can you talk about, the pilot, Hawaii 5-0?

Alex: No, I mean, I’ll just say that it’s a big pilot, and I think it’s going to be very good. You should definitely watch out for it.

Are you tired of getting questions about vampires?

Alex: No, I love vampires. I did the show Moonlight because I love the genre and because I really believed in the show, and I will always love the genre. I think it’s the coolest. I would totally play a vampire again – if it was the right thing. I’ll never be sick of vampires.



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9 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin up against J. Lo in romantic comedy – April 2010

  1. vanduyn

    I’m so glad he said that about the vampires.. so many newer fans I’ve met just discount his role as Mick as some little thing he did a long time ago. Excellent post!! 😀


  2. karen

    He’ll be a vamp again. He’ll never play a vamp again. He has made both of these statements. So, who knows.


    • Two quotes come to mind here and I cannot recall any others that would explain what he said or did not say better (If I have forgotten any please correct me)
      1) I love playing different roles, the more variety the better. Once I’ve played a role I don’t want to play it again. April 29, 2009
      2) ‘Moonlight’ is not coming back and I’m probably never going to play another vampire. — CBS “We’re Not Doctors” unused footage, July/August 2009

      With the 1ste quote, I do not think he means not playing a vampire again – if that vamp is a totally different role to Mick, I think he would consider it – Just like he has played different kinds of Cops. But I think it would be very difficult for him, as Mick was so much part of him.

      In quote 2, he says I’m probably never going to play a vamp again. “Probably” for me is the key word here. He does not say, ‘I will never’ or ‘I do not ever want to’, play it again.
      So for me there is no contradiction to what he said before and what he says in this interview. 🙂


  3. gracenotpark

    So y’all reckon they have EVER communicated since the movie wrapped? 😆


  4. Karen

    I just saw “The Back-Up Plan” over the weekend and just LOVE IT! Alex was amazing in this movie.


    • Great that you enjoyed it.
      What else of him have you not yet seen? I always envy new fans that first look at his work – the pleasure of dicovering him is great 😀


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