They say ….. he is really loving #AlexOLoughlin

“I love him [Alex]. He’s awesome.

He’s such a gentleman. He just breaks my heart in how sweet he is.

He’s so sweet, but such a leading man in this way that isn’t cocky, but strong. He’s strong, because he needs to be strong, and he needs caring to show, and he’s very ambitious and wants a really long career.

All of the qualities that need to be attached for somebody to be really successful are all there, but without that sort of sketchy quality that can sometimes be in people that really want to get to the top. He has zero of that.

I see how he treats everybody on set. He’s really compassionate. Really loving.”

Shannyn Sossamon, co-star on “Moonlight”

in an interview with IGN,

September 2007

shirtoff bw dl heart


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6 responses to “They say ….. he is really loving #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Manu

    We know how caring and down to earth Alex is but hearing and reading it constantly from his costars, past and present always fills my heart with pride and joy 🙂
    He is one of a kind and the fact that success hasn’t changed him says a lot.
    I’m always happier to have become his fan.
    Thank you for sharing this pearl.


    • gracenotpark

      Exactly! Fans report his awesome often, but to hear from so many co-stars, to know he is like this alllll the time, to everybody, always raises my esteem for him even higher.

      This quote is new for me. Love it! I wish H50 would have Shannyn on as a guest star. She is part Hawaiian! Get it in gear, Show!


    • Leah

      You said it perfectly, Manu. Totally agree. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    So sexyyyyy, really hotttt


  3. Beautiful Comments ladies and I agree with them all


  4. Kath40

    It’s these quality’s in Alex that make me so proud to be his fan. ♥


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