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The Varied Faces of #AlexOLoughlin

This was too cute to be lost – another post from the closed down site Alex O’Loughlin Rocks.

– And it is actually a very nice filmography of Alex’s work

Posted by Mizzoh on Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here’s a lighthearted look at Alex O’Loughlin’s movie and TV career to date*. He has chosen very diverse roles, playing the good guy as well as the villain, participating in both indie films and international productions.

“I love playing different roles, the more variety the better. Once I’ve played a role I don’t want to play it again,” he told TVAddict.com in April 2009.

Even though the humble Alex feels he’s only a medium talent, even believing at one point that he wasn’t good enough to pursue acting as a career, his fans and the entertainment industry know better.

Alex doesn’t think of himself as a star and doesn’t take himself too seriously — qualities that add to his growing popularity, but he does take a serious approach to acting:

“I walk in the shoes of the character 24 hours a day.” – TV Guide 15 April 2009

*One missing role at the time if the original post is that of Ian Mack in the Australian TV series White Collar Blue, episode 2.01.

Who: Stan
Where: The Back-Up Plan

When: March 2010
Why we love him: Farmer Stan makes any John Deere hum smoothly.
Bummer: We have to wait till March 2010 to get further acquainted. (It was actually released at the end of April in the end)
On the bright side: A happy ending awaits us and Alex won’t know what hit him once this movie is unleashed upon millions of unsuspecting females around the world. (Unfortunately not enough people saw the movie when it first came out, myself included – FOYeur)

Who: Andy Yablonski, M.D.
Where: Three Rivers

When: Now ( Of course this was Oct 2009 )
Why we love him: This brilliant transplant surgeon fixes broken hearts and doesn’t take no for an answer.
Bummer: Dr. Andy has an uncertain future, but we live in hope.
On the bright side: You rock our world, Alex!

Who: Russell Haden
Where: Whiteout

When: Sept. 2009 (Filmed March 2007)
Why we love him: This Aussie pilot is a bad, bad boy.
Bummer: Russell buys it.
On the bright side: He looks marvelous in just the hat ‘n boots and pours a mean scotch on the billion-year-old rocks.

Who: Vincent Rowlings
Where: Criminal Minds: The Big Wheel

When: April 2009
Why we love him: He’s the only serial killer we ever cried for.
Bummer: Vincent buys it.
On the bright side: He totally rocks the nerdy glasses and long johns.

Who: Mick St. John
Where: Moonlight

When: Sept. 2007 – May 2008
Why we love him: This stylish vampire stole our hearts with his strong principles, soulful looks, romance novel hair and unrequited love.
Bummer: Alas, only 16 episodes and no second season.
On the bright side: Mick got his Beth and we got our DVD. ( Unfortunately without any extras)

Who: Marshall Connelly
Where: August Rush

When: Oct. 2007 (Filmed in Jan – May 2006)
Why we love him: He’s a rock musician, nuff said!
Bummer: His role was way too short.
On the bright side: He’s in the DVD extras.

Who: Detective Kevin Hiatt
Where: The Shield

When: May 2007 (Filmed in May – June 2006)
Why we love him: We’ll never look at wooden chairs the same way again.
Bummer: He’s only in seven episodes in season 6.
On the bright side: Great DVD, plus extras.

Who: Marcus Bohem
Where: The Invisible

When: April 2007 (Filmed late 2005)
Why we love him: Alex does criminals so well.
Bummer: Oops, he buys it again…
On the bright side: Hair grows back.

Who: The Kissing Couple (no kidding)
Where: The Holiday

When: Dec. 2006
Why we love him: He gives us the best 25 seconds of the movie.
Bummer: Don’t blink, or you’ll miss him.
On the bright side: It was Alex’s first role in a US production.

Who: Will Bryant
Where: Mary Bryant

When: Oct. 2005 (Filmed late 2004)
Why we love him: Other costume dramas pale in comparison and men in tights never looked so good. (did he wear tights?)
Bummer: He buys it again, and does it in style.
On the bright side: The role earned Alex an AFI and Silver Logie nomination for Best Actor in a Lead Role.

Who: Jack Flange
Where: Oyster Farmer

When: June 2005 (Filmed in late 2003)
Why we love him: No one wears the edible balaclava better and the dock scene is worth rewinding.
Bummer: The movie should have been a little longer.
On the bright side: It got Alex international attention and eventually led him to LA.

Who: Michael Carter
Where: FEED

When: May 2005 (Filmed in Jan – Feb 2005)
Why we love him: He’s totally off his rocker and loving it.
Bummer: Michael meets a fate worse than death.
On the bright side: There’s so much information available on how this movie was made in the UK and US DVD extras.

Who: Deputy Eric Fraser
Where: Man-Thing

When: April 2005 (Filmed in 2003, before Oyster Farmer)
Why we love him: Hats off for the southern accent!
Bummer: He dies a painful death.
On the bright side: No point watching the rest of the movie after Eric is gone.

Who: Luke Anderson
Where: BlackJack: Sweet Science

When: Nov. 2004
Why we love him: Another bad boy with criminal intent.
Bummer: He ends up in prison. (and the DVD is very rare and expensive to get)
On the bright side: Luke has an Aussie accent!

Who: Dave
Where: Love Bytes: Net Nanny
When: Feb. 2004
Why we love him: A fresh, young Alex in only his second role.
Bummer: Not available on DVD. (And not credited on IMDb)
On the bright side: It’s (partially*) available on YouTube.

(* It is now fully available on YouTube in 3 parts)

Link to Part 1; link to Part 2; link to Part 3

And we added our own version of the 2 roles that were not included in the original post…..

Who: Ian Mack
Where: White Collar Blue (Episode 2:01)
When: 5 May 2003
Why we love him: A very fresh, very young Alex with an Aussie accent and goatee
Bummer: Not available on DVD.
On the bright side: A very generous fan (Fever) made it available on You Tube for us all to enjoy!

Link to Part 1;  link Part 2;  link to Part 3

Who: Steve McGarrett
Where: Hawaii Five-0
When: September 2010 – present
Why we love him: Alex made the stoic Navy SEAL, Steve, very real and lovable.
Bummer: That is the only role he’s got time for at the moment.
On the bright side: We see him in a new episode for more or less 24 week every year.

Hope you also enjoyed this little overview of the career of

Alex O’Loughlin….. 😀



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