Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (6 – 12 September 2015)

Of course this week was mainly about the start of the new season of Hawaii Five-0 with SOTB in Hawaii, but we still have some other news from the past week to cover as well. Once again thank you to everybody who so generously shared footage from SOTB and the set. Especially those who shared without covering the bodies of actors with ugly signatures.

And also a big thank you to all the fan pages and fans for sharing these pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I think we all had some great fun.


From korhonenessi on IGPicture from korhonenessi on IG

Question: What do you mostly look forward to during the next year of your life?

Alex: Watching my kids grow. It’s the best thing in the world, you know. All this is great, but it’s nothing without them.

– On the red carpet at SOTB, 12 September 2015

Just a small spoiler warning about pictures from the set and new casting in Hawaii Five-0 – no real storyline spoilers though.

Life on the Set:

Alex on set

kainoadaines Alex O’Loughlin siting atop Waihī at Waimea Valley. #HawaiiFiveO

Alex on set 4
hamley Tried to go hang out with a waterfall, ran into our mates from the 5-0 … #hawaii50 #hawaii50sets #bemmyinhawaii #Hawaii #oahu #waima
Alex on set 3

Fan photos:

Some more fan picture from SOTB – credits in the names

 Alex at Events:

Link to video captured by Silvia – broadcast by TeamH50 on periscope of Alex on the red carpet at SOTB

Link to nicely edited video from DabeachBum of the arrival of the cast on the red carpet – Footage of Alex From 4:25 to 7:14

 News for the week:

  • Thank you once again to Star Advertiser for their articles and coverage of SOTB:

Link to their video recap of the evening.

Something Pretty from other fans:

From Linda Stein on Twitter

Some fandom laughs for the week:laugh:

  • Alex on the red carpet: I’m not telling you where my house is. Are you high?

The words of a fangirl: biglove

 jenniferchloe : I walked right onto set while walking to class my first week here, and tonight I saw the entire (-Danno) cast at Sunset On The Beach Season 6 premiere This girl right here is one happy person at the moment 🏼 #SOTB

From Jennifer Chloe

Some Trivia for the week:

 sarah_carter_oxox Well… when you poo in your airplane carrier what do you expect? #adventureswithgandalf #gandalfthegreatandpowerfulwizardcat

Sarah's kitty

(Sarah is a new cast member who started working on Hawaii Five-0 last week and joined the cast on stage at SOTB)

Sarah in an interview at SOTB with TeamH50: Alex and I are old friends. I have committed to 2 episodes.

……….and to take the story further:

Holly Valance about Alex in Hello! Magazine 2 September 2008: “My friend Sarah Carter introduced us two years ago and we started dating  – he’s lovely, he’s just a really good man. We moved in with each other pretty quickly but it’s working and we’re doing really well. He’s Aussie, too, which is great as we share common cultural backgrounds and senses of humor – we can reminisce together.”

Holly in another article about Alex in The People 21 September 2008: “I met him at a girlfriend’s house when he was helping her repairing things. I saw this gorgeous Aussie with his top off in the sunshine, hammering nails into a fence. Then every time I went to my friend’s house Alex would come by. I think my friend was matchmaking and it worked.”

  • Sarah and Holly worked together on the movie DOA in 2006 🙂

As usual we like to connect the dots here and follow the story and complete the picture Confused smiley 83

My Pet Peeves: *cry*

  •  Hawaiian journalists and photographers spelling Alex’s name incorrectly. He goes by the name Alex O’LOUGHLIN people NOT ‘Alex O’Laughlin’

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • who plays baby joan on hawaii five o

This is funny to me, because they actually used at least 7 or 8 babies to play baby Joan in that one episode in Season 4

Thought (Tweet) for the week:

#H50’s favorite villian @IanAnthonyDale takes to the #SOTB Red Carpet!

As some fangirls pointed out about this tweet – Either CBS don’t know much about Hawaii Five-0 storyline or they just gave away a major spoiler. 😆

  Next Week:

  • If they film according to schedule they should be moving on to Episode 608 this week.
  • The Hawaiian Walk to Defeat ALS is taking place on Saturday 19 September. We are not sure if Alex and his family will participate again, but it is definitely a cause close to their heart and Alex’s wife Malia’s family will definitely be part of the event. And some of the Hawaii Five-0 and Alex fans will also be participating.

sotb 15 cute 2 dl



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11 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (6 – 12 September 2015)

  1. gracenotpark

    Love the Intel on Sarah Carter…old buddies are the best! And I guess he’s now returning a favor. 😉

    Also I love Alex’s take on a potentially married McG. He’s a little crazy but he’d be a great dad. Awwww. So true. ❤


    • I love to follow the story and see the bigger picture – especially when a name suddenly clicks for me and I realise I have seen it before in a connection with Alex.
      And this was adorable and so true >>>> Also I love Alex’s take on a potentially married McG. He’s a little crazy but he’d be a great dad. Awwww. So true.


  2. When I heard Alex’s comment about McG being ‘a little crazy but he’d be a great dad,’ it felt like he was describing himself, right?

    THX for this week’s round-up!


  3. lindae5o

    Thanks for the great wrap-up, FOYeur. Lovely photos. Alex is simply adorable !!


  4. Nice info about Sarah Carter, life is so full of coincidences 🙂


  5. Great pictures. It must be overwhelming at times with all the cameras and flashes going off. That suit, boy he must have been hot. (He could have stripped down we wouldn’t have minded) Malia said it was in the 90s for temperature and in the 90’s for humidity. Nice to see them so open for the fans. And lucky lady Linda Stein too for getting a pic with him. From construction worker for Sarah and friends to now be working together I think is really awesome. I can see them putting lots of side glances into it, even though they weren’t involved…little things between them. Thanks for the video, pics and all the news. Really enjoyed this.


  6. Really enjoyed the pics of the week and I enjoy sob hope it againnext year


  7. You don’t know how much i love your intel about everthing Alex related and Sarah’s news are great. This week was awesome. Thank you very much for this rever.


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