#H50 Sunset On The Beach 6 (12 Sept 2015) – A look back

Just a quick look at the pictures that came through from SOTB 6 ……

(Please make sure to click on the names to find the original picture posts on Twitter and Instagram and make sure to like the pictures there as well)

Alex & Malika Dudley

Alex & Malika Dudley

edmorita Alex O’Loughlin has arrived at the beach! #h50 Sunset on the Beach season 6 premiere.

From Ed Monita

mother_of_odin808 Here you go ladies. Yes. I had to sneak this photo. Didn’t want to be too obvious considering they were right next to me… #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #HawaiiFiveOPremiere6 #LifeOfAPhotog #ForTheLadies
From Mom 808
carina.hawaii Alex and his wife Malia #h50 #hawaii50 #hawaiifive0 #seasonpremiere #sotb6 #waikiki #queensbeach #cbs
 From Carina

outriggerwaikiki We are on the red carpet on Waikiki Beach with Alex O’Loughlin for the #H50 premiere!

From Outrigger

hawaiifive0cbs Alex O’Loughlin looking handsome on the red carpet #H50 #SOTB!

H50 CBS 02

hawaiifive0cbs These two ! @danieldaekim#alexoloughlin#H50#SOTB

H50 CBS 01

aaron643  #H50#SOTB6#Honolulu#Hawaii

Aaron 63

Honolulumag  Earlier, Malia Jones and Alex O’Loughlin on the @hawaiifive0cbs red carpet. Photo: @dianeswlee #hawaiifive0#sotb

Honolulumag 01

Beautiful night at Hawaii 5-0 sunset on the beach premiere with my honey. But what do you wear when it’s 90 degrees and 90% humidity? A Isabel Marant mini hula skirt with an MJ tunic top & bikini x Happy season 6 babe! 💋💋 #waikiki#sunset#premiere

nadia_blogs  Congrats to Hawaii Five-0 on Season 6! #sunsetonthebeach#H50#hawaiimomblog#luckywelivehawaii

hawaiinewsnow The cast and crew of #H50 have made their way down the red carpet and are ready for a fun night at the season 6 #SOTB premiere!


Pictures from NinjAloha50@ninjaloha50

   #Alex signing a paddle #H50

From Eco travler


   My best photo of #AlexOLoughlin tonight!! #H50 Please credit me with the photo!

Christina Kerwick 01

  • Short video recorded by Silvia and provided by TeamH50 via live feed. You can find the transcript to it here

Link to video

A big THANK YOU to everybody for posting pictures and providing us with footage from the event.

From Dianna Feica 01

Alex & Diana Feica – Thank you Jill for the find


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18 responses to “#H50 Sunset On The Beach 6 (12 Sept 2015) – A look back

  1. Great pics already 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear some interviews!


  2. gracenotpark

    Ahhhhh maaaan! So glad the weather cooperated and everyone seems to have had a great time. And *mwah*mwah*mwah* to y’all for pulling it all together! ❤


  3. gracenotpark

    Oh, and btw, Malia’s little blurb about her outfit is adorable, especially her wishing him a happy S6.


  4. Colleen

    Wow he looks so good. Maybe it’s just been too long since we’ve seen him but wow he keeps getting sexier. Thanks ladies


  5. Love the video great job


  6. alexnymph

    Thanks, ladies for all the great info–I was able to livestream some of Periscope last night because of your great rundown of sites!

    Alex looked good, and pretty relaxed, but his outfit looked like a repeat. And did they forget to tell Malia she was going to the premiere and not the Halloween episode? Sorry, but that hat has got to go. And the all-black. A cute white top would have looked really nice (and cool in the hot night) with that skirt. Grace looked fantastic–cute dress! While Ian Anthony Dale was quite the dashing one!

    Happy S6 to everyone!


    • dq

      Ha Ha! Good looking people always think they can get away with anything. She never wears any colors except black and white. Come on ladies, we’ve all experienced this…going out,ask hubby “how do I look?, he replies “good”. You know he is lying. What he means is We’re late, get your ass in the car, let’s go! I would kill my husband if he let me go out of the house looking like that! And there are actually pictures of it! Too funny.


      • Hi dq
        Interesting to see that your first comment here with us, is used to criticize Alex and Malia’s marriage and their choices.
        We rather would ;ike to hear what people like and enjoy about Alex – than for us all to give them marital advice and tell them what to do.
        We all wear what we feel comfortable with and none of us have to parade in the spotlight.


        • dq

          When you are driving the kids to school or going to Whole Foods to buy a bag of organic whatever, you dress for comfort. When you are attending a publicity event with your celebrity husband you know you are going to be in the spotlight also.No marital advice given and certainly not telling them what to do. Just getting a little chuckle from the Miley Cyrus outfit.


      • Patricia T

        After all the rain and humidity here in the last few weeks, Iam surprised they didnt come in bikinis. Black is good if you can pull it off and she can. Everyone looked a little rough except Ian Anthony Dale. He is beautiful.


    • Alex wears many of his clothes over and over again. And suits sometimes all look the same and then they are not.
      Neither Alex nor Malia attend these for his fans to criticize them or give them clothing tips – they dress in what they think they will feel comfortable in for the event.
      We are here to enjoy them – not teach them how to dress. They are big enough to make their own choices.


  7. Thank you so much Paula and FOYeur for your immense work to keep us up to date. It is highly appreciated.
    I think Alex and Malia looked stunning. It was pouring all day so the hat sure came in handy. I liked it. She is such a naturel beauty that is rarely seen on a red carpet. And I love it when a pairs cloths match in colours! Alex’s posture in the pics with his wife is beautiful and meaningful.
    These two where oozing love, I love Malia’s post about her honey and her babe. They both have such a sweet tempered nature. Gorgeous couple!


  8. We really do not want to restrict anybody in what they comment here with us and it is not part of our policy. But we also would like our commenters to show good taste and not try to play designers or clothing critics – that is not what we are about here.
    We all have our own views and tastes, but I hope that people would rather adhere to the fun part of our site and not partake in low class public criticism of Alex or his family and their choices.
    Thank you 🙂


  9. karen

    Was there. Got a pic with Ian, Grace and ALEX!!!. First pic with him after 6 times of hoping. He touched me. I put my arm around him. Help me!!!


  10. Thank you for this post. Alex looks gorgeous as always in dark suit and the weather helped to everyone could had a wonderful evening. My only complain is after 6 years the journalists still write and said Alex’s surname wrong. This time i struggle a bit for watching the sotb, so everthing you post is a big help to me.


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