Sunset On The Beach 6: Links and people to follow for the best news

Remember today is SOTB day and the red carpet should be starting around 5 or 6 pm Hawaiian time (12 hours behind out blog time) Let’s hope the weather will play along and proceedings will take place as planned.

If you need to find the time in your zone, here is the link to an easy to use timezone converter.

This is a post to help you to find links of possible live stream broadcasts of the event and also accounts to follow, in order to get the best up to date information and pictures surrounding the event. We won’t be able to cover everything immediately, but you should get the best information from the event, by following these links. We will try to compile a post with highlights later on – and it will as usual be focussing on Alex.

SOTB 1 a

SOTB 1 – 2010

Livestream links:

(Remember to refresh whenever your links get lost)

(The livestream links can also be found in the widgets in the upper right and left hand  side of our blog )

Long Legs O’Loughlin (LLOL) livestream: here

Hawaii News Now (HNN) livestream: here

(Please note that it is livestream of HNN news (not the event itself), and they might only be showing short recorded clips from the actual event)

Periscope links:

TeamH50 livestream: here

@Aloha Travel (Bruce Fisher) livestream: here

(twitter –Bruce Fisher@AlohaBruce )

Billy V (HNN) livestream: here

(It looks as if the Periscope livestream broadcast links, change with each broadcast – we get new links from their Twitter)

SOTB 2 -

SOTB 2 – 2011

Twitter accounts and tags to follow:

(Just click on the name and it will take you to the right spot)

SOTB 3 -

SOTB 3 – 2012

Instagram accounts:



SOTB 4 – 2013

Facebook Fanpages

The Five-0 Redux

Alex O’Loughlin Place

Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin

Hawaii Five-0 Australia

Team H50

Five-o team



SOTB 5 – 2014

And hopefully our friends at AOLww will also share some of the fun, by posting videos & pictures as they become available…

We will update this post with more links according to the categories, when we come across others (also from the press), who are sharing in the fun direct from the beach. Please let us know if you are there and we will also add your account link here.

aloha sotb dl credit Joe LLOL

Original photo taken by Joe, one of the regular LLOL ladies at SOTB 2014



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3 responses to “Sunset On The Beach 6: Links and people to follow for the best news

  1. Thank you fir the links 🙂
    I won’t get up at 5am on Sunday morning but I’ll gladly watch videos pics and footage later on


  2. Than you and for the time converter too!


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