#H50 5.07 notes by #AlexOLoughlin

This is from the Season 5 DVD extras.

I think it is safe to say Alex liked 5.07 episode the best.  🙂

507 memo 1

Alex: It was a pretty big episode

507 memo 2

Alex: It’s nice to have something to sort of sink your teeth into.

507 memo 3

Alex: It was also physically really demanding

507 memo 4

Alex: I was in that torture room under the water pipe …

507 memo 5

….. for three days, in just a pair of pants.

507 memo 6

…. And the stage we were shooting on was like 50 degrees.

507 memo 7

Alex: I got pretty sick afterwards

507 memo 8

…..In the moment it was great. It helps to suspend my own belief

507 memo 9

Director Larry Teng (about Epi 100): He [Alex] was incredible. He was absolutely incredible

Alex shines when given proper stuff to work on.

I hope they have plenty of good stories written for this season, and especially for Alex.

Bring it on!



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11 responses to “#H50 5.07 notes by #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Since PL mostly fails to mention how incredibel his main actor is, I love when others praise him. And coming from a director like Teng means even more. He really knows what he’s talking about.
    I mean, WE all know how great Alex portrays McG, but it is still really nice to hear it from an ‘official’ source.
    Thanks for posting this.


  2. Betsy craig

    I still cry at this episode, Alex was outstanding, not taking away anything from Mark, who I hated for hurting Steve, the two characters were fantastic and what a brilliant ending. Alex is such a great actor who obviously put his all I to this episode and it showed. My hero, love you Alex.


  3. gracenotpark

    Totally agree with y’all both. Alex is superb, always, and PL seems mostly oblivious to that fact. Which is a shame. Pimp the star = pimp the show. Everybody wins…


  4. Brooklyngirl

    Agree with all you ladies. Alex shines even brighter with the right stuff – here’s to an exciting 6th season with lots of meat for our guy!


  5. I think PL is jealous of Alex. He might want to get on the “clue train” sometime and realize that without Alex, there is no H50. I’m sure it doesn’t even matter to Alex that PL is oblivious. I don’t think there has been a guest star on the show who hasn’t praised Alex for his work. It is those connections that will hopefully help him in the future. I wouldn’t depend on the opinion of PL as a measure of success. Sorry for the rant! This is not a hate on PL thing, just a feeling of disappointment. It really bothers me that Alex is not fully appreciated for what he does for the show. Along with Daniel, he is also a huge part of why the people of Honolulu still support the show. 🙂

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    • It does appear that Scott gets more appraises from PL than Alex. Luckily Alex´s wonderful personality will always win over more important people, and I am sure he will work soon after H50 is done. Can´t wait to see what is up next for our guy 🙂


      • I agree about Scott getting more praises. I wonder if the fact that he has a famous actor for a father has anything to do with that? 😛


        • alexnymph

          I don’t know why Scott gets all the praise–he has some good moments, but a lot of time he plays the same whiny character (Entourage comes to mind). For some reason people think that Alex is “wooden” against Scott, but he’s playing McG, a very stoic SEAL–it’s what the character requires.

          I, also, think that PL has some sort of strange rivalry with Alex, as if PL is upset with Alex for “upstaging” him. Duh! Alex upstages everyone because he’s soooooooooooooo good. Get over it, PL, and let your leading man lead. That’s my rant 🙂


  6. Alex was superb in 5.07 and deserved better recognition than what he had.
    It’s always great to see the everybody that works with him have words of praise not only for his talent but also for him as a person.
    Always more proud!


  7. i’m glad i’m not the only one noticing the lack of praise for Alex. I was very disappointed in the DVD commentary for 5.07. I was thankful to find the extras you referenced above. I did wonder why it was necessary for the set to be so cold… would have prefered AOL stay healthy.


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