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#H50 5.07 notes by #AlexOLoughlin

This is from the Season 5 DVD extras.

I think it is safe to say Alex liked 5.07 episode the best.  🙂

507 memo 1

Alex: It was a pretty big episode

507 memo 2

Alex: It’s nice to have something to sort of sink your teeth into.

507 memo 3

Alex: It was also physically really demanding

507 memo 4

Alex: I was in that torture room under the water pipe …

507 memo 5

….. for three days, in just a pair of pants.

507 memo 6

…. And the stage we were shooting on was like 50 degrees.

507 memo 7

Alex: I got pretty sick afterwards

507 memo 8

…..In the moment it was great. It helps to suspend my own belief

507 memo 9

Director Larry Teng (about Epi 100): He [Alex] was incredible. He was absolutely incredible

Alex shines when given proper stuff to work on.

I hope they have plenty of good stories written for this season, and especially for Alex.

Bring it on!



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