#AlexOLoughlin – Having A Busy Day In #Hawaii – April 2011

One more day to go to SOTB and just for some fun, we share this old paparazzi post of Alex – originally posted in April 2011. Such a lot of pretty to see and of course also the first ever sighting of the enhanced lower back tattoo …..

Socialite life

2 April 2011.

Actor Alex O’Loughlin seen having an extremely busy day in Oahu, HI. Alex started the day off by going surfing with some friends,

 …. then he went on a jog

Alex jogging - 5

….. and then to the grocery store where he bought a bunch of beer and ice including some St. Pauli Girl Non-Alcoholic beer.

Alex is in Hawaii shooting the hit show ‘Hawaii Five-O.



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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Having A Busy Day In #Hawaii – April 2011

  1. gracenotpark

    LOL! I have seen all these pics before, but I didn’t realize they were all from the same day. I’d be exhausted! 😆


  2. Manu

    Very nice day for him…and the camera 🙂


  3. GracieGray

    Alex and another guy are both wearing tops with “in loving memory of Sion Milosky (a surfer who tragically died a few weeks prior to these photos being taken)” on the back- I always thought they’d been heading to some sort of memorial because I couldn’t understand why they’d both be wearing that top- who knows!


  4. Golly gee wiz, I’m drooling over Alex’s ankles! Maybe in a past life I was an ankle-biter of the four-legged kind….lol


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