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Some Trivia about #AlexOLoughlin on ‘Criminal Minds’

We found this information on the closed down site Alex O’Loughlin Rocks.

Some interesting facts about Alex and his performance in the one episode of the TV Series Criminal Minds in 2009 ……

After 10 months of not doing any acting work, Alex was offered a part as a guest on Criminal Minds.


  • According to Paget Brewster in an interview with TV Guide

Brewster: Oh, Alex…. Alex sets all the girls into a twitter. Various departments were vying for Alex‘s attention. We just finished that this past Saturday morning, at 5:30 am.

• When asked in April 2009 by TV Guide whether playing a serial killer was a smart move for a sex symbol, Alex responded:

“This lovely lady, a fan, came up to me the other day and asked exactly that. And I said, ‘Hang on a minute—if the character has no path to redemption, then it’s difficult for me to play. But this guy, at the end, breaks through his own wall and touches another person. It’s a transition to epiphany.’

If people can’t see that, I’m not doing my job.”

• Co-executive producer Simon Mirren in TV Guide on Alex’s performance:

“You know it’s a good [performance] when the crew starts hanging around the monitor. They came up to me and said, ‘This guy’s great.’

From my point of view, the more an actor can inhabit something that’s the opposite of him, the more producers can be surprised by it.”

Ed Bernero, creator and Executive Producer on Alex in the Canadian TV Guide:

“Alex is an amazing actor; he’s right next door, shooting scenes right now. Alex plays a serial killer who something happens to at a scene of one of the killings that changes his whole personality, and he reaches out to the BAU for help.

It’s a really interesting character. There’s also a great kid in the episode, Jake Cherry, and he and Alex share a lot of scenes together. Alex is very sweet with kids.”

Jake Cherry’s performance as blinded Stanley Wolcott in this episode was assisted by Daniel Kish, a perceptual mobility instructor, who is the lead founder and CEO of World Access for the Blind. Daniel holds two national certifications in Orientation and Mobility, COMS and NOMC, and is the first totally blind individual to obtain both certifications. (Source: TV.com)




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