#AlexOLoughlin a Guy with Aptitude

This comment was from Gary Fritts, the former Navy SEAL who helped Alex O’Loughlin make his role as Steve McGarrett more realistic.

“It is fun. Even though I am helping him out with movement or maybe his weapons handling, which his already pretty good at. He is really good at retention.

If I help him with something, down the road, you know, I’ll see him do something that I showed him maybe two episodes ago – wow, he remembers it. Of course, sometimes he’s too good and I tell him,

‘Don’t be too good, I’m gonna be out of a job.’

Among other skills, Gary showed Alex how to move as a SEAL and tackled weapons handling (“which he is already pretty good at”) and appears impressed with Alex’s aptitude.

These comments from  Episode 2  of the Hawaii Five-0 Companion Web Series of videos launched on 28 March 2011

Aptitude:a natural ability to do something.

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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin a Guy with Aptitude

  1. Oh this is completely new to me! Love it!
    “Aptitude” suits our guy. He is a natural in a lot of things plus his learning aptitude and and don’t forget: social aptitude!


  2. Manu

    Our Alex is clearly not just a pretty face 🙂
    Talented and smart, what more could we wish for?


  3. Gail Lessard

    I would have expected this but it’s nice to read from one who knows. Thank you for this. I had never read it!


  4. gracenotpark

    Gotta love anyone heaping praise on our guy…I could read about him all day long. 😀


  5. Great pecs..pics..PICTURE…jeepers. And of course, great toe hear about his aptitude. He is into anything he sets his heart on. 🙂


  6. Work ethic, commitment, talent, eager to learn, humbleness and aptitude. Yes, it’s Alex.


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