Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (30 Aug – 5 Sept 2015)

Most of the fun for this week, came from the release of the Season 5 DVD and some of the extras on it. We are forever grateful to fans who are generous  with sharing whatever they have of Alex with others. Hope you enjoyed it with us.

Life on the Set:

  • From the previous week (22 August):

_.kaaanoe._ Chill day At the Hawaii 5-0 Set 😎😎 Steve McGarret Got A picture Of Him Eating #MyMomsCoolasfJob

Alex on set

Seeing Wish Kid Hannah smile on her exclusive behind-the-scenes wish trip with Hawaii Five-0 brings so much inspiration after hearing what she has been through. Hannah has endured 5 brain surgeries to rid of brain tumors and has taught herself how to walk, talk and eat all over again. We are honored that we could be a small part of her journey and give her a boost of ‪#‎hope‬ ‪#‎strength‬ and ‪#‎joy‬! ‪#‎WishesMatter‬ Big thanks to the cast of Hawaii 5-0 for giving her an unforgettable experience!

Hannah, receiving her very own Hawaii 5-0 badge!

maripuapua #hawaii #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin #instagood #instaphoto #insta

Alex on set S6


Fan photos:

 gentrypro @hun_t_005 – had a good day. Got to meet Steve McGarrett of Hawaii 5-O and then took Chef Allan Wong and friends for an outrigger canoe paddle this afternoon. Good day indeed.

Alex and fan

hpthornsberry: This past week was truly one of the best weeks of my life. I swam with dolphins, was taken on a private, exclusive tour of the USS Missouri, climbed a volcano, am visited the set of my favorite television show, and got to meet my favorite actor ever! I cannot expressive my gratitude enough to the #MakeAWish foundation. They really went above and beyond to make my wish come true. To think that a year ago I was relearning to walk, talk, and I couldn’t even eat on my own, blows my mind. God can do amazing things. Thank you to Alex for letting me hold his gun (then regretting it, lol) and taking selfies with me! And a big thank you to the cast and crew of #h50 for my beautiful badge. I’m so honored to be only the sixth one to have one!! #scottcaan #alexoloughlin #h50halloween #h50castandcrew #hbdalexandscot


– not gonna lie, it was one of my favorite days EVER. He was SO nice! He’s literally the best ever.
– I had a wonderful time!! I thought you might be a little jealous lol. But he’s seriously so nice and funny!! He’s just the greatest!

Came to Egan Inoue’s gym today to get some rolls in and ended up meeting Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii 5-0

Alex and young fan

 Alex at Events (Throwback):

Honolulu Fashion Week

Honolulu Fashion Week

(Thank you Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin  for the find)


 News for the week:

  • We did get some more promo  pictures from Episode 601 – You can find them here

Something Pretty from other fans:

Some fandom laughs for the week:laugh:

  • This is actually really sad, but I also got a good laugh out if it, because of the absurdity of it. Somebody calling on of the most unbiased and neutral review writers in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom, bias. Sad smiley 141


The words of a fangirl:

 zombie outfi


Alex & Friends:

  • Click on the picture and watch the brief video clip from S5 dvd extras, Alex and Mark rehearsing 5.07 fight scene.


Some Trivia for the week:

  • SOTB, season 6 premier on the beach, next week. John Ondrasik entertaining the crowds. Maybe even playing his “All For One” song, that was premiered in 5.07 episode.

 sotb poster 2015

My Pet Peeves: :drama:


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • koala sleeping


Thought (Tweet) for the week:

  • There is a big difference in supporting and following a TV show (1) for the show itself as a whole, (2) or for a specific actor (like Alex), (3) or following a show for a specific storyline or especially a relationship you like – read again and think about it.
  1. If you follow for the show itself, regardless of anything else, you are more or less always in a happy place and more or less love everything. And if it is no longer that show that you love, you just leave.
  2. Following for a person and their acting abilities is a lot different and there is more surety in getting what you expect. Unless that actor is not in it as often as you like (according to their contract). Deal with it accordingly.
  3. And then following the show for a storyline of your own dreams (or more specifically relationships) of what you think the writers/producers should write, you are setting yourself up for big possible disappointment – constantly. And I would say that disappointment is your own fault and nobody else but yourself is to blame …… Of course everybody have the right to voice that disappointment in their own way, but harassing Actors and Actresses for being cast and for doing their job, is just rude. Apparently there has been some harassment for a new actress – not that I have seen any of it myself though. The one thing that I did see however, and it was kind of interesting. People who felt comfortable enough to harass Michelle Borth  (& some are still doing it without any provocation, or supporting & ‘protecting’ those who still harass her. 😦 ), now telling people not to harass new actresses – go figure 😕


Next Week:

  • If they film according to schedule, they should be filming and finishing Episode 607  this week. And remember Saturday 12 September, we all have an appointment at SOTB 6 🙂

507 torture blue dl





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10 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (30 Aug – 5 Sept 2015)

  1. Reading Hannah’s story this week was really inspiring, what strength and determination she has 🙂
    I’m glad that the visit on Five 0’s set and meeting our caring Alex made one of her dreams come true.
    I’m looking forward to all the SOTB6 footage next week.
    Personally I watch the show firstly for Alex. Yes, I’m not ashamed to say it, he is my main reason to enjoy the show and I love to see him in action and being his gorgeous self.
    Secondly, I watch the show because there are many characters and storylines that I like and because I have fallen in love with the beauty of Hawaii.
    There are characters and storylines that I haven’t liked in the past 5 seasons but they are not enough to make me “not enjoy” the show so I would just endure them and perhaps watch some episodes in which they are involved just once instead than multiple times.
    Surely as fans we should always be respectful in expressing our opinions towards writers, producers and actors, after all they are all just doing their job as best as they can. And if any of them shows not to be particularly professional perhaps we should just ignore them and not fall down to a low level of arguing.
    I hope the new actress will feel welcomed not only by the cast and crew but also from us fans.


    • gracenotpark

      One would hope.

      I too watch for Alex. I truly love some eps, some story arcs, and some of the other actors. I also have my…let’s call em… Least Favorites. 😉 But I would never campaign against my least fave actors and am just mortified and disgusted that some do. Admittedly I will bitch about a stoopid story line (looking at YOU, OOC-McG who vandalized a nature preserve to get a Xmas tree!!). I will snark on or just outright complain when Show goes off-character. Also I snark on The Claw. Seriously, a Toy Story mighty Claw from the heavens? Somebody oughta been fired for that Claw….

      So bad fangirl….sometimes… :mrgreen:


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  3. karen

    We just need to remind ourselves that it isn’t real. None of it is real. It is just good fun. And SOTB? Packed and ready to oogle our favorite actor once again. Whoo Hoo!!!!


  4. kathygray

    As a McRoll fan I will not deny that I was sad to hear the apparent news of Catherine/Michelles departure. But I really fail to understand PL/CBS logic in the announcement of the new LI for McGarrett, they try to build up suspense around McRolls reunion and their future yet spoil it by announcing that Steve has a new gf… it’s ruined the whole mystery around the McRoll reunion I just don’t get the logic? That being said I don’t understand why anyone would hate on the new actress, I’m disappointed about McRoll but hateful? It’s a TV show guys lets chill out a bit! My only apprehension about the new LI for McG is that this 1st date happens 4 episodes after he apparently proposes to Cath. He was unable to move on after a year but ready to date after his proposal going awry? I’ll be very intrigued to see how they handle it though I am apprehensious. But you are most certainly right. I watch and have always watched for alex and no matter how I feel about the handling of other aspects of the show it and Alex will always have my support. Peace!


    • I was thinking the same, but then are we even given the truth about the whole story? Proposal and suddenly a date with a new gf…hmmm…
      Show has avoided logic for a long time, we will just have to wait and see what happens. As I also only watch for Alex, I am not too stuck on his lovelife, as long as we get shirtless, hottie McG, showing his loverboy side, it´s fine with me 🙂 I will ignore the sillyness in logics as much as I can.


  5. I am watching show for Alex and I love what he has done to Steve McGarrett, giving him so many layers. I like some of the other characters too, and I confess to have some problems and a strong opinion about some… things ;-).
    My (perfect) ship is completely ignored by show *tsk tsk* and I am pretty sure it will never ever happen. I’m happy about some little touching, some little glimpses here and there and that’s it. It’s actually non-existent. It’s not that big of a problem. I am happy when Steve’s happy, I love his ‘in love’ eyes.
    And I agree with your little ‘fandom laugh’ rant. I’ve seen it and I find it a little disturbing how essential for some people their ship seems to be they’re going to lose – well let’s say – all fairness.
    The story of Hannah last week was incredibly heartwarming and a reminder how much fun the show and Alex bring into people’s life.
    And now to the most important thing: The edit of the 5.07 pic is simply stunning. It’s raw.. and rawr!


  6. Thank you for this week’s review. Hannah’s story is very touching and inspiring. And the season 5 gag reel was funny. Thank you again to the secret friend and you for posting it.


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