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An Unexpected #AlexOLoughlin Encounter – December 2008

Another story that was originally posted on the old closed-down site “Alex O’Loughlin Rocks” (AOLR)

by Mizzoh on 19 December 2008

Posted on Mike Marques’s blog earlier this month is the tale of how he and his wife, Sabine, who is a fan of Moonlight and of course of Mr O’s (or would “Mr Oh” be more fitting? :-)) very unexpectedly met Alex (sporting a short ‘do!) at the Urth Caffé on Melrose Avenue on December 4, 2008.

Mike on this surprise encounter:

“Small world indeed and what a major coincidence…from all stars in LA, we bumped into the number #1 in Sabine’s list. Very cool. Sabine can still not believe it”.


Sabine mit Mick St John

Mizzoh originally found the whole story on Mike’s blog, but unfortunately I could no longer find the link to his blog 😦



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